Treasure In The Trash by FlamingWolf

Ch1 Forget

Okay guys here my first Kag/Sessh fic please be gentle with it and enjoy, this idea came from the pits of my mind and the fact that my sister lives in Jersey and around New York were the homeless are, and a anime movie called Tokyo God Fathers. Enjoy! ^-^

Disclaimer: Don't own any of the characters so now suing please.

I do how ever own Trapt in my Mind, and a few other songs that Kagome sings those are originals by me. Thanks enjoy! ^-^

Treasure in The Trash

Ch1 Forget

Snow fell softy on flimsy paper boxes with tape holding them together, a piece of newspaper flapped in the wind threatening to rip off at any given moment. This alley was home to many and beyond it was a part of town were the rich never ventured for they feared getting lost and killed.

People bedraggled in rags shuffled around similar bearings of homes, some made of blankets others used stolen shopping carts from the grocery store to hold down newspaper or to use as a door. Paper boxes were used to the most though because it was less expensive and the rich could care less.

A girl clad in a overly large muscle shirt with two different colored sleeves sewn on each arm of the shirt, clutched a long black coat around herself to keep the cold from coming in but it was sort of hard with a few holes that weren't patched up. The bottom of the raggy thing was ripped and torn, pieces falling off looking as if it had been through a blender. She wore denim jeans that came to her knees, while an overly large skirt feel over her jean clad legs its flowery pattern not matching a thing she had on; really nothing matched on her.

The wind picked up as she tried to hold her coat closed and keep her knit hat on, it was one that was made by a very dear friend of her's that died just last year from a cold, something that could be treated by a simple shot or a pill.

She bustled up a busy street of people coming into the richer part of town; long braided ebon hair was tucked into her coat tied with a trash bag tie. Her face was a bit grimy with smudges of dirt on her cheeks and forehead; fingerless gloved hands were blown in while the cold pelted snow into her face. She trudged on however being glared at by the society that had thrown her out, yes this is it the place she used to live in thinking things wouldn't get so bad.

Kagome sighed shaking her head in degust at the rich who wore there pristine suits of gray, black, white, what ever color. They had all the luxuries of the world, working hot water in a clean bathtub, hot meals three times a day. They had the necessities and so much more being spoiled brats about it, like needing a new car when the old one has a scratch on it.

She never used to be poor, she turned the corner at a TV store and stopped on the sidewalk looking up at a billboard an add for Pepsi posted up on it had been torn down and the guy with a bucket of glue and new paper was putting something new up. Only staying a few more moments she started her slow gant again her destination today was the park.

More stares of resentment, evil glares given to the dirty one who would beg for a hot meal and maybe a bath; then kill you for your money. Right, rolling her eyes at the thought, poor people don't even have that luxury to see a doctor that's why Keade died and they would of used the police to escort them out.

The next moment would be imprinted into her mind for ever as she neared the park she thought on how she very came to be poor, ah yes her Uncle Naraku and Aunt Yura the two used to tell her she pathetic and didn't deserve to live. One day she had had enough of the beatings, packing some of her belongings she ran away from the supposed happy home. In the year that followed after that she sang in clubs and strip bars earning enough cash to stay in a hotel for a night or two. But one day they just wouldn't let her into Tom Cats Alley to sing anymore, they told her she was yesterday's news and shut her out.

Snorting she found the gate was open and their weren't a lot of people out since there was snow. Like a little child she ran out into the park sapphire eyes sparkling as she twirled in the falling frozen rain, it fell on her cheeks melting upon impact because of body heat.

It was snowing back then as well when she met a few friends; they consisted of Sango Hanna an 18 year old who ran away from an orphanage. A pretty girl with waist length black brown hair, dark brown eyes standing 5'2". She's like me in the slim department since don't eat a lot. She had been put in the orphanage with her brother, apparently the rest of the family was dead including her parents who were killed in a car accident; I watched her brother two years ago waste away from hunger it was sad and I couldn't watch it. Rest in Peace Kohaku was what I put on a piece of wood I had found, using tape for the words. She was sad for so long that I had to cheer her up and for the first time in a year I had sang again, she cried for so long and fell asleep on me.

Next was Miroku Takudo the perv just won't leave the ladies along weather rich or poor. The 20 year old has short black hair, thought it's grown some since last year. He is also like me and Sango very slim, he has purple eyes that I just adore when he begs me for a blanket or pillow; its just so fun to have him wrapped around my little finger; and stands 5'5". It's funny though because each time he's smacked in the face, actually once he went to prison and said it was fun because he got a real bed, a hot meal, and a shower though in a communal one a shower non-the-less. Well his story goes something like this, his mother died giving birth to him and his father blamed him for killing his wife. He was raised being beaten like myself, one night his father tried to take him but he fought back knocking his father unconscious with a baseball bat and gathering a few things ran away from the house; sad really.

Kagome looked around finding a bench and smiling seeing it was empty and sat down thrusting her hands into her pockets, her cheeks had become red along with her nose.

Shippou Tenma was her adopted son, who was the cutest little thing you would ever see. His hair was so red and shaggy it reminded her of a fireball though he wore an auburn ribbon in it so the locks were out of his face. The 7 year old was so tall but so full of spirit with those soulful turquoise eyes, and happy go lucky attitude. He was tall though 3'9" and very snuggable, his story is connected to Keade's because she was his grandmother. He was to young to work when his father and mother died because of a mysterious illness that spread around the are those two lived, Keade tried working but she was to old to do it.

