Reviews for Stripped by mrskcgoodman

Megan Consoer- Wed 30 Apr 2008
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

Dani- Tue 17 Jul 2007
Well, I tried chattin with you on IMVU, but I guess not. Interesting story, tho. Not usually my style, but still interesting.

--Dani aka Mage Yewoqirife

Smittee- Sat 14 Jul 2007
I'm glad everything worked out in the end. It was a sad, yet happy story. I'm sad that everyone basically died, but I'm happy Sesshomaru and Kagome made everything right again for themselves.

Trice- Tue 10 Jul 2007
I really enjoyed reading this chapter it just seemed to stop right when it was getting really good. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

zenfluence- Tue 10 Jul 2007
What exactly is a good punishment. mauling and dominance? I'd go for good. Because bad scares me.

May the quick updates be with you

~ CelestialTenshi ~- Wed 06 Jun 2007

Can It be a good Punishment! Because Arimaru just wanted to save his mom, And he and Sesshoumaru didn't have enough time to talk. Kagome just felt sad that her mom died.

~ CelestialTenshi ~- Wed 06 Jun 2007

Can It be a good Punishment! Because Arimaru just wanted to save his mom, And he and Sesshoumaru didn't have enough time to talk. Kagome just felt sad that her mom died.

sesshy's_boo- Wed 23 May 2007

kemia- Wed 23 May 2007
bad one

mika chan- Thu 10 May 2007
delete it Dud, Haha Just Kidding about the Dud part. very nice story I can't wait for more of it

Mika Chan

Kawaii_Kilala- Sat 17 Mar 2007
I think that a mixture of the two, if its possible, would be best. Seeing as she is not an Inu-Youkai, she doesn't understand that she should be consoling her pup, but as a Human, she did the most logical thing. She went to her dead mothers body and cried for her, her mother had raised her and helped her through hard times. Recent bad things didn't matter because years of good memories over-orde them.
If that had happened to me, I most likely would have done the same. My mom didn't like my husband, and she still doesn't, I can tell she doesn't like my kids, but at least she doesn't treat them any different from her other grandkids. I will always have a rift between me and my mother, but at least she isn't trying to kill least i dont think she is.....
Well, if you could, a mixture of the punishment, like punishable, then healing and forgiving, that would be great in my onpinon!

hime jun hi- Fri 16 Mar 2007
good punishment..................

Trice- Thu 15 Mar 2007
I find this story very entertaining and I can't wait to read more. Of course I would like her to have a good punishment because she has been through a lot. She has earned a good release! By the way it is not everyday that you see your mother's head chopped off! "P

Kaori- Thu 15 Mar 2007
i think it should start out with him intending it to be a harsh punishment, but then, when he tells her what she's bout to be punished for, she says or does something that makes him feel guilty as well. they console each other. then he reminds her that his beast demands she be punished, then put in the nice punishment. that's my vote. but it's long and complicated, so i don't know if you'd actually want to use it. anyway, this is a really good story, and what ever you choose to do, i look forward to reading it.

Lady Kiarara- Thu 15 Mar 2007
hey this is a cool story

Kags21- Thu 15 Mar 2007
Bad punishment

lilmoe31- Tue 13 Mar 2007
WOW, that was hot. Update soon.

reina- Tue 27 Feb 2007
so wait, was it kagome's mother??? update, i need to know!

Trice- Tue 27 Feb 2007
I just read all 6 chapters thus far and this story is awesome. I was so mad when I got to the last chapter because it was getting to good. I had a feeling that her mother was behind this, I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Kat Nass- Tue 27 Feb 2007
OMG! I love it! You MUST update soon! I am glad to hear you finished your other fic btw.


millerha- Tue 27 Feb 2007
Ohhh it's getting good!!! Wonder who the grandmother is?!?!

hime jun hi- Mon 26 Feb 2007

poya- Mon 05 Feb 2007
This is a great story i love it you have a great story line I can't wait to read the next chapter

