A Dance To Remember by alakeshadow

Watch Your Tongue

A Dance to Remember

By alakeshadow

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Thanks: Thanks to "jadeprincess" for pointing out that Kagome is not an only child is Kikyo is her sister, and Sota is her brother. I meant to say "younger daughter" as Kikyo is the older one.

Translations: Shiro-maku - Traditional Japanese wedding dress (Note, in Japanese weddings, depending on how rich or important the wedding is, the bride actually changes into different colored dresses. The number of which all depends since they can change three times or five all depends. If it is a western wedding, it will start with a red shiro-maku and end with a western style white wedding dress. Colors of the dress can be black, blue, yellow, ect.)

Onna – Woman


Nihon - Japan

Iie - No

Ja ne - Farewell, Good bye

Ougi - Folding fan (much like Kagura's in the manga/anime)

Chapter 1: Watch Your Tongue

If I have faultered more or less

In my great task of happiness;

If I have moved among my race

And shown no shining morning face;

If beams from happy human eyes

Have moved me not; if morning skies,

Books, and my food, and summer rain

Knocked on my sullen heart in vain:-

Lord, thy most pointed pleasure take

And stab my spirit broad awake.

~Robert Louis Stevenson (Poem "The Celestial Surgeon")

He spun her around with one of his powerful arms, her gold and white silk shiro-maku flowing around her petite figure as she moved gracefully into his body. Years of training and war had hardened him beyond anything else and it stood out vividly to all of the hundred or so guests attending the wedding. And yet, even without his impressive physique, he was imposing.

Golden eyes like hard ice crystals and just as cold, glanced around at the demons and humans before the great demon. His magnificent silver hair was contained in a tight braid that ran down his black robed back to rest against his calves. The mark of the crescent moon stood proudly upon his forehead, proving his noble lineage to all those around him. He was a figure that emanated both domination and command, his power insurpassable.

Clawed hands so dangerous and lethal were at the moment relaxed and could pass for gentle on the waist and hand of his raven-haired bride.

He brought her body closer to him in a clear warning to the other watching males who might dare to poach on his property. After all that was all she was. Property. An onna to bed and show off.

Looking down at her, he admitted to himself that she was not a bad catch as far as looks went. He guessed that he was fortunate although he had seen far more beautiful women. However, he was proudly aware that she was the picture of elegance and beauty. She was innocent and pure...and she now belonged to him. The lord of the Western Lands, Sesshomaru.

Her name was Kagome Higurashi, Daughter to the Northern lords and child of Kyoko and Tandeshi Higurashi. She was the miko of the Shikon Jewel and was loved by all who knew her. As if now she was married to the most dangerous of the four cardinal lords, the other's being Koga of the ookami clans in the east and Miroku of the southern estates. He, Sesshomaru was the most powerful of them all and her family the second now thanks to their marriage.

No one knew his last name, but instead chose to substitute it with the title of lord in order to get on his good side, considering at least that he had one. He showed no emotion to anyone or anything. The only action he took usually was to kill and so all were wary and constantly on their toes when around the all-powerful warlord. He was not known for putting up with impudence and was a born strategist in both his home and on the battlefield.

They had not met until that morning and he found her to be...quite interesting. Or perhaps "interesting" was not the word. Perhaps fascinating was more suiting. She had been offered for by many men but he had won her in the end. That was all that mattered. He had won the best just as he knew he would.

He scoffed at that. He, Sesshomaru, the great ruler of the Western lands got everything he so desired. And as he knew he would, he had gotten her, a gem among all women. She was not demon nor was she human, but she was immortal from her status as the jewels guardian and because of which was priceless. The Shikon jewel passed down century to century upon the shoulders of the purest women that could be found within the family. Because of his brides recent birthday of eighteen winters, she had become the jewel's protector and had immediately been sought after by many because of it.

'Speaking of which...'

He looked around the ballroom as he felt the stares of some hopeful or perhaps scheming male eyes on his new bride and gave them a look that could have frozen a volcano. Instantly, their gazes retreated and he growled softly at the cowards.

'They fear me...that is good. They should know their place.' He glanced down at his wife, and watched as she nodded at a passing couple. She was smiling as he had found her doing from the time she had arrived to now. He only thing that set him back being that she did not smile at him, only at the other guests. And yet, it was not an act on her part but genuine kindness. He watched the curve of her neck as her head turned to look behind her and watched her natural cherry-colored lips come back to display even white teeth in another of her breath taking smiles.

