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Omen of Bad Weather by Knight of Disorder

Omen of Bad Weather

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

AN: Okay two things.

1. This is to make up for the fact that I have just been lazy as hell and didn't write any more of 'A Selfish Wish,' or 'Purity.'

2. For those of you who don't know, a ring around the moon is a sign of bad weather. Though it means something different here.

Enjoy, longest one shot to date. 6606 words.


Dropping the heavy yellow pack to the dirt at her feet, Kagome pushed the reed mat aside before stepping into the hut. Noticing, almost instantly, all the talk ceased. It was strange but it wasn't the first time. Preparing herself for the coming cannonball of fur, she turned and shifted her foot to brace. A second later the ball of fluff known as Shippou slammed into her chest, wrapping her arms around him and petting his head gently.

"How have you been Shippou?" She cooed over the kit, pulling him closer to her.

"Great," he chirped out. Looking at her appraisingly, "did you bring me a snack?"

She just chuckled to herself as she adjusted the kit and shifted him to her shoulder, "of course. I would never forget," digging into the pocket of her skirt, "your sucker." Snapping the small round orb of candy on a stick up before his eyes. Now that Shippou was handled there was only one more to be dealt with before she could sit down and find out what she missed in her short and final stint home.

That was the best way she could explain it, she felt it the last few times she dropped through the well. The waning power, and each time it grew weaker. Her trips had become fewer and farther between. She wasn't even sure she would be able to make it back. However she'd been lucky, there just a touch left when she entered the well house after saying her goodbyes.

Her whole trip home lasted of two days and one night, now that she was back, and as soon as she placated the loud mouth hanyou, she could bed down for the night and wake up in the morning to change into her new clothing. Well, it was new for her.

Moving quickly she walked over to the back wall of Kaede's hut. Pulling the chest from under it's shelf, her fingers played across the old wood. These were her treasures, the one luxury she'd given into since the well started to fade. If she thought about it, they were only possible because she looked after Rin from time to time. These were the small odds and ends that the the daiyoukai had chosen as repayment.

Thumbing the lock, watching it glow slightly. It was another present, apparently Rin had informed her guardian that she kept her things away from prying eyes and he'd seen fit to give her a lock that only she could open. The click signaled that it had released and the glow around the chest faded. Lifting the lid and looking into it's contents. She would pick something out tonight and that way they could get moving in the morning. Where she didn't know, but Inuyasha had been insistent.

Thinking on it now, it didn't make sense. Naraku was nearly a year gone. The jewel that hung around her throat now nothing more then a bobble. It glowed faintly with her own power and that was it. There was no call to demons, or voices from within the formerly magical jewel. It was just a container, like moko-moko.

That information was one that she came across on her own, amazingly enough. There were good things about living on a shrine, not that she would ever say such a thing to her grand father. Shaking her head, just like the jewel now and Sesshoumaru's moko-moko, there were many items that served as places for the storage of power. Some more so then others but most demons of power had one.

She found out while surfing the internet nearly two years ago, there was a story about a great demon who's heart was sealed in a chest. This was the source of his power and only by destroying the heart could the demon be defeated. At the time she thought it just a story, until she heard the description of the heart. It was simply a jewel that radiated power, one that seemed to act on it's own and at the will of it's master at the same time.

That led to questions and then to Kaede, who informed her of the strange connection that demons had with the items they carried and owned. That conversation was one to long to even think about again, regardless. She'd been using the jewel as her heart for a while. Her power never filled it completely but it made controlling it far easier.

"Ha," she cheered finding the silk kimono she wanted to wear. That's right, her treasures were all clothing, some small accessories as well but mostly clothing. Slowly pulling the gently folded layers from the depths of the enchanted trunk, a making of her own and Kaede's. "What do you think?" Holding up the fabric so it didn't touch the dusty floor.

There was a silence, most in the room weren't very comfortable around the daiyoukai. For that matter, most weren't comfortable with the gifts that seemed to come after every visit. Even if she explained them away, with a reason matching Sesshoumaru's perfectly, they were ill at ease to fall into such complacency.

Sango eyed the fabric, even if she didn't like the idea of her friend receiving gifts from the demon, it was beautiful. Sighing softly as she traced the expensive silk with languorous ease. "It looks beautiful." The words leaving her lips without any real control. How she wished she could afford things like that.

