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LibraCourt (Chapter 7) - Thu 10 May 2018

It' been a long time since this has been updated. Really needs to get finished. Too few good stories worth reading. 

Pat Wim (Chapter 7) - Sun 18 Mar 2018

Please say this is not a lost story and you are coming beck to it

LibraCourt (Chapter 7) - Tue 28 Nov 2017

got it story abandoned like so many good ones are. Going to stop waiting for an update and remove from list

IneviableTruth (Chapter 7) - Thu 19 Oct 2017

Hi! I love this story and just wanted to know if you had any plans to continue it.

Tabi (Chapter 1) - Thu 24 Aug 2017

Please continue this story it's amazing 

Alison (Chapter 7) - Sat 19 Aug 2017

Continue this please and make him beg for forgiveness. 

LibraCourt (Chapter 7) - Thu 17 Aug 2017

Update please. Impatiently waiting! Need to know what happens next

Daniella (Chapter 7) - Sun 13 Aug 2017

Keep posting, pleaseee!?

misty (Chapter 7) - Wed 26 Jul 2017

when will you update this story? it's good and i anna see what happens.

Monika (Chapter 7) - Tue 18 Jul 2017

That story is so good. I can't wait for next chapters.  I hope they will be edited soon. Please update. 

marisel (Chapter 7) - Mon 17 Jul 2017

I admire your writting.  Your stories are always good.  But I  see all on theist are unfinished.   I do understand that life happens.   Are they going to be finisjed.  I  would like to know how they end.  Thank you  for sharing. 

LibraCourt (Chapter 7) - Tue 06 Jun 2017

You really need to work on finishing this story

Sleeping_lullabies (Chapter 7) - Tue 30 May 2017

Just reread this and the emotions.

spalos (Chapter 7) - Wed 19 Apr 2017

Damn this story is sooo good! The end of this chapter made me shed a couple of tears in a way I'm glad he is miserable but I still feel for Kagome and what she has been through. Please update soon.

Yuki (Chapter 7) - Tue 07 Mar 2017

Please update this story!!!! 

I'm in love with it!!!

Please please please....

KeikoTakataxx12 (Chapter 7) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

Im sitting here waiting for an update. >_<

Sleeping_lullabies (Chapter 7) - Fri 20 Jan 2017

My heart reaches out to kagome. Even though this chapter is more sess and rin originated and we get a closer look at their motives it really doesnt change the fact that what they did was wrong. There is no forgivness but a deepr understanding to their characters in this story. Still, i really want kagome to leave . grow overcome maybe to make it her mission to find her savoir and thank him because maybe other person would of left her and he could've but didn't. His personality basically spoke for himself that the only reason he didn't leave her in the streets was because he knew where inuyasha was. 

snow (Chapter 7) - Sat 24 Dec 2016

i hope he hears his voice mail and hears his wife Kagome screaming for his help and it tortures him more the prick.

Bambi (Chapter 7) - Thu 22 Dec 2016

I still hate Sesshomaru and Rin for how they treated Kags but knowing their back stories makes them slightly less deplorable.Slightly. Just a smidge.


Zinhle (Chapter 7) - Wed 21 Dec 2016

Please update

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