'I seem to be attracting more attention as of yet among the other lords because of my new bride. How...amusing.' His eyes caught sight of another rival, a spider hanyou by the name of Naraku. He growled softly in anger.

Naraku Kagewaki was, or rather used to be, the ruler of the Northern Lands until he was thankfully overthrown. He was a despicable as well as evil man, but his appearance upon first glance would not have given away any of his inner nature. Dark brown hair fell down past his back to just past his waist, and flinty black eyes shone like hard steel from a finely featured face that had snared many a demoness. His height was only about 6'1 but he, Sesshomaru, towered over him with his 6'5. He was dressed in an elaborate white kimono with cranes embroidered into the material.

Naraku lived up to his stature of that of a spider. Weaving his lies and treachery throughout the land until all was dead and drained of all of the fluids that gave it life. Naraku was the devil among the earth and his most deadly rival and adversary.

He saw the dark hanyou notice his gaze and watched as he smirked mockingly at him before disappearing within the crowded dance floor.

'How dare he show up here? If he thinks he can try to regain his lands, he is mistaken.' He looked down at Kagome to see her watching him, her dark eyes unreadable as she quickly looked away.

'Miserable spider.' Sesshomaru thought cynically as he continued to watch his bride of nearly an hour.

His eyes trailed slowly over her face, taking in every detail of her flawless ivory skin and ebony curls. Deep hazel eyes, eyes like he had never seen before looked up at him, the fire of her spirit burning like a lantern in their depths. They were so light a brown they looked to be gold, and the green in them was dark enough to have been emeralds. They were gazing up at him with such a flaming intensity that he could almost feel the flames licking over his skin.

'She will need her spirit if she is to uphold the honor of being my wife. I will tolerate nothing less from her.'

Her heart shaped face and flawlessly pale skin like that of cream silk brocade had caused him to pause when he had first laid eyes on her. Her eyelashes were long and naturally dark, and he noticed that she did not wear makeup of any kind. And her lips...full and red like ripe cherries, good enough to eat. And as he watched, they went back to show even white teeth as she smiled radiantly at another passing guest.

Her neck was long and elegant as it flowed perfectly into her petite shoulders. When she spoke it was like running water and her movements were just as liquid. When she laughed all stopped to listen as it was like the tinkling of a bell, the sound of a nightingale in full song.

Since the miko and him had never met, he'd had his sources tell him of her background. It seemed that as a child she was constantly getting herself into trouble, in the end always seeming to get out of it, no matter the predicament. She had been a tomboy, always getting into fights with the local boys or partaking in more boy-like activities like examining bugs or fishing. She had matured at a young age because of her father dying when she was only seven. Her mother had gone through great pains in which to bring her to where they were now and had done so by being strong in every sense of the word.

His eyes left Kagome's face and once more gazed out over the floor, spotting the said woman. She was a strong one, Kyoko Higurashi. She was joyful, optimistic, responsible, quick thinking and the list could go on forever in his mind. And here her daughter had developed all of her mother's traits, except one.

Kagome Higurashi possessed a violent streak of stubbornness. He had seen it earlier in her eyes and he smiles coldly at it. He would break it out of her soon enough. After all, he would not allow her to run rampant in his household. She would learn submission and dominance. If not anything else he was sure that it would keep their relationship...interesting. The fact that he did not exactly know that much about her, was what truly intrigued him.

He remembered how much he had fought in order to win her over from the other men who wished for her hand and felt his arrogant male pride puff itself up. It had been a satisfactory experience.

*Six months earlier, Northern Lands of Musashi*

Currently ruled by Kyoko Higurashi

"Sesshomaru-Sama, what a pleasure to have you here." Kyoko Higurashi greeted hospitably as he entered her study. He nodded back to her and saw her gesture to the small elegantly carved red oak table before her. He sat courteously and immediately an awaiting maid stepped forward to pour him tea. Sesshomaru waved the maid away and bowing politely to him, she went to pour some for her mistress. Done, Kyoko dismissed the maid, gracefully kneeling down on the mat across from him.

"I am under the impression that you, among others have come calling for my younger daughter's hand?" Kyoko asked evenly as she calmly sipped her ginseng and rose tea. She was casually surveying him with a critical eye and so far she'd decided she liked what she saw.

Noticing her inspecting gaze, he faced her evenly.