Last but not least her other adopted child Rin Tao, a cute little girl a spirit like Shipppou's, an innocence that was so pure when she asked a question about something really cute or funny it would make people go "aww". Her black hair is usually up in a side ponytail; her brown eyes get large when she gets a present from the others or me. At 5years old she shouldn't be living here but she dose, she stands about 1'9". Her story about getting to where she is because of her parents dieing from a break in of the house, the girl had hid in her toy chest while her father said to stay put there her mom sat on her bed. A commotion was heard and the next thing Rin knew her mothers limp form was leaning over the toy chest and liquid seeped into it dripping on her. The girl went hysterical seeing so much blood at once, she has a thing about blood now so we have to help her once in awhile when she goes into that quite state when blood shows up on some one or her. Me or Shippou can get her to calm down the others can't for some reason, perhaps she thinks of him as a brother and me as a replacement mother I've got no problem with that.

They all lived in a dilapidated building knowing that a box and tape home wouldn't do them any good so they looked around the few neighborhoods in the Alley of Era, don't ask they just named it that in the heat of the moment.

The building thank Kami was made of brick so it wouldn't get soggy when it rained or snowed, four were inside that needed a bit of patching up to do. Two old beds were already in the building while a table with flimsy legs sat in a deserted kitchen, the fridge didn't work but Miroku was trying to fix that. There were no bathrooms or bathtub's she was a bit distrait over that but it could be fixed if the three of them got jobs to pay for construction maybe.

Weight settled on the other side of the bench, the ruffling of a newspaper scuttling across the snowy covered ground landed at her feet she sighed picking it up and placing it in the trashcan; the guy on the bench was wearing an Italian white suit with a red rose in the breast pocket that supported a red rose. He had silver hair as long as her own ebony locks; it looked like a waterfall in spring sparkling and pretty. Suddenly his eyes met hers, she gasped stepping back and falling onto her butt, mirth settled in those golden orbs as she stood brushing herself off, hands now on her hips she frowned.

"What's so funny?" She asked arms now resting in the front folded as the man got up and looked at her sideways, he smirked seeming to enjoy himself.

"How such a creator as you exists I'll never know, but your kind are not welcome in my town or park." That got her livid as she marched up to him fiery eyes narrowing at this thing that calls itself a human being.

"Who are you to judge when you don't know what its like on the other side of the tracks. Haven't you seen The Outsiders?" His smirk faded when she mentioned a author he knew all to well, but it came back as he got in her face breath tickling her cold cheeks making her blush.

"Yes I have and don't care to experience anything along the nature of that, I prefer to have my cozy home. Besides you're a street bum, go back to your part of town your not welcome here." He flicked his hair back though the wind blowing decided to fling it every where instead as she let out a small snicker, he glared at her eyes flickering with mysterious intent since they couldn't be read.

Looking to the sky she saw it was about breakfast time and it was time to get back to her side of town as the ass hole over at the bench so put it, Shippou and Rin would be going with her today to the food stamp store so they could buy food.

With one last look and a salute to nature she started out again, heading back the direction she had come with more glares and a hot cup of coffee thrown at her while she dunked behind a trashcan; life was so cruel she thought thrusting her hands into her pocket.


The morning was a hassle to Sesshoumaru, since that meeting in the park with a street bum girl it had started to make him think and then he had to mentally slap himself. Of course he's never seen the movie The Outsiders, stupid girl he thought pilling up some papers on his desk and putting them in a manila folder. He pressed the button on his desk for the secretary, who was a total flirt she always wore short skirts and revealing tops not a conservatist at all. The make-up was even more ugly then what she looked like and what she wore, woman always threw themselves at him he was looking to marry or in this case had to marry.

He and his brother Inu Yasha had gotten a few things from there fathers will, the younger got a few houses, a cruise dealership to be the boss of and had a winter resort.

He got the rest of the houses, a winter resort as well, and ran the company Tai Corp the leading corporation that was merging with Raku tech. The company itself was huge with biotechnology for the army since war looked to be in there future, it also compensated for large tanks making them better and shipping them off to other countries to see how the tests on them go; he was a real modern day Daddy War bucks.

"Let me take that Mr. Tai." The woman finally got into his office, she leaned over the desk making sure to show cleavage as he handed her the folder she smiled brightly, eyes lined thickly with black eyeliner and gray eye shadow showing off the light brown eyes that peered from under thick lashes. He was about to hurl when the phone rang, the Secretary made a pouty face but he waved her to be gone so she sighed stomping out of the large furnished office in stiletto heels.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes Sesshoumaru took up the phone while looking out his 50 story building from the top, in truth his office was furnished very richly with white wash walls that had pictures of art on them from the imitation Mona Lisa to a picture of a young girl sitting on a rock in the middle of a pound near a waterfall; she was very small maybe 6 or 7. Her hair was long and black coming down in waves like an ocean, sapphire colored eyes seemed to speak for herself at her emotions that being of happy and giddy. She was wearing a white dress without socks or shoes because the feet were in the water; she looked as though at any moment she would splash the water. His mother had told him once that the girl in the picture was real; though it was a picture from her mind his mother knew she was real. One thing plagued his mind about it though, Japanese girls didn't have blue eyes and yet here he was with silver hair and golden eyes.

