Ebony- Tue 01 Jan 2008
dude i tried to read this but it was to cheesy but not like mac and cheese sorry but the truth hurts

emmyjenny- Mon 29 Jan 2007
i think that you could have it that Sesshomaru gets so annoyed by the bickering of his half brother and the mangy wolf that he knocks them both out then sticks his claw into Kouga's neck and injects a paralyzing poison, then after a slight pause to consider the repercussions does the same with Inuyasha, but a lesser dose, then leaves saying that when they wake up they mercifully will not be able to move for a day or more, depending on how responsive they are to the poison. he takes off with Rin and Sailor moon's fiancée on ah-un and seeing how there's no room on An-un for Jaken too, he leaves Jaken to run on the ground after them. Sailor moon and her sister stay with the inu-tashi, and they go and search of Jewel shards, leaving a paralyzed Kouga in the very capable hands of Kaede and SJ. (getting to know each other *wink*) , since Kouga can't move he needs to be fed and bathed some how... and seeing how Kaede has a bad back and can't lift him to carry him to the springs or bend down to Kouga to feed him, and none of the other villagers have enough courage or time to do it.. Sailor Jupiter naturally agrees that if no one else really can't do any of it then she'll help.. and then after a few day's of getting to know each other Naraku turns up while SJ is bathing Kouga and takes the Jewel shards out of his legs, SJ stops Naraku from killing Kouga but gets kidnaped, Kaede comes to the springs to see what's taking them so long and finds Kouga in a bloody mess, and barely conscious, he tells her that Naraku took his shards and SJ before falling unconscious. after getting the village men to get Kouga to her hut she instructs one of them to find the inu-tashi and tell them what happened, then sets about healing Kouga...

i hope this helps :) i just can't stand seeing things unfinished :)
i've got some more idea's swirling around my head but i'm to tired to keep typing... my eye's aren't even focusing on the screen properly... its 2am!!!! sleepy! nighty night :) *big yawn*

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