He had come for her daughter and he would have her. As it was, he could tell that she was weighing the balance between him and his competition. Not that he was worried. After all, he was the strongest male there was to be chosen from. There was no question about it. By just looking at him, one could see his sheer power. They would be a fool to not. It radiated off of him.

He would easily be able to provide and protect her daughter from any who dared to harm her. If the two married then the Western and Northern Lands would merge together, and since the North was known for its produce, grain, and meat supply, and the West was known for it's army they would be a formidable force to any who dared try to invade them.

She sighed softly and placed her half empty teacup down onto the table. Yes, it was a perfect match as far as business went...but would her Kagome become happy from it in the end? He was strong, and imposing, and powerful...but could he be caring and fair with her daughter? She did not expect her daughters husband to give her the moon, but then again she did not want her to marry and have a bad relationship as she had had with Kagome's father before he'd died.

"Do you not approve or me?" He asked casually, breaking into her thoughts. Kyoko sighed and shook her head.

"I do find you acceptable my lord, but I only ask for your patience. You must understand my wariness. She is my younger daughter and I request that you acknowledge that." She said with a hard smile. She watched him stand suddenly, his robes billowing out around him.

She rose to meet him unhesitatingly.

"You should not let for your daughter cloud your judgement Kyoko. I am what I am, and I am a powerful lord more then capable of providing for your daughter. You, among all of us should know how much I have to offer her and your family." He said unyieldingly as his cold amber eyes locked with hers. There was a pause. And then, Kyoko sighed deeply, her hands clasping one another loosely in front of her as she bowed her head.

"I will make a deal with you. Tell me why you want my only daughter so much and she is yours. If not, I will only say goodbye. As a mother I have a right to be able to interrogate my daughters suitors and I trust you know how many Kagome currently has." Kyoko said amusedly as she knelt down once more and blew on the now luke warm tea. He turned to stand in front of the magnificent bay windows, its peach colored silk curtains billowing softly as a sudden breeze blew through them.

"My time has come to chose a mate and bring forth a child. By marrying your daughter our lands would also be able to become stronger...but you already know that."

"Yes Sesshomaru I do, and you have stated the obvious, but it is no different then the leader of the Eastern Lands, Koga Nakuritshi who is also a great and loyal warrior. He is known for his weaponry skills and kindness towards his people both human and demon. Or the leader of the South Miroku who is very organized and straightforward, even though his lands are not known for anything in particular except for his demon wards and impressive holy status."

"Koga is too wild and is to known to jump to conclusions instead of evaluating the situation. I have heard rumors that he has already claimed your daughter as 'his woman' and I'm sure you do not want such an arrogant son..."

It took all of Kyoko's years of training not to roll her eyes at the statement. Koga, arrogant? Ha! She would rather internally combust then say that he had more arrogance then the man before her. But she remained quiet as he continued.

"And Miroku Mukashi is a known lecher. He has already proposed to another by the name of Sango, a taijiya of the slayer village within the northern mountains." Sesshomaru stated calmly, his face impassive as he turned to face her once more.

"The mouth is the gateway to all misfortune Sesshomaru! You would do best to remember that!" Kyoko said softly as she placed her teacup on the polished table with a loud clink. He calmly stared at her, one eyebrow raising as he felt her anger begin to rise.

"I may be a woman and I may not be as powerful as you but I do not care WHO you are. How dare you come here as if Kagome's hand is already yours? I did not invite you here to insult some of my mother and father's closest friends, and I promise you Sesshomaru, say one more rude word within my household and you will not step foot within it ever again! I doubt your mother would have wanted that." She finished coldly.

For a second there was silence and annoyed, Kyoko stood once more, preparing herself to leave. Purposely, she strode towards the door, her normally calm face red with barely suppressed anger. She heard Sesshomaru's low growl as her hand touched the screen handle and stopped.

"I have not met her and so cannot give you an accurate reason for wanting her as my own." He said quietly. She stiffened, turning to meet his eyes and finding only the back of his head.

"I have heard a great deal many things about your daughter and found it to be the best in both of our favors if we were to merge together. I promise you that if I am able to marry your daughter I will never hurt her in any way. I will take care of her, and protect her. I give you my word on my honor, and on my families honor." He said civily as he leaned out to study the vast hilly terrain outsude the window.