Kagome smiled, "I thought it would be a good one to make my debut in. Considering that as of today I'm a permanent resident." At the sudden gasps she realized something, she never told them. She'd made Inuyasha promise not to use the well unless it was absolutely important, even to go so far as to warding the well against the beads unless his life was literally dependent on him getting through. He hadn't liked that.

"What do you mean Kagome," Miroku spoke as he turned in his seat to look at the young priestess.

Kagome shrank back under the firm stares of her friends, even more under the slightly hardened stare of Kaede. "The magic of the well has been fading for a while," turning her head away, "I used the last of it to come back. If it hadn't been today then it wouldn't have let me through."

"Kagome, why didn't you tell us? We would have thought of something," Sango's voice was tinted with worry. That struck her as strange but she pushed it off, they all knew she intended to stay in the end. Even if it meant leaving behind her family they would know that she was at least happy.

"It wouldn't have mattered, I tried everything. I even made sure Inuyasha couldn't get through unless one of your lives were in danger." The clear jewel around her throat began to glow as it drew in the mass of power which was threatening to escape against her will. "It'll be fine," waving them off as she folded the three layers of fabric in her hand before resting them on top of the other items in her chest. Reaching into the small compartment to the side, her fingers moving swiftly over the hair and wrist adornments.

"Tell me child, how did ye ward the well to Inuyasha?" Kaede didn't seemed surprised to hear that Kagome had done so, simply curious as to how she had managed it. It was true that there were no real threats to them, however it would do to know how to make such a barrier.

Turning her head back and smiling, "I just used this," pointing to the stone hanging around her neck, "and the beads." Shrugging slightly, "it wasn't hard. The wording was a little tricky but once I worked it out with grandpa it worked better then I expected." Finally cheering to herself as she pulled out the hair sticks that she'd been looking for among the many she had. Setting them on the kimono before closing the chest and slipping the lock back in place.

Turning and looking at them all, the strange expressions worrying her. "What?"

Sango seemed to be pulled from her thoughts, "it's...," looking towards Miroku and then Kaede, "nothing. We were just worried that you would take it a little harder then this." Waving off the concern as Kagome did a moment before.

"Why not go take a bath, Inuyasha has gone to a village towards the west and will most likely be gone until near nightfall. If he arrives sooner, we will send Sango to get you," Miroku offered as he shifted his staff on his shoulder.

Kagome eyed them critically, there was something going on. She'd only even seen them all get along once before, and that was to get the new beads on Inuyasha after the old set had broken. Narrowing her eyes ever so slightly, something picked up from spending so much time with Rin, who for all purposes picked it up after spending all her time with Sesshoumaru. "Okay, Shippou? You coming?"

"Yeah," he mumbled around the still over sized ball of candy in his mouth. Pushing himself up and then jumping to Kagome's shoulder. He'd expected something like this, he could feel the power of the well every time Kagome went through. Even if he was a kid, he knew what weakening magic felt like. "You brought a lot of suckers for me and Rin right?" The words came out in a jumbled mess that most would have a hard time understanding.

"Yes, I brought plenty of suckers," she soothed as she stepped out of the hut. Slinging her bag onto her free shoulder she set her path towards the spring near the edge of the village.


"This is bad," Sango said softly. Leaning back to peer out the door and make sure no one was close.

"Indeed it is," Kaede spoke with a finite tone. "We must see her safely through this trial, however I fear that her path has already been chosen."

"It is tonight, is it not?" Miroku looked towards Kaede again. Waiting for the nod he knew was coming.

"Yes, it is an omen of coming storms. The ring around the moon," this was their conversation before Kagome had returned. Far earlier then they had planned, they had believed that she would remain for another night. They had even tried to coax her into it.

"This has happened before and nothing has happened to her," Sango said with a slightly optimistic tone. Hoping that it was simply an old legend and nothing more, she knew better but she needed the hope.

"Aye, however this will be it's first occurrence on the red moon since the time of the great Midoriko," there were scrolls in her possession but she dared not open them with so many ears near. Even more she dared not cast a barrier with Kagome so close, it was true that when she first appeared she had no training but now that could not be said. She was a gifted user of her abilities, the greatest since Midoriko herself.

