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Chapter One


By K.C. Goodman

Chapter 1

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Kagome was a lost soul. At eighteen she had already experienced more tragedy then most seasoned adults. Naraku was gone, but he took all her friends with him. One by one she watched them fall by his hands.

First to die were Sango and Miroku. They had finally come to terms with their love for each other and made love for the first and last time before the battle. During the conflict a swarm of youkai spawned from the evil hanyou surrounded and separated the group. Kagome did her best to help her friends but it was too late. She looked over her shoulder and a tentacle impaled Sango as she tried to shield Miroku. He in turn opened up his wind tunnel on the lesser youkai swallowing them up. He smiled in victory but his wind tunnel opened up on its own volition engulfing him and Sango into the void leaving a huge crater.

Kagome screamed out and rang towards them but Inuyasha held her back. She cried uncontrollably. She turned toward Naraku and saw the smug grin on his sinisterly beautiful face. She notched an arrow and released it. Then she saw the most horrific sight she had ever seen in her eighteen years. Naraku held up her son Shippo as a shield from her purification arrow. Shippo was crying as he saw his mommy Kagome's arrow flying towards him. He cried for her to help him but to no avail. Kagome purified her son. Now completely broken she slumped down and sobbed, NO! NO! NO! MY SON NOOOOOOO!!!!

Through blurry eyes she saw Jaken and Ah-Un go down trying to protect Rin from Kanna. Sesshoumaru was busy attacking Naraku and he wouldn't be able to make it to her in time. Kagome got up and ran with all her might. If I couldn't save my baby Shippo's life I can at least save his daughter. Inuyasha gave a final wind scar attack to Kagura and instantly killed her. He saw Kagome running in the direction of Rin and ran after her.

Everything passed in slow motion to Kagome as Kanna sucked the soul out of Rin and Kohaku used his weapon to rip young Rin to shreds. Then she heard Inuyasha scream WIND SCAR, and a blinding light past her and engulfed Kanna but Kohaku dodged.

Kouga saw the entire event unfold and attacked Kohaku who was suddenly no longer under Naraku's spell. Kohaku was shaking in fear and disbelief. Kagome saw Kouga slice through Kohaku with his bare claws and then Naraku's tentacle impaled them both. His tentacle removed both the shards of Kohaku and Kouga and added them for the almost whole jewel.

The only two left fighting were Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. Inuyasha with his brash fighting style was making his way to Naraku. He was bleeding profusely from several areas but he refused to back down. Sesshoumaru, who was in much better shape then Inuyasha, was fighting his rage. He knew that his pack was destroyed by Naraku and wanted revenge but he could not allow it to cloud his mind.

Kagome sat on the blood soaked ground with her head buried in her dirty hands. She couldn't believe it. Sango gone, Miroku gone, Rin gone, her baby Shippo gone and she'd purified him. Anger replaced sorrow and Kagome aura was crackling against the demon's youkai. All she could think was it has to end now. She stood up with renewed determination and faced Naraku who was in the process of absorbing Inuyasha.

'Not this time'. She notched her arrow in her bow and released it. Naraku didn't have time to dodge her arrow but he did have time to fully absorb Inuyasha. The arrow hit and Naraku's body began disintegrating but he then took on the form of Inuyasha. Kagome was spooked. She didn't feel Kirara pick her up and fly off. 'No not Inuyasha. I can't fight against him. I love him.' Kirara landed and purred to Kagome. The neko knew that Kagome was struggling but she had to get her back to the fight or all would be lost. Kirara threw Kagome on her back and flew towards Sesshoumaru. The Taiyoukai was struggling gracefully against Naraku, who now looked like his hanyou brother.

Sesshoumaru was beyond pissed. Not only had Naraku murdered his ward, his retainer and dragon, but he had absorbed his idiot brother. 'Damn it all. Where is that miko?' His eyes scanned the area. Then he felt her, and Kami was she was livid. Her miko energy crackled against his youkai attempting to purify all the demons in her way. That's when her arrow soared pass him. Although it did miss him arrow drained his youkai slightly.