Kyoko couldn't help it. She blinked, her momentary anger dissipating at his well chosen words. He might not be worthy of her daughter but it was in both of their favors if she agreed to this. She sent a silent prayer to heaven before slowly walking to the window, stopping only when she herself was leaning slightly against the windowsill.

She just hoped she was making the right decision.

"You must keep your promise on that Sesshomaru or may all the gods and goddesses in the earth and sky help me, I will rescind it!." She said seriously as she looked up at him.

"Well then you give me no choice..." He said back, his eyes looking down to hers and staying. She laughed.

"You think this amusing?" He asked darkly.

She smiled

"Iie Sesshomaru-sama. I have only one more thing in which to say to you before I bid you ja ne." She said as a strong gust of wind blew his long silver hair to the side . He was a magnificent demon. She was sure he would teach her daughter well.

"They say that you cannot lock in either the wind or a woman. Trust me when I say that your life will never be boring with Kagome, I can guarantee it."

And that had been it.

It had taken a strong blow to his pride to admit such things to her but to him all that mattered was that Kagome was now his. He chuckled under his breath, making her glance at him curiously as he slid her gracefully into his arms as the dance's moves permitted him to do.

"What's wrong little one? Is it truly so horrible that I am your husband?" He breathed into her ear as he spun her backwards into his arms. Her nails tightened upon his robed arms and he growled amusedly at her as he inhaled deeply, his face burying into her silky raven curls as she tilted her head back.

"Do not start with me Sesshomaru. I had no desire to wed you in the first place." She whispered, smiling to the clapping guests who were watching them.

"Oh is that so? Surely you are not still lying to yourself? I can tell you know...when you lie. It's all those magnificent eyes of yours." He growled making her ivory cheeks flush a matching shade of red as her lips, as anger overcame her calm façade.

"Stop trying to seduce me with your silver tongue! I am not a toy to be played with!" She said as her foot came down hard onto his toe. He didn't flinch, but instead the hands holding her around her waist tightened painfully as he pressed her intimately closer against himself making her gasp.

"I will not have you speak to me in such a disrespectful tone." He whispered coldly, his once casual demeanor fading quickly as the music ended.

"Yes Sesshomaru." She said on a sigh as she spun out of his arms to dance with another wedding guest by the name of Koga Nakuritshi. She talked and flirted gaily with him knowing that her husband would become angry but not caring.

Soon she was back in his arms and as he caught her he flipped her around and feinted her gracefully until her head was almost touching the ground. Reflexively, her hands grasped his arms and he smirked down at her coldly as the sounds of a heavy applause blocked out his voice from all ears but hers.

"I shall have fun taming that spirit of yours. But I will have even more fun with you when I make you mine." He whispered down to her as he brought her back up and then with another glance stood back and waited expectantly as the music ended. Almost imediently, it started anew as the orchestra struck up another dance.

Gritting her teeth in frustration, she bowed low so as to dismiss herself, and turned to walk calmly towards her older sister who was standing across from her on the huge dance floor.

Sighing forlornly at the tragic blow she considered fate to have dealt her, she politely made her way through the mass of guests and finally found her sister talking with her husband's younger brother, Inuyasha. She smiled sincerely at them, as she grew closer. They were arguing royally and in Kagome's opinion, there was no better couple on the face of this earth.

"Inuyasha you clod! Leave me this very instant!" Her sister Kikyo said angrily as she tapped Inuyasha's shoulder hard with her ougi. He winced and grabbed the fan making her gasp and grab it back.

Inuyasha's parents were both dead. His father during a battle and his mother of an unknown sickness and so Inuyasha had been left alone, humiliated and insulted because of his hanyou heritage. She had only known Inuyasha for a few hours but had instantly liked him since she could relate to having lost a loved one and being ridiculed growing up. Because of it, she and Inuyasha had quickly become friends.

"Oh come on Kikyo, stop arguing with me! I didn't mean it! Honest!" He groaned as she began to lecture him once more on proper dancing manners. She tried to clip him with her fan again but seeing the attack he jumped backwards and ended up almost knocking another couple over.

Inuyasha's older brother Sesshomaru had taken over after his father when he was an older teenager, and had been ruling quite well ever since. His lands flourished and gave off the feeling of comfort and safety to any stranger who passed by. Sesshomaru of the best rulers anyone had ever known or remembered besides his father Inutaisho and his mate Izayo. However because he was so great, certain things were asked of him. and that was where she came into the picture.