"What can we do to help?"

"We must keep them away from her." At the grim expression on her face both Sango and Miroku nodded. "The well will be the best place, as Inuyasha will be forced to remain outside the wards."


Kagome didn't let the strangeness of her friends bother her, she'd grown used to the odd stares and even more the strange silences since Naraku's defeat. At first they all worried, especially her over why the jewel still existed. No one could explain it and she kept it with her, as she was it's protector. Staring down at it, watching the bobble glow at it's center a faint pink as it hung between her breasts.

She really disliked the chain, the jewel was heavy even if it was small. If she had to have something like a demon heart she'd want a pelt like Sesshoumaru, how many times she'd imaged having soft fur like that hung about her shoulders was nearly ridiculous but that didn't stop her from imagining. Letting more of her power flow into the stone as she imaged herself curled up around an expanse of creme white fur. It was so luxurious that she let out a wistful sigh.

Shifting her shoulders, something was heavy there. Shifting again as she felt fur, smiling. It had to be Shippou, reaching back slowly and letting her fingers take hold of the warm fur. Opening her eyes slowly, looking across the water when she heard a splash. Tipping her head to the side, staring at Shippou who was lounging back in the water several feet from her. Her eyes widened. If Shippou was there, then what was on her shoulders?

Taking a deep breath, turning her head slowly only to find a wall of creme white fluff. Kagome froze, tracing her hands around the fluff to her neck where the jewel hung before. Her thin fingers diggin in the thick fur, finally wrapping around the hard ball. She let out a sigh of relief, her eyes never leaving the strangely warm fluff.

Rising out of the water, watching the strange boa which resembled moko-moko only in shape. The color darker then the pure white which hung on the daiyoukai's shoulder. Staring at it as though waiting for it to move, as the thought passed her mind it did just that then stopped. It was true that Sesshoumaru could move his... it was worth a shot. Staring at it again, crouched down without a shred of modesty in her curiosity at her moko-moko. It sounded strange to think it, she willed it to move again.

Slowly the length of fur began to coil up around her, it was long. So very long, she wondered about that. A thought coming to her, she had wanted it in this form and this long a moment before. So, that meant if she wanted it shorter then it would be. That seemed to fit. Closing her eyes and taking a breath, thinking of the best way to image it. Imaging the fur just long enough to hang around her upper arms.

She felt it, without opening her eyes. The fur as it gathered up her back before spreading out and wrapping over her arms and hanging loosely, by her own power she assumed, about her shoulders. The ends falling towards her knees, opening her eyes she looked down only to blush bright red. Before she could move her hands the length of fur spun around her hips and chest, she squeaked loud enough to draw the attention of the kitsune who was still enjoying his slow soak.

"Woah!" His voice was filled with awe as he looked at Kagome wrapped in white fur, "where did you get that?" Scrambling closer, trying to escape the water and his own wet fur in the process.

Kagome opened her mouth to tell him, only to realize she had no real idea. Only gazing down at the jewel which seemed to hang between two lengths of fur that shown off the jewel in the clearing. "I don't know," she whined as she dropped down onto her knees before snatching her shirt.

It amazed her, it really did. The moko-moko, since she had nothing better to call it, seemed to know exactly what she wanted and did it. It threaded itself through her clothing so she could pull on her shirt and even held her skirt out in front of her. It was slightly surreal, it seemed like it had a life of it own but one that only did what she wanted. It was so smooth, she noted, as she rubbed the soft fur against her cheek for the hundredth time on her short walk back towards the village.

She wouldn't make it back the village however, turning onto the path that led down from the forest she caught sight of the tree of them. Sango, Miroku, and Kaede. All walking in stiff silence towards her, or if she thought about it the well. Turning to look towards the sky, it was going to start getting dark out soon. Waving at them as they drew closer, "what are you guys doing? It's getting late."

"Kaede wished to inspect the well. Perhaps she might be able to reopen it, might you accompany us?" Shifting his hand to allow her to walk a head of them, "Kagome, what is that draped about your arms?"

Kagome drug her fingers through her hair, "I'm not sure. I think it's like Sesshoumaru's, I have no idea where it came from."