"Hello Tai, it's me Naraku. I would like to talk with you later tonight on the other side of town." There was a hint of a smile in his voice, Sesshoumaru never trusted the guy and would never but when his company was concerned in this matter he would do anything; even die to make sure this merge happened without incident.

"Why the other side of town?" In all realism the richer part of town had robbers and such, but less of them then that broken down piece of filth on the North, the West was his home and would forever be.

"There is no one there that knows who we are for one, and second the people wont bother us though they are homeless they have better things to do then kill people they don't know." It was a logical thing to say except he forgot that they might kill them both to sell their suits for money to get drugs or alcohol instead of food. He sighed messaging his temples with a forefinger and thumb, opening his eyes he looked out over his Western domain and turned on his heels looking at the soft white plush rolling chair he had just gotten out of.

He wanted hi company to do well in this day in age, but would merging with Raku Crop be the wise decision? Was sharing the whole Corporation with another being possible for him since he was used to getting the brunt of the blow and so much paperwork; suppose a test run would do fine he thought as a smile came to him. No it would be fine he chided himself, they would merge and do well with Raku Corps new development in Tanks and tears gas they would be unstoppable.

"Okay where at the other side of town then?" The man on the other line laughed heartily.

"Good choice Tai, meet me at The Alley Era. You'll know where it is it's the only pole with a sign anyway." Without another word Naraku hung up on Sesshoumaru who sighed the dial tone playing over and over again until he put the receiver back down hanging up.

He didn't return to his desk but laid down on one of the two white pearl colored couches in the office, they face each other horizontally and faced his desk vertically. The hide used to make those were stretched very far and made out of the best cow money could buy its soft surface lulling him to sleep, the radio in his office was on he didn't turn it off as a song came on sang by some girl that went missing a year ago.

"That was Nickel Back with Photograph, Next is a song we seem to keep playing. We don't know who the author is of it but heres Trapt in my Mind!" Sesshoumaru rolled over his long hair draping over the side of the arm of the chair as the song began.

Trapt, I can't get out

My parent's scream and shout

Pain in my heart

From the Start

Tell me I'm worthless

Tell me I'm nothing

Tell me I can't do a damned thing

Because I'm Trapt in my Mind

Going to school

Playing the fool

Friends making the rule

What the fuck dude?

Tell me I'm worthless

Tell me I'm nothing

Tell me I can't do a damned thing

Because I'm Trapt in mind

Everything started falling apart

Aunt and Uncle said from the start

That I was nothing but a stranger

Pain and danger were my life

Telling me, yelling at me

I'm worthless

Telling me, yelling at me

I'm nothing

Telling me, yelling at me

I can't do a damned thing right

Because you know

Because you know

Because you know I'm trapt in my mind.

Because you know

Because you know

Because you know I'm trapt in my mind.

The song ended with Sesshoumaru curled up on the pearl colored couch, his head being held by one hand as the other was used as a pillow. He grunted rolling over so he faced the couches back away from the sun; it was in its Zenith at the moment, which meant the President would sleep until lunchtime.


Kagome grunted hefting a bag of groceries, the contents contained a pack of bottled waters, a plastic bag of varieties of vegetables, two small packs of beef, a cartoon of milk and orange juice and a block of cheese. They couldn't afforded eggs that and they would go bad if they didn't use them quick enough since the fridge still didn't work.

"Mommy I'm hungry when will we get back home and have lunch?" Rin was holding hands with Shippou who was holding onto her other hand to make sure neither got lost. More and more these days kids would wonder off on their own and get lost Kagome wasn't about to let that happen to these wonderful children.

Rin was wearing a kid sized long sleeve shirt, one of the long sleeves was ripped and they had to dig through the trash to get her one and sew it on like the shirt Kagome wore. A nice brown leather jacket with fur on the hood kept the cold from reaching the little girls face and kept her warm enough, while the three faded long skirts she wore kept her feet nice and toasty. Like Kagome, Rin loved to wear sneakers even out in wet weather such as snow and rain.

Shippou was wearing a dirty white turtle neck, a few places like the pit area and the bottom had holes, they would need to patch up there clothing pretty soon and it wasn't even the middle of December yet. His faded glory jeans would have to go soon because they were looking a bit more raggy then usual, his coat was a rain coat with the stuffing coming out, to which Kagome had to sew it up on the inside and try to replace the fluff with packing peanuts or something close enough to insulate the kid. He wore a pair of shoes a size to big for his feet but he could keep them for another year or two seeing as he was still a growing boy.

"We'll get home in a minute sweetie and then I'll make some hot stew for lunch. How about that guys, sound good?" She got a chorus of yes with smiling faces and white teeth. She smiled as well, even if they couldn't take a bath they could at least afford to get a tooth brush and some tooth paste.

The Alley Era sign came into her visage as the children jabbered about what happened this morning while she took her usual walk to the park in the morning.

"Miroku was watching Sango folding blankets and trying to fix the table. She knelt down to pick up the hammer she had found from the dumpster and he grabbed her bottom." Shippou exclaimed with enthusiasm looking at Kagome who nodded knowing what was coming next when Rin took over.

"Sango got red in the face and slapped him really good, he flew across the room and slammed into the green patch chair. He almost broke it when he landed." She giggled putting her free hand over her mouth concealing the smile that Kagome knew was there.

