what happened? by dazdnconfuse


"Sesshomaru, please don't do this!" Kagome begged the nearly approaching, red eyed demon. He stalked toward with a hungry look in his eye. He grabbed her and threw her on the floor, ripping her clothes off in the process, leaving her bare to the world. She tried to cover herself with her arms but was stopped when the demon lord grabbed her wrists and put the above her head.

Tears were now running down her face as he gazed at her beauty below him. He removed his coat and shirt as Kagome screamed for someone to save her from his terror. As he was removing his pants she widened her eyes in realization as she came to the conclusion that he was going to rape her. She thrashed in his hold, struggling to get free. He slapped her across the face making her stop instantly.

He roughly pulled her face towards his and a hardy kiss. She rejected his and refused to open her mouth to his kiss, that was until he touched her in a place where she had never been touched before. When she opened her mouth he stuck his tongue in. he moved his tongue around in her mouth, exploring the moist cave. She was screaming into the kiss, only making it more arousing for him.

He loved to see his victims cry and plea for him to stop right before he robbed them of their most prized possession, their virginity. Once every two months he would go out and find some beautiful girl in high school and learn more about her, if he found out she wasn't a virgin he would leave her be; but, if she was a virgin, she would only be next on his list of victims. Lately he hasn't had any luck, it seemed that every girl is a slut that lost their virginity a long time ago.

It had been almost a year since he had someone and he was getting rather frustrated. When he found this young child, he knew that this one was a virgin, he could tell by her timid and geeky attitude; but, deep down he could tell that she was a budding flower waiting to bloom.

And he would be the one to help her bloom.

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