"Inuyasha why didn't you take those dancing lessons Myoga prescribed for you?" Kagome asked with a sigh as he gave her a pleading look that clearly said 'Please save me!'

Kagome shook her head in laughter. She noticed how he had taken an interest in her sister almost immediently aftre they'd arrived and giggled softly to herself when she saw Kikyo returning the interest...albeit slightly different...

"Nani? He hasn't taken dancing lessons?!

Inuyasha look at me! That hurt you know!" She screeched angrily as he cringed away from her.

Sighing again, she suddenly spotted a familiar face over the sea of people and cried out happily.

"Oh Kikyo look! Lord Kaikorii has arrived with his daughter Sango! Why don't you go over and say hello?" She said as a girl with long brown hair tied in a ponytail caught sight of them and waved.

Her anger momentarily forgotten, Kikyo left to go see Sango and her father. Quickly, Inuyasha exited with Kagome into the starting music of the next dance.

"Thanks for saving me there Kagome! I thought I was a goner for sure that time!" He said breathing a sigh of relief as she twirled gracefully in his arms. She smiled up at him and laughed as he told her about how he had accidentally stepped on her sister's foot and then done it again and than time almost knock her over. She listened attentively, her smile growing more and more radiant as he went on.

"First thing tomorrow morning Inuyasha. No more buts." She said when he finished. He looked down at her despairingly and she laughed as she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.

"And don't even try to escape from Myoga this time you little sneak!" She said teasingly. He gave her a truly crestfallen look and she giggled up at him as she twirled fluidly into his waiting arms once more.

Her marriage had been planned all but six months ago but she had never once been able to speak with Sesshomaru and that had caused her to worry. Inuyasha had quickly soothed her fears but it was not enough. Sesshomaru was the great demon of the Western Lands. The alpha male of all deoms even though there were three other rulers. He was the most powerful of them all, fearsome and disciplined. He had no superior, he had no friends, and he expressed nothing of what he felt.

'A truly dangerous quality in itself...' She thought grimly. His name meant "the destroyer of the circle of life' and that in itself had not helped to sooth her fears. For indeed he was, killing everything an anything that got in his way. He was strong and powerful, his body slim but shaped to resplendent perfection, but still she wished she could be married to anyone else. She was sure by the way he looked at her that all he wanted was her body.

'Desire...the ultimate power that rules a mans life.'

True she had never imagined that he'd treat her lovingly...but anything at all was better then that sharp and calculated look he always had on his face. She was his property. Fine then, she didn't mind that so much...but when she had met him that morning and they had been wed, he had been an ass from the start and became even more pompous the further on the day had progressed! Dinner had by far been the worst.

She had sat next to him while others talked gaily and drank sake. And by a sacred ritual passed down through Sesshomaru's family they were supposed to eat and drink from the same utensils and were expected to feed each other throughout the entire meal. She had fed him slowly, making sure to never bring his attention to her but more then once she found herself drowning in his golden eyes.

'Eyes like the sun itself...deep and rich and dangerous...' They had been different then, hot and filled with power, making her body shiver with something...she wasn't sure if it was fear or pleasure.

She didn't know why but his presence sparked something within her body...something that had lain dormant within her for all of these years and was just now awakening...because of him, but she didn't know what it was. She guessed that it might have been what they called desire but doubted it. Then again...what was there not to want from Sesshomaru? His magnificent silver hair flowed like silk almost to the ground, while his body gave off the feeling of power and stealth. He was what every female wanted in a male...every female but her. She had a feeling that that one fact had gotten under his skin and was continuously bruising his ego.

Ha! Like she was one of those air headed idiots who would dote and cater to her husbands every word! Absurd! If he thought that he could just rein her in with a flick of his wrist, he was in for a surprise.

She looked back on their wedding feast and pondered over how on many occasions his mouth had slid over or lightly nipped at her fingertips and how that had caused heat to ripple through her. She did have some kind of affinity towards him but she would rather go to hell then let him know.

They had been kneeling on soft cushions next to each other but he had been too close to her, his entire right side pressed against hers. She had ignored it but she couldn't ignore his eyes or the way he fed her. He was two different cold and stoic, the other passionate and fiery. He confused and aggravated her while he also made her feel free and...good. Yes that was a word for it...he made her feel good...but...that was what confused her.