Kagome notched her bow again and released not caring if she hit Sesshoumaru of not. At this moment she wanted all youkai to die after all she was a miko and they exterminated youkai. She continued to attack Naraku with all her strength. Then she saw the Tetsusaiga. 'I should give it to Sesshoumaru. Maybe he can wield it if he protects me.' She told Kirara to fetch the fang then she called out to Sesshoumaru.

He grimaced as Kagome screamed his name. 'Curse this sensitive hearing.' She was babbling about the Tetsusaiga and protecting her, but she had just attempted to purify him along with Naraku. He watched her antics with the usual stoic aloof expression; however he was shocked that she would dare ask him, Lord Sesshoumaru to protect her. Then the last words of his father echoed through his mind; "Do you have something to protect Sesshoumaru?" He thought about it then and decided no. But now he did. He had to protect her...Kagome, his now absorbed brother's miko. The fire neko caught his attention as she evaded Naraku's attacks to bring him the Tetsusaiga. As Kirara landed Naraku attacked her again this time mortally wounding her. Kirara hit the ground in a deathly thud. She meowed for the last time at Sesshoumaru, "protect." Kagome steeled her emotions and ask him again to protect her. She didn't think she would get any response. Finally he said while pushing her behind him, "I shall protect you Kagome."

Kagome looked up at him stunned. First he spoke to her without calling her a bitch, wench, woman, or miko he said her name. Second Tetsusaiga and Tensaiga began to hum and glow red; suddenly his arm was completely restored. Last, he touched her...yep that's right he touch her and moved her behind him.

"Stay here Kagome and shoot your arrows. This Sesshoumaru will use Tetsusaiga and Toukijin to defeat this vermin," Sesshoumaru said with the promise of death on his velvet voice.

Unsure of what to say Kagome blurted an uncertain, "Um...ok."

Sesshoumaru went into action wielding the now transformed Tetsusaiga in one hand and Toukijin in the other. Now that he had given his word to protect Kagome, something in his youkai stirred. He felt a power surge that made him feel invincible. He was now faster, his senses were keener. 'Is this how that hanyou Inuyasha felt? Is this what my father felt while protecting Izayoi?' He looked at Naraku, who was moving in slow motion to him, and smirked obnoxiously. I will defeat him.

Kagome knelt behind a boulder and began shooting her sacred arrows at Naraku purifying any tentacles that got too close to Sesshoumaru. 'I sure hope Sesshoumaru can do it.' She watched him move faster then light towards Naraku. She knew they were fighting but she couldn't see the moves. She shot her last arrow. Excitement filled her soul as he calmly said Wind Scar. Her arrow and his Wind Scar sent Naraku to hell where he belonged.

Naraku couldn't believe his eyes. Sesshoumaru, the Taiyoukai of the west who hated humans, just vowed to protect Kagome. 'Kukuku with me in the image of Inuyasha neither of them will be able to kill me. I will destroy Sesshoumaru and have Kagome as my whore.' What happened next was nothing but a blur to him. He felt the sting of purification from Kagome's arrows. He was slowly moving to grab her when it happened. He was impaled with Toukijin, the demonic sword forged from fang of Goshinki. "Kukuku Sesshoumaru, you can not kill this Naraku with a demonic sword forged from my own flesh," he chuckled. He began absorbing the demonic aura from the sword when an evil smirk graced Sesshoumaru's face as he said "Wind Scar."

Naraku flesh was on fire. He screamed out in agony but to no avail. He attempted to regenerate but the purification of the jewel from Kagome's arrow stopped him. He tried to grab her with his rogue tentacle but when he moved it, it was turned to dust. His feet to his chest he was cut in half by the power of the wind scar, then the last arrow hit his heart and he disintegrated.