Tamiko- Sat 03 Feb 2007
o.o all i have to say is this: DAMN!!!
it's really really good.

hime jun hi- Fri 02 Feb 2007
0.0 SAVE KAGOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather- Fri 02 Feb 2007
Wow this is really getting good. I wonder who Kagomes visitor is??? You MUST continue on with this you can't just leave us with a cliffy!^_^ Can't wait till the next chapter is posted!!!

zen- Wed 31 Jan 2007
This isn't finished right? I mean it says complete on the disctiption.
Please don't end it there!


sesshie- Sun 14 Jan 2007
i like the story, but not so much all the power that sesshomaru has over kagome. Could you maybe make her a little more power or something.

Nilee1- Sun 07 Jan 2007
Great story; I'm glad you are slowing down a bit and allowing for more character and plot development.

Heather- Sun 07 Jan 2007
This is a really good story so far! Keep up the great work!

Metis- Sat 06 Jan 2007
Maybe if she wore earplugs?

Metis- Sat 06 Jan 2007
I hope that automatic obeying hold he has over her fades or she does something REALLY nasty to him!

DarkMiko6Decortiquer- Sat 06 Jan 2007
OOh! Update soon. One question: did she sleep with other men for money or just strip?


like ur story

SesshomaruLover- Fri 05 Jan 2007
I loved it. I think you should do a sequel.

Rhonda- Thu 04 Jan 2007
I really like this story idea...not too sure about her being a stripper, butttt well let's see where it is headed. Can't wait to find out where Sess has been and what he has been up to..... hmmmm, Oh, I have also left you a review on your Ugly Miko (which I also Love and hope you update soon with LOTS OF CHAPTERS.... It has me intrigued.

scratch `n sniff- Wed 03 Jan 2007
Aww, that was AWESOME! Please update soon! It shouldn't be that hard, right? pretty pretty please!

Neko-sama- Wed 03 Jan 2007
You can't stop there! They have got a lot of talking to do, especially Sesshy!

nilee1- Wed 03 Jan 2007
Great story. Can't wait to see his reaction,

Metis- Tue 02 Jan 2007
I HOPE this isn't complete! Thanks for making the pup full Inu and nice name too!

sesshy_pup- Tue 02 Jan 2007
ahhhhhhhhh i want to know what happends next pleace write the next chapter.

magnolia- Tue 02 Jan 2007
i liked the addition, but i am hoping that there will be more. it would be saddening if this was the end.

lilmoe31- Fri 08 Dec 2006
I really liked this story. It would be a good oneshot but, better if you added a couple more chapters.

anime goddess8494- Thu 07 Dec 2006
oooooo i liked it it was a good story why did it end? please make more of the story

black moon inu- Thu 07 Dec 2006
Are you going to write another story to this one because I have to say that I want to know what happened to her familiy and what happens to her.

SesshomaruCrazy- Wed 06 Dec 2006
This was really good.. I hope you at least have one more chapter or two to add to it.. You can't leave me hanging like this...
Whats gonna happen to them now..
Plz hurry and update..
Take Care

Heather- Wed 06 Dec 2006
That was really good!!! You left us with a cliffy you must continue!! Please!

Heather- Wed 06 Dec 2006
That was really good!!! You left us with a cliffy you must continue!! Please!

Laikien- Thu 23 Nov 2006
I love it! I think its perfect as a one shot.

Bruce n' Charlie- Fri 17 Nov 2006
this is a good story, the only thing that i would suggest is that you dont waste words, like at Sesshoumaru heard her falling towards the ground. He caught her before her body made contact with the ground. you could just say that sesshomaru heard her falling, and caught her before she made contact with the ground. you did a wonderful job with this story and hope you write more.
Bruce n' Charlie

Raven88- Thu 16 Nov 2006
Please just write a few more chapters?

Trina- Thu 16 Nov 2006
Oh Please don't make this into a one shot, its sooooo good.

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