Through the Portal by Lady Kagome

Where it began

A/N my story takes place in the middle of the quest for the shikon no tama and after the ordeal with Sailor Galaxia. Also there will be references to other shows; and no, I don't own either Sailor Moon, Inuyasha or any other TV. references I make. Plus, I am thinking of making this a Kagome/Sesshomaru, Sailor Moon/ Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Jupiter/ Kouga, Inuyasha/OC and Sango/Miroku.

Ch. 1 Where it began

::Sailor Moon POV::

Hmm. Where do I start my story. Oh, I know; I'll start by telling you my name.

My name is Amanda Fujioka, Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity. Feels really weird saying that, I almost never did get married to my childhood love. All because of a twist of cruel fate. I've had many incarnations before me, my inner princess, no pun intended, kept needing to be reawakened every couple of hundred of years. I also have different abilities that weren't there with my previous incarnations. I happen to be a witch, with healing abilities and the gift of being empathic. Plus, I happen to be part angel (don't ask me how that happened, all I know is that my dad was one), and along with being part angel, I happen to be the the leader of the guardian angels, so to speak. I don't know what triggered her awakening this time, all I seem to remember is a strange black cat who can talk, shining a beam from her crescent moon mark onto my forehead.


:sitting in Amanda's apartment, home alone with Luna:

"Who are you?" I ask the black cat who actually talks, which I though was really weird. Also thinking that I must be crazy enough to think a cat can really talk.

"I am someone who knows who you truly are, princess of the moon," says the strange talking black cat, "my name is Luna and you are the heir to the throne of the moon kingdom and one who is the protector of human kind."

" This is too weird. Am I dreaming?"

She shook her head. Then a strange light type beam came from her crescent moon mark and onto my forhead, which had a similar mark.

"Welcome home, my princess," was all she said as I fainted.

::end flashback::

That's when I became the champion of love and justice, Sailor Moon. Though, this time as Serenity explained to me many times in an unconscious state, that the fates put several scouts as my own flesh and blood, my sisters. I thought that was weird because in past lives, that has never happened before. My sisters' names are Gwyn (Sailor Venus), Racheal (Sailor Mars), Hannah (Sailor Jupiter), my half-sister Anna Marie (Sailor Pluto), and my stepsister Kelly (Sailor Uranus). I guess there is a first time for everything. Now I remember what caused us to be reawakened this time, my childhood love became a fearsome demon. Paul was a sweet boy, I can never forget how we first met. I fell in love with him at first sight, but fate was so cruel. It turned that sweet boy into, it pains me to say it, a demon. Before he could hurt any of us, my half sister AnnaMarie AKA Sailor Pluto, the guardian of time, opened a portal into the Sengoku Jidai (the warring states era), though we didn't know it at the time. I wasn't going to let him go that easily so I jumped in after him and, in turn, so did my baby sister, Hannah AKA Sailor Jupiter. That's when the portal closed behind us, the others couldn't follow us. They felt so bad for my daughter, Sakurako AKA Sailor Chibi Moon. [a side note: Sakurako is from the future, to be exact Crystal Tokyo. She is the princess there and her parents, SailorMoon and Tuxedo Mask in our time are Neo-Queen Serenity and Neo-King Endymion] She had lost both of her parents on the same day, by the same twist of fate. Ironically enough she didn't go back to her time, she stayed to help the scouts find Hannah and I.

In the Sengoku Jidai, the scouts and I took on other names, for our protection and, well, American names seem so weird in that time. I took the name Sakura and my sister was known as Inazuma (which means lightning). The reason why fate was so cruel that day was because of something that happened to the protective layer around earth, Elysion. It was tainted with a strong demon blood. To this day, we still don't know how it happened. [A brief side note: Elysion, Helios and Prince Endymion are all connected; Helios protects and serves both Elysion and Prince Endymion.]

I was knocked unconscious during the fall through time. When I woke up, I didn't recognize my surroundings, wondering where I was, looking around and noticing an old well and a forest. I got up just in time to see the well activate, which had a swirling blue-ish white light followed by two people coming out of the ancient well. I knew enough about time travel to recongnize what was happening. Then I noticed a demon, well, I thought he was a demon, sure looked like one. He nearly freaked out when he saw me. He grabbed the girl that was coming out of the well and pushed her behind him. He then drew his sword, I knew enough about swords and auras to note that his blade held a demonic aura. I then transformed into Sailor Moon and took my battle stance. I think my transforming freaked him out even more. Then the girl stepped forward and stood between me and the demon. I think she recognized who I was. The scouts and I are pretty well known around the world. Then I took a closer look at the girl, she was wearing modern clothing. 'This girl is from my time, I'm not the odd girl out,' I thought, ' that makes me feel so much better.'

"My name is Kagome and this guy's name is Inuyasha," she said.

Then she told Inuyasha who I was, well, who I was as Sailor Moon. That still didn't pacify him. He was pretty upset and was about to attack me when Kagome said the magic word.

"Inuyasha," she called out sweetly, "sit boy."

At first, when she said those words, I didn't understand but when I saw the beads around Inuyasha's neck glow, I knew something was going to happen. I was right, he was dragged into the ground and hard.

::thud:: and an Inuyasha - shaped crater formed by the well.

I guess that Kagome was a priestess or enchantress of some sorts to hold that kind of power over a demon.

That kind of weirded me out. I didn't understand why she would trust a demon, but then again I dated a guy who turned into one for a few years. I then introduced myself and how I came to be here.

"My name is Amanda. I fell into a time portal to follow someone close to me and ended up here. I lost the two people I was with in the time stream. I really need to find them both. My little sister is out here somewhere and is, well, pretty capable of taking care of herself but I'm still worried about her," I said rushing my words, trying to hurry up so I could find Hannah and Paul.

Inuyasha then nodded his understanding. I guess he wasn't such a bad demon after all, though, Kagome explained to me later on that he was only a half demon.

Then I asked another question.

"Where am I?"

:Evil cliffy huh? Hope you like my story so far. My fiance isn't the best of beta readers though. Plus, I've been having trouble with massive writer's block. Need help with ideas. You can get to my email address from my writer's page. Ja:

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