He nodded and reached for the end which snapped away from him, "oh dear. It seems to be alive."

"No, your hands just have a habit of wandering and it's rather sensitive," Kagome didn't want to say what she really meant but Sango seemed to get the picture as she placed herself between Kagome and Miroku. She had already scolded Shippou for petting the fur, it did weird things to her. Shaking away the thoughts and almost knocking Shippou from his place on her shoulder. "Sorry," she spoke softly.

"It's okay," the kit chirped slightly.


Sesshoumaru looked out into the forest, Inuyasha's Forest, with the well at his back. His ward had been excellent in getting the information he needed from the young woman. Where the strange snacks she had came from as well the origin of her birth. Now tonight he would have what he wanted for so long, no she was no demon, but she would make an excellent mate. So long as the half-breed didn't interfere. He hoped his bit of information spurred the humans into protecting her, that she would become sought after by all demons on the night of the ringed blood moon.

It wasn't all that false, it was true that demons would seek her out. Though not for the reasons they believed. Halting the chuckle before it could make itself known, tonight her power would peak. So much so that if she were to take a mate, her power could be bent to act in any way that male saw fit. A smile flitted across his perfect face as he looked out across the trees once more, just a short while and they would arrive.

"Rin," watching as the girl's head bobbed up from over the coloring book the woman had brought for her before. "She will arrive shortly." As promised, he would bring his ward to stay with her once more. He had chosen today as a means to draw her back earlier then the humans would have wished. He had seen her return but it seemed there were other reasons. Finally turning to gaze into the dry well, felling the fickle touch of dead magic. There was but a spark, not enough to truly matter. Barely enough to send a speck of dirt through time let alone a whole female.

"Kagome," the call was his cue. Turning as his ward shot past him towards the young woman. He gazed impassively at the humans around her, they looked at him with shocked ease. However there was something more in their eyes, perhaps they found out the truth of tonight. That would prove entertaining. However once the moon rose, there would be nothing they could do. Her power would drive her to him, such was the ancient curse.

"Rin," Kagome kneeled down to catch the girl. She wasn't truly a child any longer, she was nearly twelve. If she was correct then Sesshoumaru would begin looking for a male to suit her. That thought bothered her, however she'd worn out his patience twice trying to argue that point. She'd seen him turn down two males who came to ask for his ward, those times were odd. A demon seeking a human, it wouldn't matter. If Rin did mate a demon, that demon would have her to fear over Sesshoumaru.

"How have you been Rin," brushing hair from the girls face. Cupping her cheeks as she checked her over as she did every time. Always checking for the telltale scrapes of her wild nature, "I didn't expect you to be here so late. I would have thought Sesshoumaru would have brought you sooner."

"He did, but he said we had to wait." Taking Kagome's and pulling her along, it was so fast and so natural that the older woman paid no heed and followed after the girl.

Kagome blinked, her vision blurred. Again she blinked coming to a stop near the daiyoukai once Rin released her hand. Lifting her hand to her head she turned and looked back, the image she saw she couldn't be sure of. Colors bled together but she was sure she was inside a barrier, a strong one. Turning her eyes back towards Sesshoumaru, "what?"

"It is of no concern, they brought you here so you might be protected," his words were flat but his mind was spinning. He had been stunned when he turned to see her shoulders draped with a creme fur that resembled his own moko-moko. More so, the fact it radiated her power much like the jewel that it held about her neck. It was a testament to what tonight was.

"Pro...," she took a deep breath when she felt her power surge forward. She willed it to calm but it flooded from her like a torrent, the jewel nestled between her breasts glowed vibrantly. The endless wash of energy that spilled from her spiraling and gathering around the stone. "What do you mean," she asked between pants. A heavy shudder rushing through her body.

"Tonight is the night your power will peak, on such a night only the most powerful should be witness to you. Only those who are to weak should be witness to your submission," he spoke softly. His hand moving to wave his ward away, watching as she vanished into the trees and then as the dragon rose and left the area.

Something deep inside Kagome shifted in that moment, bending and twisting tight. She let out a staggered groan, wrapping her arms around her stomach and hunched close to the ground. "What," was all she could get out before a fresh rush of her power exploded outward. Turning her eyes to see the ward that she'd placed glow in a blue light and then pulse.