"The chair is fine, it's Miroku who was broken since he was holding his cheek." Yeah that was her friend Miroku, the perverted bum who would ask any woman to bear his child.

They arrived at the dilapidated house; it didn't have a door so they put up a blanket tapping it at the top so it worked as a flap. They came in to a semi warm house the only room that was warm it seemed was the kitchen since the old oven and stove still worked. It was fixed by non other then their handy man Miroku, he was good with appliances but the fridge seemed to be giving him a problem.

"Welcome home Kagome!" Sango smiled dropping a pile of blankets on the green patch chair and going over to take the bag and hug her lightly.

"Where Miroku?" Sango sighed nodding towards the kitchen, Kagome smiled getting the hint while the children looked on puzzled.

"Why don't you take that pile of blankets to your room ne?" Sango asked as they raced to the chair, Rin winning but splitting up the blankets as each carried two.

"So where is he?" Kagome asked getting out the vegetables, one pack of beef, and looking for the pot in the kitchen. It wasn't big but big enough to fit all five in at once, she looked in the bare cubberds were a few scattered pots were taking the biggest one they had and setting it on the stove turning the nozzle to wait for it to heat up.

"He went to go get a job as a repair man, I hope he gets the job because we need the money bad. We can fix this place up, maybe patch the holes up with more then just tape and boxes yeah know?" Sango sighed sitting on a step ladder seat since they only had one real chair, she rested her head on her folded hands while Kagome made soothing circles with her hand on the girls back.

"Sango we'll be fine, every clouds has a silver lining." Sango blinked back tears as her emotional walls broke down, wetness stained Kagome's grimy white shirt with a yellow and orange sleeve. She soothed her friend by making circles on her back again like she was a child and remembering how her mother had done that for her.

"We can't live like this Kagome, those kids deserve better." They always had this kind of talk when the time of Kohaku's death was upon them, it would be tonight that he died from lack of food so skinny it was sad.

"I know sweetie I'm sad to, you can cry all you like today." She said soothingly kissing the top of the girl's head and threading her other hand through grimy straight black hair whispering sweet nothings into her ears.

"Honey go rest in our bed, you look tired." She knew Sango hadn't taken a break from the chores around the house, yes it was a dilapidated house but things had to be constantly fixed. Her lack of conviction was proof of that as the girl in Kagome's hands nodded, eyes blank red around the rims and puffy cheeks from crying.

Kagome watched Sango go with a sad smile as she got to work on the stew, she found out a long time ago that stew would go a long way being made for five people especially since they had a growing little boy and a 20 year old man who could shovel it in.

2 carrots

1 tomato

½ an onion

1 celery stalk

1 red pepper

1 orange pepper

½ lb beef

Cook beef in separate pan and boil water for vegetables, once the beef is done put it in with cut up vegetables. Let set for an hour before serving.

It was just one of those fast and easy ways to cook for a large family with the amount of things she as restricted to get, money didn't grown on trees and it was good Miroku went to go and try to get a job. At least then they could get a few more things like chicken since it was cheaper to get ½ lb of beef.

The water was halfway to boiling when she got the beef done and slipped that along with some cut up vegetables into the warm water. With that done she decided to check up on the kids to see what they were doing so leaving the kitchen for the moment she made her way down the hall to the kids room.

It was a nice room with light blue paint and white clouds; the wallpaper was torn in places and browning around the edges almost everywhere from time. A broken oak chest was filled with there clothing which wasn't much a few shirts and pants, some short and long skirts. It was also the place they put their jackets.

"Hey guys what you doing?" The Children looked up with a smile on their faces, Rin was holding a Raggedy Ann doll, some of the red hair was missing and so was an eye but she loved it though and kept it to sleep with.

Shippou held up a book, it was the one she loved to read The Box Cart Children. It was about a small family of kids who runs away from their aunt because she's being mean to them and locking them up in a room. They decide to leave taking very few things with them and going into the forest coming upon a train cart that was abandon so they make their home out of that. The story reminded her of her situation, though made her look at it in a better light then feeling sorry for herself and she was glad her son was interested in books.

"I'll see what I can do to get you some more books Shippou and Rin if you want I can fix up your doll and find her a new eye?" Suddenly she was flung back by the force of two kids clinging to her and hugging her, tears spilling from their eyes. She sighed taking each child in one hand and hugging them tightly, they knew about Kohaku he was like a brother to them, he was a protector for both when Kagome and the other two weren't here to watch over them. Now one of the three had to stay with the kids, it looked like it might be her or Sango.

"Mom why did big brother die?" Rins tear stained face hurt to see as she sat on the ground Indian style so the kids could cuddle into her, Shippou was currently burring his face into her chest, she ran her fingers through those fiery locks while sighing and closing her eyes.

"Kohaku left us to look after us from a bigger place then here. When you get lonely or you want protection look up into the sky and yell out Kohaku's name he'll hear you." Rin sniffled nodding her head, big brown eyes gathering moisture again as they cried themselves to sleep in her arms. It was chaos today with all the crying she thought carrying the kids to the bed they shared, they would awaken when their stomachs grumbled about lose of food.

She heard the flap to the house open as Miroku stepped in with a smile on his face, she walked out of the children's room to see him in high spirits giving a half smile and a hug.

