Reviews for Resolution by Nagase320

Cochrann- Sat 26 Aug 2006
I love this story...update asap!

sessluve- Sat 26 Aug 2006
I'm crying! Oh my Gosh! I'm a sucker for such stories! Please update soon, I'm gonna die of a broken heart...

ShalafiRach- Sat 26 Aug 2006
I am still loving this, Nagase! XD It's awesome, and I seriously can't wait for the next chapter! How will Kagome react? Me? Personally, I would melt ;) Will she do the same??

al- Fri 25 Aug 2006
this is good.
please continue.
it feels like a cliffhanger.
take care.

Ayamika- Fri 25 Aug 2006
I love this fic! Keep up the good work!
Ja ne!

AccidentalGoddess- Thu 24 Aug 2006
Oh my god, I'm all choked up! Now that's some good angst! Really lookng forward to seeing what happens next, and I want to know why she left! WHat was actually in the letter? Guess I'll just have to wait...damn it. Great work, keep it up!

bluemoon_175- Thu 24 Aug 2006
Can't wait to read more your story sounds really good, keep up the good work hope you UPDATE ASAP PLEASE.

Whiteusagi- Thu 24 Aug 2006
Aw..thats so sad! I hope she comes back to him...Please write more. i love it!

morgan- Thu 24 Aug 2006
I like this. It's really good so update soon.

crazygirlforlife- Thu 24 Aug 2006
this is a freakin awesome story. PLEASE update sooN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs.x3Mustang- Thu 24 Aug 2006
aww,t hat was so sad! T_T poor sesshou-sama *hug*. please update soon!

Valire18- Thu 24 Aug 2006
I'm loving this story I hope you do continue. A little interested in what the letter said, and I'm curious about what she has to say and why she left him.

elsy- Thu 24 Aug 2006
you better update wow!!!! i loved the story. if you planned to make it a one-shot i'm telling you CONTINUE WITH ANOTHER CHAPTER.!!!!!! Its beutiful.

Sankontesou- Thu 24 Aug 2006
Omg this story is soo good!!
please please please write more!!
and make it longer if u can....^_^

Noacat- Thu 24 Aug 2006

ShalafiRach- Thu 24 Aug 2006
I loved it! Please, do keep going. It's really sad, and I think that you have written it expertly! Well done! E>

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