"Kagome," the word slipped of his lips with a smooth touch. It oozed through the air in his thick, deep voice.

Her head snapped up, the shouts from behind her ignored as she looked at those glowing golden eyes. They radiated power, like two suns focused completely on her. For a moment she thought she would melt and then she felt it, the first touches of pleasure. It was impossible to push aside as images of what that demon, of what Sesshoumaru could do to her flashed across her mind.

It was to much, the moon had just risen and she could barely sit still. Every muscle twitched and pulled, however she couldn't look away from him. The spell his eyes cast on her was one that she was sure even if she willed it away she would fail. The heat between her legs burned with a new fervor, the first touches of arousal slicking her insides for what she knew would end the night. She moaned when his power wrapped around her, crashed against her own.

"What is it that you wish for," he paused giving his words time to sink through the fog the moon would raise on her mind, "Kagome?" The first touch of arousal on the air was sweet like the scent of fruit from the southern islands. Her moan like a siren call to sailors adrift at sea, he took a seeking step towards her and let the rest of his power free of it's shackles.

She gasped, feeling the full weight of his presence. The full weight of power her own rose to match, each step he took made her muscles clench painfully. She knew what her body wanted, she knew oh so well. The roaring powers whispering things to her that she'd rather have not heard. Knowing that her wards wouldn't allow Inuyasha to save her, knowing that the daiyoukai would be the one that she would give into.

She willed her muscles to move, willed her legs to help her rise. Even as she did, even as her trembling limbs pushed beneath her. She knew she couldn't run, even the thought nearly sent her crashing back to the ground with a bolt pain. 'He's powerful,' the words whispered. 'He wants you,' the words whispered. 'You want him,' the words taunted.

She wouldn't lie, she'd wanted the daiyoukai in a physical sense. She'd wanted him to touch her and play with her since she first saw him. She'd touched herself, brought herself to orgasm so many times imagining it was him. His fingers playing with her, and his voice that spoke to her. He'd plagued her fantasies for as long as she'd been in the feudal era, and now she would get to live out those fantasies if only she would bend to his will this once. "Why?"

A single brow rose as he watched her, as he listened to that single word leaving her lips. "Why? Why not?" Another seeking step brought them nearly chest to chest, "you are powerful. You reek of power, so much that you must be made of it. No beast will have you this night, and once I have you no other will." There was finality to his words, one that wasn't lost on either of them as his eyes began to bleed red.

"Human," she muttered a blade of pleasure stabbed her between her thighs. Her hands shooting to his biceps to steady herself, so she didn't collapse in a pile at his feet.

"For now," his words had a dark tune. One so strong that her fingers dug deeper into his hardened arms.


"You will be mine," the word slithered into her ear. "You will be my lady, my mate, my bitch. You will carry my pups, and you will be treated as your position demands." Her anger froze at he continued.

"Demands?" The pleasure subsided as she seemed to give into his words and she leaned closer without thinking, willing the throbbing heat to subside just for a moment to let her think.

"What do you demand?" His own hand rose, slipping beneath the skirt and cupping the moist fabric and searing mound hidden under neath.

Her lips opened to speak but only a moan came out, settling her mind over the contact. Contact she didn't dare break, "love."

A wide smirk spread across Sesshoumaru's lips, "then once you are mine. You may teach me to," pausing as if mulling over the word, "love you." Pressing the tip of his finger against her still covered opening, feeling her shudder and hearing her moan as he pressed harder.

Her mind drew a blank at his words, and then went blank when she felt the pressure. It was exquisite, she was sure in the morning she would regret what she was about to do. However, she knew that she wasn't escaping. Her own body rebelled against her, sought his touch and secretly she did as well. Feeling the pressure of his finger again she pressed her crest to his, moaning out loudly. She was a panting heap against his body, her tongue nearly hanging from her lips.

Kagome didn't protest when his hands sliced away the thin cotton shirt, or her own moko-moko began prying the skirt down her hips and thighs. With the pleated green shirt went the slicked cotton panties. Neither needed for what was coming, her whole body twitched and trembled as he gazed at her. Gazed at her chest before his arm shot out slicing away the last covering to her body. Dropping to her knees, her head bobbing at the power that flowed from her.