"So?" She asked expectedly as he gestured for her to sit down on the green patch chair, she did and he launched into a story.

"I went there, fixed something the others couldn't and got the job!" He was excited she could tell by the grin on his face, he held her hands about to ask the question when she bopped him on the head with her fist.

"No thanks." She snorted going into the kitchen being tailed by the purvey one, who sat on a trashcan seat.

"How's Sango doing?" he asked with a grim expression, Kagome sighed taking up the wooden spoon and stirring the contents in the pot.

"She's really upset about her brothers death again, I'm worried she'll worry herself to sickness." Tears sprouted from her eyes as strong arms held her from behind around the waist, she turned into the embrace getting Miroku's shirt wet from her tears.

"We all worry about her and you, you take on so much little sister and yet you're as strong as a horse." He smiled into her hair after kissing it to sooth away any pains in her heart that had collected over the two years she was here.

"I'm okay now..." she whispered clutching his shirt with her fists as he kissed the top of her head again and nodded letting her go while she went to stir the pot again, the pitter patter of little feet came along with that of Sango.

"Lunch guys!" Kagome cheerfully announced to a rounded chorus of cheers because even though her cooking was a little bland they all loved it and ate it because that's what they got. This family wouldn't let anything go to waist, be it cabbage, liver and onions, or some other part of an animal that people didn't usually eat they would; plus it was cheaper in Kagome's opinion.

"Good God, good eats, God Lord lets eat!" Shippou said before everyone dug in putting two spoon fulls in each of the bowls and eating as silence bedraggled the household.

After a late lunch the gang settled down in the living room, Rin and Shippou were cuddled up against each other under a blanket they brought from their room. Kagome smiled at Shippou who had a picture book in hand reading it to Rin who giggled about every page, it was a Doctor Suse book called Green Eggs and Ham.

Sango had gone to bed early, she could just imagine what she was doing at the moment curled up in the bed and crying against the pillow, thinking of her brother and what she could of done to prevent him from dieing. It was a harsh world for the poor and even more so for the penniless. They were next to penniless but had enough to get by and had a home they could live in for awhile.

Miroku mean while was sitting on the patchy couch, hands behind his head using them as a pillow and smiling at the ceiling. Yes it was good that he had gotten a job even if it paid minimum wage it would be good enough to pay for some new clothes and more food to put in the cubberds.

Soon though all in the room but Kagome feel asleep, she smiled from the green patch chair at the children snuggling against each other, the book still in Shippou's hand while Rin used his tiny chest as a pillow. They looked so peaceful that way but they had a room, she moved from her spot picking the children up, supporting both in each arm and walking down the hall to put them to bed. She had just tucked them in when Rin woke up; she looked at Kagome before putting her hands up for a hug.

"Good-night mama, tell Miroku and Sango good night to." Kagome nodded kissing the little girls head, she watched the little slowly drift off to sleep again using Shippou's chest as a live pillow. Taking the book from the little boys hand she put it in the toy chest, picking up a wooden train that had chunks missing from it and a few train cars that went along with it. Cleaning up the floor of the few toys' she found the Raggedy Ann slipping it into Rin's hands and leaving closing the door so that it was ajared.

She yawned coming back out into the living room seeing Miroku had fallen asleep as well, she smiled picking up the blanket the kids had been using and draping it around him. Bending over she kissed his forehead.

"With regards from Rin good-night dearest brother." She whispered going to check up on Sango next.

The door to their shared room was open with Sango splayed out on the bed her feet tangled in the blanket they both shared. Her face was laying on the pillow, tears streaking down her face even in sleep. She frowned going over to the girl and using the blanket as a tissue dabbing at the moisture as Sango scrunched up her nose and tried to move away. Giggling Kagome wiped the rest of her face up before deciding to go out for a night walk, usually Sango would go with her but tonight she wanted to go alone.

Making sure every one was asleep and that Sango was comfortable she grabbed up her black coat and went out into the neighborhood to walk around.

She gasped the wind had stopped and all the box homes and other things were white, the snow was falling more softly this time though the bit in the air made her pull the coat closer to her body.


Sesshoumaru grumbled puling his swade coat closer to his body as he made his way to The Alley Era sign, he snorted such pittances looking at him from box and cart homes, blankets wrapped around the homes were fasoned by tape. News paper seemed to be used a lot to since a piece of it currently slapped him in his face as he growled, the few people out at this time of night consisted of an old woman and man fixing their home and ignoring him; he frowned it wasn't that he wanted to help oh no he wasn't a charity case to any but it go under his skin that they ignored him instead of fearing his al might power over the industries.

Ah yes he thought smiling to himself the industries of war and such others as technological sciences, biotechnology, hell even nursing for hospitals so they could use the medicines from there to help aid in the process of making war time commodities that dealt with such a thing.

A trashcan was knocked over as a girl stepped out, she glared at it but her eyes softened picking up a cream colored lump before the lumps head rose to meet hers.

"What are you doing here?" The girls voiced to the lethargic cat that meowed pitifully, she opened her black coat sticking the cat inside smiling despite herself.

"I'm sure the others won't mind feeding another mouth, eh Kirara?" The cat raised its head to her again nuzzling the girl's cheek softly before drifting off to sleep.