"Inuyasha...I'm so glad I have you here to help me..." She whispered as he led her across the elegant ballroom and out onto a beautifully gilded terrace that overlooked the mountains. He hugged her tightly, the refreshing night air cooling their hot skin.

Her arms wrapped tightly around his back and she buried her face into his emerald green haori as he did so. Wrapping his arms around her, he held her close to him and idly patted her back.

"Kagome don't worry about Sesshomaru. He's just mad because you haven't instantly fallen for him like all the others have. And besides, If he ever hurts you just tell me and I'll knock the bastard around some!" He whispered gently to her as they leaned against the wooden balcony.

Together they looked out over the mountainous terrain and soon she found herself smiling as he told her a joke he had heard earlier from one of the guests about a mouse demon and a unicorn. She had not actually understood it, but she smiled anyway, knowing that he was trying to make her feel better. With one last laugh and a squeeze, he let her go and kissed her lightly on the cheek making her blush.

"Everything will be fine. Don't worry...I'll be watching out for you, remember that little sis."

"Thanks Inuyasha..." She said, smiling slightly despite her inner uncertainty as he gave her one final hug and left her alone on the terrace. She watched him go and sighed, feeling a cool wind wash gently over her as she turned to stare up at the full moon, its light lacing through the thin clouds.

That was when she heard it...and felt it at the same time. The doors to the balcony closed.

She already knew who it was but ignored him, knowing it would serve to aggravate him furthur. She could almost hear his annoyance, and felt him come up behind her, his 6'5 body towering over her 5'8. She sighed and spoke softly, her voice soft and submissive as she was tired of fighting with him.

"Yes?" She asked turning to face him.

"So the little she-cat has lost her flare?" Sesshomaru mocked stoically causing her to bristle.

"I was just trying to avoid another fight." She said angrily as she glared at him. His cold eyes flicked to hers and seeing the truth written there he relented.

"What gives you the right to embrace my brother so intimately?"

She shook her head in exasperation.

"Well maybe because he's my new brother-in-law AND because I've hugged all of the other guests I'm close to?" She asked sarcastically. He growled, pulling her into his body. She found herself pressed tightly against his imposing form as he pinned her to the terrace's banister. She stilled instantly out of instinct.

"You enjoy angering me don't you?" He asked dangerously as he leaned over her. She smiled coyly up at him and laughed, the sound tinkling like a small bell. He was chagrined to not hear or smell any fear or uncertainty, only the air of laughter and amusement.

"Maybe so my dear husband. Does it bother you so much that you do not affect me? Go lick your wounds somewhere else where someone actually wants your company." She said softly as her gaze turned serious. He growled and she watched unflinchingly as his face came down so that it became very close to hers.

"I do not affect you do I? Well, lets test that theory shall we?" He growled as he pressed himself tighter against her making her back lay flat against the wide stone railing.

"Let me go."

She stilled suddenly as she saw his eyes skim up and down her face, resting on her lips the longest only to meet her eyes once more moments later. His face came down to her cheek and then over to her ear where he nuzzled softly causing her entire body to go still.

"Why do you fight it? You know you want it...want me. I can smell it in you... Your body calls out for my touch." He said as he buried his face into her neck and dragged it across her collarbone, inhaling as he went. His teeth gently teased the soft skin and sure enough her body began to feel warmer. She cursed him silently under her breath as she felt her eyes involuntarily close.

"That's it..." He whispered softly, his voice deep as his hands slid up to where her hips were beneath the silken confines of her wedding dress.

"Let...let me go...!" She whimpered softly, feeling him place soft, seductive kisses along her shoulder, his mouth pushing the first layer of her kimono away as he went, until it hung limply from her elbow. She tried to push him away but she couldn't find the strength in which to do so. She knew she was falling. Falling into his sensual trap that he had planned for her but she couldn't stop.

"You are mine now." He growled, his large hands sliding down her hips to her thighs. She whimpered as she felt her body convulse slightly in reaction.

Suddenly, his mouth left her shoulder and came down demandingly onto hers, showing her the power contained within.

He felt her stiffen from the contact and lessoned the pressure of it and felt her relax, almost smiling in satisfaction as she tried to kiss him back. He understood it then. It was her first kiss. Her first encounter with a man. The realization pleased him.

He growled and tilted her head sideways using his lips to show her. Once she learned she used it to her full advantage, her hands burying themselves into his silken hair, as her mouth opened wider to give him more access, their tongues fighting against each other.