It burned, was his thought as he stepped out of his own clothing. Letting the garments fall in a pile around his feet, her power was immense. Now, in this moment and forever after her power would mold to his. He would never have to worry over the powers of purification that monks and priestess' carried. Crouching down slowly, hooking his finger under her chin. If he didn't know better, by the look in her eyes, he would have said she was drugged. Smirking, he would never be so low as to take a drugged female.

No, she moved of her own free will. She even if she didn't know why wanted this, he knew. Sesshoumaru chuckled as she crawled closer, as he scented the heavy arousal on the air. His own painfully obvious and she drew closer, rising up on her knees and staring at him.

Kagome didn't know what she was doing so she just let go. Shoving the daiyoukai hard and watching him fall back to seat him, her eyes trailed to where she'd always dreamed about. Her eyes widening at the mass she saw, her body twisting tighter in anticipation. Crawling up his body, it was hard on her knees to find the spot she wanted. Her legs spread wide as she hovered over him. Without pretense her legs gave and she screamed, her arms wrapping around him like a vice. Her mouth hung open as her body protested her own actions.

It was a searing pain that faded from one moment to the next, one that left a painful ache deep inside her. She just clung to him whimpering as she felt his power invade her, felt his power pour into her where his body entered her. Her breaths coming in hard short pants, every muscle in her body rigid from her place on him.

Sesshoumaru growled, he hadn't expected her to be so abrupt. Feeling her body tremble and scream against himself, he hadn't though her to be a virgin. While it made his beast far more then grateful that she would willing give her first time to him is made him wander at her bold nature. She wore the clothes of a whore, even if she was from the future, and yet she was untouched until this moment. Then a thought occurred as he felt her heart beat calm, she had not taken the half-breed.

Leaning forward, tipping forward he felt her hips begin to leave his for only an instant before her legs pulled him back deep inside. A grunt escaping her as he back met the ground, her arms tightening as he began the slow stressful strokes that made her hiss in pain as he drew away and sigh in pleasure as he sank back into her.

Kagome's head lulled back, "harder," she moaned.

No, she didn't make much noise but when she did it was music. Leaning down to press his forehead to her's, baring his fangs as he pulled her legs from his sides. Hiking them up onto his shoulders as her back bent into a position she couldn't escape from him even if she wished to. He groaned himself as he pulled nearly completely away before forcing himself back into her twitching walls.

Her head rolled back, her eyes no longer seeing at the deep, aching pace he had taken her body into. She wanted something though, there was no thought in it. It was something she always wanted from the one she was to love, something that she would never give up. Fighting against the raging pleasure inside her, twisting her ankles to lock them behind his head. She screamed at the sudden changed she made, her body snapped forcing him so deep into her she feared for her life.

Her sweat soaked skin taught under the pleasure that made her scream again when his pace didn't slow or stop. Forcing her body to loosen, forcing her legs to bend to bring him close enough. Finally she leaned her head up, sealing her lips to his. It was just a moment before her back pulled taught and ripped her lips away, she whimpered for just a moment before she felt them again.

Feeling her lips was something that nearly undid him, his ears so full of their contacting skin that he paid little mind until they met. Then he forced her to do so again, pressing their lips together in a bruising manner. Only breaking when he felt her body began to tighten again, "who do you belong to?"

Kagome couldn't answer, her voice to tied up with attempting to voice her wants of him. The mumbled incoherent thoughts nothing more then useless drabble. Her body jarring with a particularly hard thrust, "Sesshoumaru," she moaned out his name as the blissful torture ended when she felt the heat of his release in the depths of her body.


When the sun rose, when Kagome opened her eyes she didn't know what she would see. She was afraid, however she did know that she didn't want to move. Each time she shifted a muscle stretched painfully. Groaning in hopes that someone was near to help, she finally opened her eyes for them to meet an expanse of chiseled white flesh. Sucking in a harsh breath, then regretting it a moment later as memories of the night before came back to her mind.

Again and again, she had let him dominate her body. Again and again, each time he asked she would tell him it was him alone that she belonged to. That was true, he had claimed her. The sticky feeling between her thighs, trying to shift ever so slightly, as well as the piece of him that held his cum inside her proved it. She winced when he shifted, hissed in discontent when he pulled away and protested with her legs before he could draw completely from her.