"I'm not even done with my walk either." She grumbled but sought out shelter most likely to place the cat in, going around a corner and disappearing not even noticing Sesshoumaru stood there as he recalled this morning; the clothes were the same and so was the voice but it wasn't temper ridden but soft and gentle to a animal in need. He snorted for the thousandth time as if he Sesshoumaru needed to be gentle, it's a damned dog eat dog world out there and if he was going to get to the top he might as well be served dog flambé.

"I see you made it Tai." He turned to see Naraku with two enforcers behind him who snickered Sesshoumaru however frowned looking from the two behind the man of Raku at the two muscular guards.

"Well what is so important tonight about out meeting in the slums to discuss our merger?" It was then that something slammed into his head; Sesshoumaru saw stars as he fell to the ground on his hands and knees. Someone grabbed his hair making him look up, he snarled for all he was worth when Naraku began to talk.

"You see Tai, some one at the top thinks you've gotten o powerful in the War industries. So he has ordered us to kill you so he can take over Tai Corp and rule the city." His stinky breath made Sesshoumaru want to vomit but he held it back as his head felt like it had gotten split open, he got whammed in the head again a second time as his body moved forward. His face seemed to be getting closer to the ground or was it the ground was moving up to his face, he couldn't tell at this moment. Though he wasn't dead right then as Naraku whipped out a gun, cocking the trigger with an evil laugh. Would no one help the rich guy, he looked over at the old couple that had already gone into their box house ignoring the goings on, where did that girl go?

"Good-bye Tai, have a nice trip to hell." The loud bang of the gun followed his grunt as he got up to avoid hitting anything of vital importance, yeah he was shot he could feel the blood dribbling and messing up his white clothes. The red rose in his breast pocket dropped as only one thing repeated in his mind; need to get out of here!

He got up and did the only thing at the moment to save his life, run. He ran past shacks of boxes, grocery carts, blankets, and tape. People seemed to be ignoring him like he would on the other side of town not caring if he lived or died here, if his family missed him or not yeah right like his brother would miss him; that rat bastard was probably the one who had Naraku do this.

He hissed when his shoulder got scraped against a wall while trying to escape the large hands grabbing at him from behind, as if wall scaling was his thing he wasn't Spider Man mind you.

Run, run, run was in his head, the primal instinct to survive was ingrained into every human being and yes even the rich ones. Sesshoumaru ran until he couldn't anymore as if an oxymoronic thing came to mind he saw a patch of ice mouth widening into a smirk as an idea struck home.

"You can't run and hide Tai I'll find you!" Naraku's voice was close he deduced as he watched the one that had tried to grab him came with the bastard behind him.

Lightening fast he darted out with one of the men chasing after him and slid onto the ice gliding across it as if he wore skates. Both the enforcers went after him but they were to heavy thus cracking the ice or trying to skate and ended up falling on their asses.

Sesshoumaru couldn't help the chuckle that spilled from his throat, it really was to funny until his foot caught on uneven ice and was thrown face first into cold snow ridden cement.

It was Naraku's turn to laugh as his bruised guard like enforcers walked clumsily over to him, after his laugh he fwapped them both on the head for a crappy job. At least though the President of Tai Corp was dead, oh the news papers would be reeling with who would take up the Corporation he knew the little brother would step up to the plate in a few months. Then it would be Inu Yasha's turn to die, oh yes he would rule the Tai Corp if it meant killing to get there.

"Before we go, take his wallet and coats. Leave him in the white undershirt and briefs only." The two muscular guys slipped and slide over the patch of ice to the other side taking all that there master told them to do and brought it back over a few more bruises on them.

"Lets go, I don't like the slums." With that said they all walked away from the scene of Sesshoumaru face down in the concrete.


"No no Kirara stay here with Shippou and Rin you're a present. Shhhh." Kagome said quietly as she tip toed out of the children's room and through the living room were Miroku was snoring really loud, covering her ears she got out through the flap and giggled lightly. The snow had stopped falling some time ago when she got back to drop the new addition to the family off in the children's room, Kirara would be good for them but that also meant she had another mouth to feed. That would be no problem how ever since Miroku got a job as a handy man he should get paid quite a bit for doing that, so with a rejoicing soft whoop she walked to where she had found the cat.

"How could anyone do that to a cat." She said to no one a frown now on her face as she thrust her hands into the coat pockets, she had just passed the trashcans and was about to Ayame and Kouga's place when a groan made her stop. Her eyes going wide she looked into a part of the alley were in the summer time water collected it was fresh and some time they put pots there when it rained.

What ever it was groaned again a bit louder this time as if in pain, she bit her bottom lip thinking on this what if it was a murderer? Then the thought of Kouga came to mind they said he was a murderer but Ayame was still alive, she was living happily with the man in a box a few more feet away from here. She got jittery not knowing what to do as it groaned a third time, she should help even if it is a murderer or a large hurt animal, anything in pain just didn't sit right with her.

Gathering all her courage she stepped into the smaller alley to find a lump lightly covered in snow on the other side of the dip in the cement, it moved only slightly and it looks to be wounded and bleeding.

She made up her mind now as she got onto the ice trying to skate over falling a few times as she yelped.

"That's going to leave a mark." She grumbled with a pout while getting up and stepping off the ice, taking a few more steps closer she kneeled down to look and gasped.