He growled at her, his kiss becoming harder and more urgent as he felt every contour of her body melt against his, her silken warmth beginning to drive him wild as he took in her natural scent of lilac and vanilla. Mixed with them was the hint of her sweat and the pungent aroma that was her arousal.

He pushed her back harder, his hands sliding up to untie her obi and slip into the many layers of her kimono, his claws running like butterfly wings over her stomach. With his fingers came a sharp tingle that caused her entire body to tremble, the feeling going to her brain, making it fuzzy and slow as she could do nothing but focus in on the pleasurable tingles running through her, like ripples across a pond.

Feeling it, he growled hungrily and removed his mouth from hers only to place light, nipping kisses over her throat and bare shoulder where the kimono had slid down.

"It seems...that my little spitfire hasn't lost her flare..." He growled softly as his lips licked a trail over her skin once more. She gasped angrily at his mocking words making him smile.

"Or perhaps she is only warming up?"

"You...bastard...!" Somewhere in her mind she tried to struggle but couldn't. She could only feel the delicious sensations passing through her body as his hands and mouth flared up a dormant heat within her stomach and between her legs.

"Don't worry pet. Your passionate nature will put itself to a better use once it is time." She heard whimpering, and realized that somewhere in the farthest reaches of her mind the sound had come from her own mouth. Throwing her head back, her hands went onto the cold stone banister on either side of her to clutch it tightly with her hands. His hands moved up from her stomach to her hips where they massaged softly, his claws skimming over the silken confines of her kimono, parting them so that the lay open to him. She felt him wedge one of his hard thighs between hers and her body quivered in pleasure as she felt the coiling pressure within her become more demanding.

She whimpered softly, not understanding what was going on exactly but only heard him growl, as he acknowledged the fact that she had surrendered to him. He groaned at it. He was going to fast. He had to wait to take her, Now was not the time or place.

He felt her open her legs further, beckoning him closer to her as her head turned to the side, her breathing becoming more and more erratic.

Snarling almost in pain, his body pulled itself from hers. It was all he could do to stop himself from going to her again when she let out a soft moan of still hot pleasure. His breathing was strained as he looked at her, her body arching over the railing, her legs still open to him, her kimono in complete disarray. He watched as with another whimper she collapsed onto the floor, her heavy pants almost putting him into a frenzy.

"Still find me undesirable?" He asked softly, With that he was gone from the balcony, the doors slamming closed behind him.

She sat there stunned, her once hot pleasure going cold, as the quivering of her body gradually stopped.

"Damn you..." She whispered softly, her voice almost nothing as she tried to sit up and failed, finally succeeded in propping herself up against the balconies stone bars. She closed her kimono and tilted her head back.

"Damn you!" She screamed, not craing if she was heard. Her voice rang across the mountains and echoed back to her making her even angrilier for some reason.

What would she do? What could she do? What he had said was the truth, and tonight he would take her virginity and by doing so seal her as his wife.

The thought made her shiver again and she felt the same all consuming need she had just experienced flare up inside of her.

What was happening to her? She was not just some lowly woman! She would bear it all...because destiny permitted her to do so. She was not weak! If he wanted her it would not be without a fight! Of that she was sure.

She stood resolutely, fixing her kimono to the best of her ability and with determined strides, found herself smiling once more as she made herself walk back into the wealth of her husbands castle.

She looked up at a large grandfather clock beside her and then promptly looked away again. It was almost time...almost time until she would leave with her husband to their chambers.

Straightening her shoulders she found Inuyasha and Kikyo together with Sango and her fiancée Miroku Mukashi, Ruler of the Southern Lands. They were surrounded by a small crowd of gentlemen both demon and human, discussing something in great detail.

She saw Inuyasha hover possessively close to her sister as she reached them, and was soon a part of a conversation about the new breeding techniques for faster and stronger war horses. Lord Koyokamu, was a human who owned a large equine breeding facility located in the southern part of the Western Lands. Sshe was told he and her husband were good friends and trading partners. It seemed Sesshomaru was very interested in equine studs and was Lord Koyokamu's best customer. She herself was an ardent lover of horses and wondered perhaps if maybe this one thing could bring her happiness in this place.


Sesshomaru eyed his bride from across the ballroom, his sharp eyes and ears carefully taking in their conversation as well as how close each of them were to her. He missed nothing and continued watching them closely. Soon after, he saw Naraku join the steadily largening group and growled in irritation.


