Resolution by Nagase320

You hold me down

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The apartment was quite. It had been a week since she left and her scent still barely lingers on the pillow she used to sleep on. It hadn't been moved since that fateful day when a letter had been placed upon it. It was her final goodbye.

The closet had been emptied and the bathroom cleaned out. The only thing that proved another person had been there at all was the letter and scent that only he could still smell. She had left without a word as he slept on.

The silver haired Taiyoukai slowly opened his golden eyes to glance at the silent TV in front of him. Since she left he had not moved even an inch from the couch. Every where he would go he would be reminded of her. Her sweet smile, her delicate laugh, and those gentle deep blue eyes that had gazed so lovingly at him. Even the couch he rested on reminded of all the late night episodes they had shared cuddling close to one another. Everything screamed that she was here and would never leave. At least leave his heart. She was the only one for him and he should have told her sooner, but he had never been good with words and always said the wrong thing. Usually it ended up hurting her instead of doing the opposite of what he had wished. No the only times he could say what he truly wanted to was when she was fast asleep and curled in his arms and his words fell on deaf ears. He should have told her sooner.

Gently he raised a clawed hand and grabbed the remote that had been neatly resting on his toned stomach and clicked the off button. Now the room was filled with shadows from the only light source peaking through the open curtains. It seemed to him that the only thing in this place that was truly and completely whole was the moon as it gazed sadly upon his tired form. He couldn't take it.

He was up in a flash and closed the curtains so hard they almost fell because of his strength. Darkness greeted him and he felt his heart lurch in the silence. He took small short steps back toward the couch and crumpled in front of it looking at the coffee table before him. There was the letter. Bitter sweet in its own way for the simple beauty of her hand writing to the heart breaking words that had been forced onto the paper. It had been damaged by tears from the writer for a Taiyoukai would never cry. It was her tears and he again berated himself for making her cry even when it was her decision to leave.

He softly picked it up and read it and reread it for what was probably the millionth time and yet he still felt the never ending pain that she inflicted upon him. And true to her word she had her little brother come over the day after she left him to pick up her things. Just as she promised she cancelled all the plans they had made to go out to dinner at her parents' shrine. Everything she had written had been carried out and she effectively erased him from her mind... and heart. Or so it seemed.

He had called her too many times to count in the past seven days and only once she had picked up the phone. Her voice was coarse as though she had been crying, crying over him, and barely any words had been exchanged. Still the phrase she had used before she hung up still rang clear in his mind, 'I love you however, you hold me down.' And the line had gone dead. How? It was the only thing he could ask himself. He had given her the world and yet she left him. Taking his heart along with her. A Tai only has one love and she was it for him no other could make him feel whole. No other could make his heart soar the way she did. And no other had such a soothing scent that calmed the raging beast within him. But she had left him saying he held her down. His mind couldn't come up with a reason to explain why she had gone. They had been together for over two years and she was just... gone. The strong youkai that had faced so many battles and so many challenges over his long life had come out of it all victorious. Yet one slip of a girl could defeat him so easily without even seeming to try.

Did she know how much she had hurt him? Did she ask herself everyday whether or not he was ok in their now empty apartment? These were the questions he feared no one would ever answer. But above all else he wished to ask her if she still loved him. Kami knew he still loved her and he always will even after the pain and torment her leaving him had put him threw. He would always love her.

Lying idly on the floor beside him was his cell phone. It had been ringing constantly from his half-brother asking him if he was ok. He was a sort of mediator between the two past lovers and he was just as surprised as he when he heard the news. It was him that brought them closer together even if it was inconspicuously done. No the brothers had come to a sort of understanding from their once unrelenting hatred of each other when he had finally found the girl-the only girl- for him. His half-brother encouraged him and even gave him advice if need be for he had known his love longer.

Yet he was the only one that called. He was still hoping that she would call him and tell him she was wrong, that they just needed a little time apart from one another. In the back of his mind he knew it wouldn't happen. He picked up the cell phone one more time and whispered to himself, "If she answers she loves me. If she doesn't there's no hope." The only sound that filled the silence was the beep-beep-beep as he dialed the number he knew all to well. He brought it up to his sensitive elfin like ears and held his breath. It rang once, twice, thrice, and the voicemail picked up his heart wrenching plea.

"Kagome..." The room was silent once more.


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