It was the guy from this morning, her mind screamed for her to get away as fast as she could because it was dangerous to deal with rich people; her logical side always argued that way. Then she thought of how his family would feel about him not being home for dinner or his father worrying over a son who has been missing for some time. She sighed heavily dusting the little bit of snow that had fallen him off, he was currently in a white under shirt, black silk boxers and socks.

"Who ever did this must of wanted him to freeze to death." She paled looking art his arm it was bleeding profusely and he was getting pale every second he was out here with barely any clothes on.

"Or shoot him first then freeze him." She gulped taking the semi warm hand in her's; it looked like the bullet went into the upper arm and out the other side, hence so much blood. Well it wasn't like she was a doctor but she would do her best so with the best interest of the body of this guy in mind she tore a piece of her white muscle shirt off and wrapped it around the place were the bullet entered and came out, it was a flushable wound as well so she could use water and the soap she bought from the store today.

"Come on rich boy lets get you warm and some clothes." She chuckled taking him up by the shoulder and draping a hand on her own shoulder. She fell over instantly as she omped in the snow, that when she noticed the head wound, he was bleeding from a small cut on his forehead. That will have to wait for later she thought trying to find a way to get him to the house when a shopping cart caught her eyes, she silently prayed thanks to Kami dumping him in it and carting him to her home.

An ecstatic Kirara purred rubbing against her leg meeting her at the door, a clearing of the throat had her looking into purple eyes that raised a questioning eyebrow about what was in the cart. She laughed nervously as Miroku chuckled going over to help her, he took the guy out of the cart and laid him on the couch while putting a blanket over him and being careful of the gunshot wound to the arm.

"So who is he?" Miroku asked while watching the man groan throwing his head to one side a painful expression on his face, most likely due to his arm.

"I don't know but he was hurt and alone. You know I can't stand people who don't help." Kagome poked her head out of the kitchen for a minute to answer his question before bringing out a bar of soap and some heated up water.

She looked to her older friend brother who nodded holding the man down while she put the small pot of hot water and soap down going for a white rag from the closet. Yeah it was one closet, she wondered why there was only one but that's fine that isn't the problem at the moment though. Her mind tended to wonder about some times; even on walks to clear her head it wondered over stupid things such as that the one closet.

"Hold him steady okay." At Miroku's nod she took the makeshift bandage off the guys arm, placing the soapy hit rag on the guys skin he let out a hiss of air hips trying to come up but her older brother held him down. She cleaned the rest of the wound and blood off to the best of her ability asking Miroku if he could find some clean rags to use; he nodded leaving the room.

She then decided it would be best to clean his forehead as well, dipping the white rag back into the water she soaped it back up, sitting on the edge of the couch blotching away the small tricklets of blood.

"I wonder what you did to make someone shoot you, maybe an x-wife got mad that you took another woman to bed? Or that you have a conniving brother who wants your wife and so tried to kill you?" she giggled at those and the few others that slipped from her mouth, once done cleaning his forehead he grunted nose scrunched up which made him look a bit funny.

She caressed his face though, it was soft to the touch and his skin was milky white flawless it made her jealous but then again plastic surgery was open to the rich he probably got that done. She shivered at the thought that this might be an old man in disguise; nasty she thought throwing the rag into the water as it made a splash sound.

Miroku finally came back with something clean enough, it was last weeks laundry one of Shippou's white shirts he won't miss to much was thrown into her hands as he began to leave.

"And where are you going?" She asked he turned around a smile on his face eyes sparkling with mistif.

"I'm going to sleep with Sango tonight, she needs someone to hold her and tell her things will be fine." She nodded to him knowing what he said was true, Sango did need some comfort the kind she couldn't give the girl.

"Night sis." He waved before walking down the hall cutting her off at saying the same thing but smiled, the guy on the couch was taking up his space and yet Miroku was being so nice about it. Her place would be either on the floor or the green patch chair, the chair was better then the floor she decided.

"I'll patch you up good, then go to sleep." She announced to the guy she had talked to in the park earlier on in the morning, ripping up the shirt she tied it tight, not to tight to cut off circulation but just right so it didn't fall off. Wiping the sweat from her brow she grumbled about men in general they always seem to find her by being hurt or unconscious what a life. She had forgotten she was still wearing her jacket and seeing as all the blankets were already being used and she didn't want to take one of the two blankets the kids had she took off her coat and used that.

So curling into a ball she snuggled into the warm coat, a small warm fuzzy body made itself known minutes later getting under the coat with her as she chuckled at Kirara who settled down lying against her stomach.

So for the rest of the night each member of this respected family slept in peace, each dreaming of wishes or things that might come true. Other dreaming of things to come and weddings to plan for, then yet another different from the family dreamed of nothing.


The next morning as usual Kagome woke up to a slightly sore back as her groggy eyes adjusted to the light filtering in from a dirty window, the yelling of pervert and the usual loud slap woke everyone else up from their sleep.

Shippou came out first in his clothes from yesterday rubbing the sleep from his eyes, while Rin was in a very large over night shirt that reached to the ground she was dragging her Raggedy Ann doll by its hand and yawning.

"Morning Mi-" Shippou cut himself off eyes going wide as Rin giggled at him she yawned again tugging on his sleeve, while Kagome got up stretching the little girl blinked in confusion.

"Mommy why aren't you in Your and Sango's room?" That question was answered by non other then Miroku himself as he ruffled the children's hair.