He looked down at his clawed right hand and flexed the glistening daggers that were his nails, each one sharpened to perfection. Looking back at the group, his face as expressive as a sheet of marble, he soon reached them, He spotted the drooping emerald and ruby encrusted rose that had at one point been artfully arranged in her hair, and saw that it was falling out just as Naraku reached out to adjust it.

"If I may be allowed to pluck this rose, madame?" Naraku said with smooth gallantry as it started to pull the flower from her hair.

Sesshomaru shouldered his way through two males who were watching Naraku enviously and looked down coldly at Naraku.

"My privilege Kagewaki." He tweaked the ornament from his hand just as Kagome looked up in surprise. Naraku's hand fell away, his dark eyes narrowing with silent anger.

"I am having the most delightful time this evening." Kagome said cheerfully to her husband, her eyes however threatening to melt him into a pile of cinders.

"Have you met all my friends?" She indicated the group of hovering males with a slight node of her head.

Sesshomaru swung a cold gaze around the small gathering and smiled laconically at each familiar face. He allowed his eyes to linger ever so briefly on Naraku's amused face before pointedly turning away from him.

"Yes pet, I believe I have made the acquaintance of just about everyone present. And I'm certain that by now you've had enough of their company."

The unmistakable warning was not lost on any man in the surrounding circle, although Naraku seemed more amused then impressed. The others hastened to give him their congratulations, and for a few minutes Sesshomaru was obliged to listen to a great deal of fullsome praise for his wife's charm, herbal expertise, and conventional talents.

"...has a most commending knowledge of breeding techniques for a female. Could talk to her for hours." One middle aged demon admirer announced.

"We were just discussing horse breeding. The lady has some interesting notions about different methods." A ruddy faced human said from somewhere around Sesshomaru's elbow.

"Fascinating, I'm sure." Sesshomaru said tonelessly as he held out his hand.

"In the meantime, I wonder if you can tear yourself away from such an enthralling conversation long enough to favor your husband with a dance?" He saw her eyes glare at him but accepted and took his hand.

"But of course my lord. You will forgive me gentlemen?" She asked politely as her hand took a light hold upon Sesshomaru's elbow.

"Of course..." Naraku murmured silkily.

"We all understand the call of duty, do we not? Return to us when you are ready to play with us again dear Kagome."

Sesshomaru fought back the savage urge to plant his fist square in the center of Naraku's to-handsome features but he knew it would only cause a scene, seething inwardly, he took the only course open to him. Coolly ignoring Naraku's jibe he led her out onto the dance floor.

"I get the impression you are enjoying yourself." He said as Kagome slipped easily into his arms. He started them easily into the lilting musical tones of a flute and harp and gazed at her with casual arrogance.

"Yes my lord, everyone is very polite and generous unlike you." She said as his large hands cupped her around the waist and moved her slowly back and forth as a mandolin's strings sang out a slow, sad tune.

"I forbid you from speaking to them anymore. Particulary Naraku Kagewaki." He said with a tone of voice that brooked no argument. The music sped up and she looked up at him with a horrified expression which imediantly turned to one of quiet rage.

"Yes Sesshomaru." She spat out the words as if they were poison in her mouth.

He looked at her coolly and then stopped them both as out of nowhere, a gong was rang, one long, loud note echoing through the crowd, instantly silencing them.

Without a word, Sesshomaru pulled her towards the grand staircase.

She looked wildly around at her mother who had told her of this moment and saw her nod ever so slightly in a silent "good luck". She looked away slowly and she and her husband slowly walked up the steps that wound up to the next floor of the castle. From there they took another staircase and then another, both in complete and unbroken silence as they finally descended upon the fifth floor. It was Sesshomaru's private corridor if nothing else which led to his study, bedroom and private bathing area.

He led her slowly to a magnificently painted screen depicting flying demons and wind whipped mountains. Effortlessly, he slid it open with one hand, his other resting lazily on her hip as he led her into what was now their bedroom and closed the doors behind them.

She braced herself for she knew that it was here that would start the beginning of the rest of her new life.

Randomness: Ever been reading a fanfiction and then all of a sudden get the tingles from reading something and grin at it? ... Yea...It's probably just me. Also, I figured that I should say that the idea for the scene where Sesshomaru gets jealous over everyone crowding around Kagome, I actually got from a really good book. I just can't remeber what the title of it was...oh well. Little ol' absentminded me!

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