As the power coursed through Sesshoumaru's veins he felt invincible. 'This is the power I have sought after.' He looked at the slow moving hanyou who currently was posing as his brother in disgust. 'I will end this; I will avenge both my pack and my brother's pack. This Sesshoumaru will protect my Kagome.' He remembered when he stated no one was to kill Inuyasha save for him. Although he never intended on killing his brother, he said it to protect his brother. He knew that there were plenty of youkai who would love to spill the blood of the hanyou pup of the Inu no Taisho. Since he was the most powerful youkai in Japan no one would slay his brother as long as he claimed his life.

Sesshoumaru tightened his grip on Toukijin as he impaled Naraku with the demonic sword. The pulsing destructive power of the sword ripped through the evil hanyou's flesh searing it. He twisted the hilt and attempted to remove it but Naraku had other plans. He listened to the sadistic laughter of the half-demon as he told him he could not destroy him with Toukijin. Then he smiled a beautifully malevolent smile as he slickly said "Wind Scar."

The power of his father's fang illuminated the sky. The blazing electric attack hit Naraku directly in the remaining stump of his vile body. He saw the futile attempts of Naraku's regeneration. Then something happened that he did not plan. Kagome's arrow hit the heart of the putrid demon. Sesshoumaru looked in the golden eyes of Inuyasha's image and sadness gripped his soul like a vice. He watched the snowy white hair, the mark of the silver inu ancestry he shared with his brother, fade into a midnight black. The amber orbs that mirrored his, turned a deep purple. He noticed this form instantly; it was Inuyasha's human state. Sesshoumaru wanted to reach out for his brother. He wanted to tell him he never hated him and that he protected him all his life. He wanted to tell him the truth but he couldn't. In the end he had truly slain his brother. The wind blew Inuyasha last words; 'love her', in his elfin ears. If Sesshoumaru could cry, that would have been the one and only time he did.

Sesshoumaru gathered his swords and his composure. He turned to face Kagome. She was standing there in her miko robs looking relieved. He could see the sadness in her aura. Something compelled him to move to comfort but he didn't. He walked over to her.

Kagome unable to control her emotions stood crying. She felt the brief sorrow in Sesshoumaru aura. She saw Inuyasha, the real Inuyasha and he was dying. Naraku was gone but so was the love of her life. She had loved Inuyasha from the first time he said let me protect you. She remembered all the heart ache and all the battles and it made her heart break. Then she looked at Sesshoumaru, he had protected her. She ran towards him and jumped in his arms and kissed him; 'OH MY GOD IM KISSING SESSHOUMARU.' Kagome went to back down, but strong arms wrapped around her and held her there. She felt his warm textured tongue explore her mouth. She stuck out her soft tongue and tasted him for the first time. 'WOW WOW WOW he is a GREAT kisser!' Then he stopped.

"Sesshoumaru ...I'm sorry."

"Do not apologize. Come," he turned and walked off.

Kagome followed. She didn't know why but she did. She watched the hypnotizing sway of his ankle length hair. She wondered where they were going but before she could ask everything went black.

Sesshoumaru heard her falling towards the ground. He caught her before her body made contact with the ground. He picked her up and carried her towards the grounds called Inuyasha's forest. He cursed his dishonorable actions for kissing a human. Even worst this human was his deceased brother miko. He looked down at her small fragile body. She was strong for a human female and beautiful. He took a deep breath and he noticed she was...innocent. All her time traveling with his brother and he had never mated her. 'Shame', he thought.

Once he reached the village he watched the people scream youkai and run for the lives. He loved it. He saw the miko Keade and stopped.

Keade heard the cries of the villagers and felt the enormous demonic aura. She moved as fast as her elderly body could carry her until she saw Lord Sesshoumaru hold Kagome in his arms. "Please follow me," she said. Keade turned and walked towards her hut. She started mixing herbs that would help heal Kagome's wounded body.

"She is not injured, this Sesshoumaru has checked."

"Please Lord Sesshoumaru tell me where are the rest of the group?"


Kaede gasped. They all were gone, even young Shippo. "Please lay her down. I will attempt to wake her."