"Because I was comforting Sango while your mom was helping out the man on the couch." He pointed to the man with a slightly bloody bandage, Shippou glared at the purple-eyed youth as he instantly know what he had done.

Rin began to shake uncontrollably as baby brown eyes got wide, instead of the man on the couch she saw herself in the toy chest again, some kind of warm liquid slipped past the cracks in the chest spilling onto her making her quake in her shoes. She dropped the Raggedy Ann doll while Shippou took the girl into his arms rocking her singing rock a by baby to her and taking her into the kitchen.

Mean while the guest woke up slowly as voices floated to his ears.

"Miroku you know Rin is scared of blood!" She all but screeched hating to see her child like this, it wasn't their fault and the rest knew she didn't like to be touched a lot because of the beatings but only let her family members do so.

"I'm sorry Kagome I didn't think, please forgive me. Tell you what when I get back I'll get Rin and Shippou something okay?" He could see blurry shapes as a smaller one came in, standing next to the woman he guessed as it cleared up more.

"Rin are you okay sweetie?" Miroku sighed ruffling the girl's hair; he had a lopsided sorry grin on his face.

"Sorry munchkin I didn't mean to scar you. Yeah know your big bro Miroku wouldn't do that on purpose right?" The child seemed to want the woman to hold her and the girl smiled picking up the child who snuggled into her chest.

"Yeah, have a good day at work big bro." The voice was muffled but the man ruffled her hair again before kissing the top of the woman's forehead and going out a blue flap.

"It's okay Rin the bad men won't get you. I'm here darling." The woman crooned sitting down on a green chair with patched she wrapped a coat around them both when a boy with flaming red hair came in, he put his hands on hips like a woman.

"Mom id Miroku dose that again you know I'll have to beat him up." He climbed onto the woman's coat clad lap as she snuggled both the children, before long she sighed.

"Okay guys enough of the gloom and doom lets get breakfast and then we can go out to play in the snow!" The children cheered in unison as one hopped off her lap and the other got from under her coat, another lump got up he wondered if it was another kid but a cream colored head popped out.

"Hey guys your present is coming in the kitchen by the way." The woman smiled watching as the cat skittered into the kitchen to the laughing children.

"Be careful with her she's hurt." She got a unison reply again.

"Okay Mom!" Her eyes how ever turned to him, staring at him for the longest time before another woman came into the room her hair rumpled in need of combing.

"Kagome why did Miroku come into our room last night? You know he's a perv."

"Sorry Sango but I had an emergency last night." She directed her thumb at him, while the shorter one glared at him she snorted at the one named Kagome.

"Look next time you bring in a stray that's not a cat ask us before you do. A cat we can feed not a fully grown man mind you." She glared at him again before shuffling into the kitchen.

He blinked at the girl that came over to him; she stared at him a few moments before disappearing and reappearing with hot water soap and a rag.

"Sorry but this might hurt a bit." It was said in a whisper and he almost didn't catch it, she was gentle with his arm, which was bleeding and put new bandages on making sure it was comfortable for him.

"Who are you?" He finally asked she seemed shocked that he would ask a thing like that, she bit her bottom lip looking to the kitchen then back at him.

"I'm Kagome, and you are?" He blinked at her trying to remember his name, squinting his eyes and looking to the ceiling a name finally came to him.

"Sesshoumaru." He took the time to look around when she got up to put the hot water away. It wasn't a large room very small and cramped infact but it seemed homey, no pictures hung on the wall nor anything for that matter while the wallpaper was brown and yellow, peeling off the walls.

"Sesshoumaru do you know who hurt you?" She asked sitting next to him again a bowl in hand with stew and small piece of cheese on a cracked platter. She handed it to him while he took a bit instantly feeling hungry he took a few more spoon fulls into his mouth and the bowl was empty so he ate the cheese.

"No I don't, I don't remember anything beyond waking up here except for my name." He frowned as she sighed taking the platter from him as he watched her go into the kitchen as it were. Other things decorated the walls how ever as he observed them again crayon drawings of horses and all other types of animals roaring or running around.

The floor was made of wood, it wasn't buffed or sparkling but it was clean enough to walk on in bare feet. A chair faced the couch, it looked to be very plush and comfortable thought it had lots of patches here and there even on the cushion it seemed to be a favorite seat.

"Sorry I couldn't give you more then that Sesshoumaru." She reappeared untying a twisty tie like the kind you find on a trash bag or a bread bag. She ran her fingers through her hair top get the knots out before re-braiding and giggling at something.

"Oh would you like to come out with us?" She asked him as he nodded, she put her hand to her chin and fingertips to her lips then snapping her fingers.

"I'll be right back!" she giggled running down the hall and coming back fifteen minutes later with the kids dressed and trailing her.

"Here you can wear these over those until we can find you something better to fit, maybe after we play in the snow we can go bargain hunting for new clothes." At that the small girl named Rin squealed with delight while Shippou put his hands over his ears.

"Can I come bargain shopping to mama!" Kagome scooped the girl up nodding as her throat was hugged lightly, Sesshoumaru thought they made quite the pair but the little boy was glaring at him walking over to his mother and little sister getting between the couch and them.

"Alright guys I need to get Sesshoumaru dressed wait out by the door flap." The boy nodded sending his mom a smile and asking Rin's hand in his going outside by way of blue blanket flap.

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