Yukilunny598 "aka Susanne"- Sun 15 Jul 2007
O.O OMG I didn't expect that!
whos that guy that probibly/did kill Naraku? Oh I have so many questions... [i]-crys-[/i] you left a cliff hanger.
I really like this story and Please keep writing...?...

Jarakuheart- Tue 10 Jul 2007
The Outsiders is written by S.E. Hinton...you should probably change that so you don't sound arrogent in litature...not good for someone writting stories...^_^

sysclp- Mon 09 Jul 2007
I really enjoyed what you have so far. I hope you plan to finish it!

KagomeHime- Sat 06 Jan 2007
post ur fanfics on fanfiction.net so that readers may know when there is an update

swtdrm01- Tue 24 Oct 2006
Thank you. I still love the story and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Ja ne

Cassie- Thu 28 Sep 2006
Please, please continue!! I'm really into the story and I really want to see what happens! You're a very good writer and take care while you're writing it. The story line is very good and different and that's what I like about it!

Souad- Wed 27 Sep 2006
Not to be nitpicky...but "The Outsiders" was written by S.E. Hinton. J.K. Rowling...obviously the creator/writer of Harry Potter. Just an FYI.

linda- Wed 27 Sep 2006
I read alot of stories on "Single Spark" and to my shame I don't always send a review. But, this is one the most wonderful story I have read in awhile. Original and good use of characters. Very descriptive and the chapters are just long enough. I hope to see this story nominated for a "Single Spark"award. Please update soon.

wow.. like the story. a unique twist. Keep it up!

Sess-n-Yasha's Drm-Grl- Wed 27 Sep 2006
I'm so glad you updated. If I can be of any help in proofreading and reviewing your story, please let me know.
BTW - I was swtdrm01. I truly love the story, it's beautiful and heart warming.

Kuma- Fri 16 Jun 2006
i 3 it,this story is so sad but so good i love the original idea of it all..i might talk to u about using it for an orignal story idea ill tweak if if u let me use ill love u forever but if not ill still love ur story ttyl update soon

swtdrm01- Tue 13 Jun 2006
I love it! Please let us read the next chapter or two. I can hardly wait.

valerieee!- Tue 13 Jun 2006
the outsiders is a book/movie by S.E. Hinton not J.K. Rowling

eternityoftears- Tue 13 Jun 2006
wow. i really like this story...i am very curious to see what happens when Sesshoumaru gains his memory...by the way..how more chapters until he does?
Keep up the good work, and please update soon!


Kit005- Tue 13 Jun 2006
I like it!! I like it!! Now I want more!! Give me more!!! I am fanholic!!!

Kit005- Tue 13 Jun 2006
Update soon!!!! Plzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! This is getting good! YAY!! I hope Sesshy gets his memory back!!

Leather_Wings- Tue 13 Jun 2006
Hey! I absolutely LOVE the plot of this story! You seem to have everything organized very well! There are a lot of gramatical errors, though. They kind of take away from the flow of the story. If you need a Beta or anything, I'd be happy to help!

Best Wishes,
-Leather Wings

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