That's when they both heard her stomach growl. She was hungry and that's why she passed out. Kagome woke up to the tune of the stomach grumbling and saw Keade stirring some stew. She felt someone gently lift her head as Keade went to feed her. The warmth of the stew felt good in her stomach. Once full, Kagome was lifted in someone's lap. She looked back expecting to she Inuyasha but instead it was Sesshoumaru. She was too weak to talk and take care of herself. With uncertainty she stared into his golden eyes.

Sesshoumaru looked at her and decided he would stay until she was well. "I promised to protect you and this Sesshoumaru keeps his promises."

For three days Sesshoumaru cared for Kagome. He feed her and aided her in walking until her strength returned. He bathed groomed and clothed her. He found that in nursing for her that he loved her. The long conversations about all of her journeys with his baka brother proved that she was courageous, kind hearted and forgiving. His inner beast wanted nothing more then to mate her and make her round with pregnancy but her emotional wounds still needed tending. I can heal her and make her mine.

On the fourth day after washing her he smelt her arousal. She was embarrassed it showed on her beet red skin. He could no longer wait. He wanted her...NOW. While drying her off and began kissing her stomach. Goose bumps from the cool air and his attentions sprung up on her smooth skin. He looked up to see if there was any hesitation. Finding none he gently cupped her buttock in his left hand and kneaded it. With his right hand her guided her legs open so he could taste and see if she was a good as she smelled. Delightful.

Kagome for the first time saw Sesshoumaru for who he was...her protector. He was not anything like Inuyasha and for that she was glad. Yes she loved Inuyasha but the constant heartache and confusion made things difficult. After a while she settled on the friendship he offered. In the end it was Sesshoumaru who earned her affection. This day she decided that she had mourned enough and she wanted to thank her know love interest with the gift of her body. His gentle strokes while cleaning her was all she could stand. She needed him and she wouldn't take no for an answer. Just when she had built up the courage to make the first move, Sesshoumaru had already begun kissing her. She let out a strangled moan as he massaged her butt and licked her sensitive pearl.

He laid Kagome down on the soft moss not breaking from his ministrations. While savoring in her sweetness he quickly disrobed. Once settled he intensified his oral assault on her. He inserted one finger to add to her pleasure. Hearing a moan he focused on her g-spot. Her walls tightened around his finger and she bucked up against his mouth. Kagome screamed his name into the forest sky as she reached paradise.

Kagome could not believe the sensations she was feel. Her abdomen tightened and heated up. She felt like her sanity was leaving her. All she knew it that she needed more. She wanted him to fill her up inside. Then she felt him graze a sensitive part inside of her and she felt as if she would explode. She moaned louder and he went faster. She held the feeling in as long as she could. It frightened her as well as excited her. No one had ever told her oral sex could feel this good. Kagome lost control over her body. She wanted more of pleasure he was giving. And then... she came hard. She screamed out his name as her body released her sugary juices.

Sesshoumaru wasting no time mounted Kagome and looked at her with lust filled golden eyes. He whispered this will hurt before he entered her untouched cavern. He smiled once he reached her barrier. He quickly shattered her innocence in one swift stroke. Kagome cried out in pain and he waited. Once the scent on pain and fear past he began thrusting slowly.

Kagome looked up and saw Sesshoumaru peering down at her. She felt him entering into her painstaking gently. She felt herself stretch and wonder would it all fit. Kagome heard him say this will hurt. Hurt was a understatement. Scorching pain was for like it. She screamed out and struggled a little but Sesshoumaru comforted her. He carefully pulled out and plunged into her again. This time is felt good. Kagome lifted her legs up and he moved in deeper hitting a pleasure spot. She wrapped her legs around him as he pumped faster and harder.

