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@ Chapter 3

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Is Kagome inu now?
I must admit I usually don't read stories when she suddenly transforms, but I do like your story so I am continuing. Though I would like to know what made her transform, I'll just have to continue to read.

I don't see anything confusing as of yet, but you do have a couple of typos. For example a couple of times you put "or" when you meant to put "of". I'm not sure if "imediently" or "imediantly" are words, but I seen them when I believe you meant to put "immediately". *shrugs* I don't know, I'll go look them up. There were a few more typos like somewhere I think you meant to put "the" but missed the 'T' and just put "he". Can't remember exactly where I saw it but so far I only read three chapters if that's any help.

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(That was me trying to sound smart)

And now what I have to say


I really do love the seriousness of it.


Luvs muchos


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I am so happy that you updated this story. It was way to good for you not to finifh it and theefore I must say again that I am grateful that you did update.

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Just wanted to let you know that "kumo" does indeed mean spider. It also means cloud. It's one of those weird words, like "kami", which can mean god, paper, or hair.
"Gumo" is what either spider or cloud would be changed to if you combined the word with another word. The g and the k are pretty much equivalent in Japanese- the g is just the softer consonant, and is used when preceeded by a vowel, such as "Onigumo" rather than "Onikumo" or "Kitsuneguma" rather than "Kitsunekuma" (which means "fox-bear").

Just thought I'd straighten out the whole ordeal.

And if you don't believe me, ask my brother, who actually has studied Japanese, unlike pretty much any of the fanfic writers here (myself included).

Now I think I'll read your story. xD;

sesshou's gurl- Sun 18 Mar 2007

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If she were 18 winters, or 18 summers old, then she would be 18 years old.

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Anyway, I like your story and I hope you update soon!

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who care what others have to say about this fanfic, i like it the way it is.

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I read some of the other comments that were made on this fic. I'm a girl and have been reading fanfics since I was 17. I've read things with far more abuse/mistreating of female characters than this one. But I feel as if this story is different.

Kagome is strong enough to stand up to Sesshomaru. They are equals. It's not as if Kagome is this weak woman who just cries and does nothing. If anything, your story is a good example of how a woman can be strong/stand her ground. Don't change your story. Stand your ground and write it exactly how you feel the story should be.

Momo.- Tue 11 Jul 2006
Yes, I do think you're too twisted for your own good, but I still love ya the same ;P Haha, I love the "coniving wench" "scheming bastard" lines, cracked me up ^^
till the 18th?! -le gasp- I'll miss you! T___T Have a nice time and return to us soon! Perhaps some more drama and possibly some irony, ne? Definetly needs more humour and a side of sweetness to the story, otherwise, this fic is frickin awesome! Don't mind my...choice of words, I'm weird that way; so humour me ^^"

OMG! I just read this story and it is so awesome. I really hope that Kagome makes Sess wait a long time. I REALLY hope that Sess gets what he deserves because he IS acting like a jerk! Maybe Kagome will make him jealous if she keeps flashing those smiles of hers at someone else. Or we could have someone kidnap her and Inuyasha and her friends save her. That will be a blow to his pride. Anyways great chapter and I HOPE YOU UPDATE SOON!

angelofartemis- Sat 08 Jul 2006
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In the chapter that Sess was talking to Kags mother to try to wed her, her mother said that Kagome was her only child, and then whammo, Kikyo pops up.

Was that intentional?

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Le Tigre- Fri 07 Jul 2006
You know, I pause to think about stories like this, with male characters physically, emotionally, sexually and mentally abusing the women they "love".

Yes, this is only a story, I know but it sets up a terrible standard by which young women judge relationships and you're a fool to think young women aren't reading this. Stories like this make abuse of this kind almost acceptable. Sure, she's gonna get her revenge eventually, but a relationship of this kind simply isn't healthy and I've seen so many like these it just makes me wonder and worry.

Sure, no relationship runs smoothly but a relationship like this? In a reality based world, wouldn't work and in a fantasy world, to me it sets up some terrible ideals. Just my ten cents though, so feel free to ignore and revile me.

It's just plain wrong.

localsamurai- Fri 07 Jul 2006
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Keep up the great work!

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underwater963- Thu 06 Jul 2006
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Just one question, how can kagome be an only child if Kikyo is her sister?

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P.S. I also get tingles when reading certain fanfics and I can’t help, but smile. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

Fred- Wed 05 Jul 2006
Just a note. Gumo does not mean cloud. The word for cloud is Kumo.

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