Kagome quiet honestly, felt empty. In more then one sense of the word, she had tried to keep him there. At least then she wouldn't have to feel him oozing all over the inside of her thighs.

"Perhaps another round is in order," his words deep and husky.

She snapped from her disappointment, huffing slightly. "If you hadn't pulled out," she hissed when his fingers pinched down on her clit. Clinging to him over the pain of her muscles as they contacted roughly to his treatment.

"It is not me that oozes from you," his words caught her attention.

"Then what," she was panting slightly trying to calm her contracting insides.

"Your own," his fingers slid inside her and pressed against her cervix. "Mine is sealed in here," his fingers pressed gently against the tightly closed place deep inside her.

Kagome moaned, feeling his power pulse. Both from him and from the pressure that made her wince. Only one thing came to mind then, "am I pregnant?"

"Soon," was all he said as he pulled her to his side so she didn't have to move. Her muscles stretching in ways she wished against.


"What the fuck woman! What are you doing fucking my brother?" Inuyasha howled as soon as she appeared within ear shot of the Tree of Ages. He shot towards her ready to snatch her up and shake her until every last drop of what his brother put into her came out.

Kagome didn't answer him, her mind was to focused on walking straight to even notice as he drew close. Even less then the fact that before he could touch her Sesshoumaru had snapped him up by the neck and was holding his feet off the ground at arms length. Finally turning to look she squeaked, "put him down," she rasped as loud as she could. Apparently she could talk but yelling was possible yet. Her hand rising to rub her throat.

"Know this half-breed, this woman is mine. Should you touch her I will kill you," his words were daggers themselves. More so because Kagome just stood there ignoring them.

Kagome knew what he was going to say, he'd already told her and even if she didn't like it. It was demon law. By all rights she was his, and it bothered her heavily. The fact that she couldn't control herself mostly, and the fact that the man she was now bound to was a frigid ass even if he could do things to her that she'd never even heard of in health class.

Inuyasha growled like wild dog, "fuck that! She's mine! MINE!" He shouted before feeling the the cold stinging slap of a hand. He froze, the hand around his throat letting him free and topple to the ground below.

Kagome scowled, it was the best way to hide the level of discomfort she was in, at Inuyasha. "Stop that," again her hand snapped across his face as he was going to talk. While she could hate Sesshoumaru for doing what he did, she couldn't in all rights blame him. It was completely his fault that she was now bound to him, but the way she looked at it he was protecting her in his own way. Shifting her hips to lessen the pressure on her insides, "what the hell is wrong with you?"

Sesshoumaru watched her as she scolded the half-breed like a child. It was interesting.

Inuyasha thought to open his mouth again and did so, then closed it again. This was to strange, she'd just struck him. She'd never done that, even more so, the first was charged with her spiritual powers. Lifting his hand to rub his singed cheek, he wanted to yell but with the look in her eyes he wasn't sure what to do.

"Well," her toe tapping on the stone stopped the moment it started. Pain lacing up her spine.

"You're going to be my mate, that-," she cut him off.

"Why would I be your mate, you've slept with every single woman in the village over the past year. Did you just think I was going to let it go and mate you knowing that you didn't care about what woman you slept with so long as you got some?"

His mouth opened and closed again, he really didn't know she knew that. Sure there were rumors but none of the women actually said anything. He knew that for a fact.

"They told me you dirty prick! Who wouldn't, they all respect me more then they ever will you!" Even as she yelled her voice was harsh and burned her throat. Then she thought of something, spinning quicker then she ought to have. Stabbing her finger against the armored chest of Sesshoumaru. "NO HAREM!"

Sesshoumaru simply raised a brow and lifted her finger from his chest, "this one has no need of a harem. Do you believe me to wish to deal with more then one woman? Canines have only one mate, all others regardless of position are second and ignored once a mate is taken."

A look of surprise overcame her face, she was about to turn back around.

"The half-breed does not have this instinct. His human blood makes him weak, he would have strayed even had you mated him."

Scowling, she was about to shout when she heard Sango and Miroku in the distance, "we'll talk about this later." Taking a strong step, "SON OF A...."

"Hn," Sesshoumaru said dismissively.


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