Sesshoumaru felt her orgasm coming again. Again her walls tightened before wetness escaped her. The sounds of love making filled the forest. He grunted with each impact and she moaned with each peak. They both were panting trying to giving air to their lungs while experiencing the ultimate show of passion. Climax after sweet climax Sesshoumaru held back, he wanted to be sure that Kagome was satisfied before her released. The combination of her wetness, warmth and tightness proved too much and he exploded inside of her with a roar. Then he marked her as forever his.

Sesshoumaru's name was the mantra Kagome passionately lamented. She was so caught in the throws of love making that when he roared it startled her slightly then he bit her. "Ouch," as all she could manage to say before another orgasm sent waves through her body. She looked up with tears in her eyes. "Sesshoumaru you..."

"Marked you as my mate Kagome, we are forever bound together."

She smiled and then yawned and went to sleep in his arms.

Sesshoumaru scanned the area for danger before allowing sleep to over take him.

The next morning Sesshoumaru woke up disgusted in himself. He had committed the foolish act of mating a human. He picked up the still sleeping form on Kagome and carried her back to the village. 'How could I have fallen in the same footsteps on father? What has she done to me?' He laid her down in the old miko's hut and left.

Kagome woke up alone. She dressed and searched for Sesshoumaru but he was nowhere to be found. "I can't believe that jerk," she screamed out in anguish. Keade tried to comfort her but to no avail. Kagome's heart ached once again.

Sesshoumaru felt the pain from his mating mark. He knew that she was hurting but tried not to give in to the desire to be with her. The pain brought the great dog demon to his knees. He could not run form this. He turned and with his demonic speed sprinted back towards the village.

Kagome had enough she ran as fast as her human legs could take to the well. She still had the Shikon Jewel in her possession. Then she felt him approaching fast. Kagome saw the well in sight. If I can just make it, she thought.

Sesshoumaru stopped in his tracks when he felt her leaving the village. He turned and stalked in her direction. Then he heard her crying and saying goodbye. Goodbye? He sped off in her direction. Their eyes met. He saw the fear and hurt in her brown orbs. He knew he had caused her pain which was dishonorable since he had vowed to protect her. He watched her squirm. She is going to jump...but why? He ran to stop her but he was too late she jumped and disappeared in a blue light.

Kagome looked back and whisper "Goodbye." That's when she saw Sesshoumaru walking towards her. She fidgeted and fear over took her. He is going to kill me. 'I know he regrets last night...I have to jump.' She saw him move to run and she jumped 500 years into the future safe from him.

Kagome climbed out of the well and made a wish for the jewel to free Midoriko soul. She hoped that making the wish would seal the well and protect her from Sesshoumaru wrath. Breathing a sigh of relief Kagome opened the door to the well house. That's when her whole world was stripped from her. Her house was gone. All that remained where the burnt charred dust where her home once stood. Kagome cried out why me. She walked towards the sacred tree crying when she notices a tall man leaning against it.

Sesshoumaru had waited 500 years to be with his mate again. In those years, he suffered greatly with the constant burn of his mating mark. After she disappeared in the well, he hunted down Keade and told her to explain. She told the amazing story of the girl from the future. Of course he did not believe this and slaughtered the entire village. He wondered back to the west and found that his territory was in civil war. Lesser youkai mounted a revolt in a futile attempt to take his lands. In a blind rage, he massacred youkai and humans alike. It took him some time but he found his actions foolish and dishonorable. With humans filling the Japan Sesshoumaru was force to make a treaty with human promising no move violence from youkai in the modern age. Now he was the Taiyoukai of all demons. In Kagome's time he was the most powerful "man" in Japan. He came to the shrine hoping to end his burning suffering when he found it destroyed. For him it was 500 years to the days she left him. He thought she was dead when he felt the magic from the well.

'So she is just arriving', he thought while leaning up against the tree. He heard her wish on the jewel. He watched her shock as she found her family was gone. Tears assaulted his nose as she cried out for her family. Sesshoumaru observed her agony and stepped out of the shadows. His long silver hair flowed in the night's breeze. He saw the shock on her face. Impassively he said, "I've been waiting."

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