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marisel (Chapter 24) - Wed 13 Mar 2019

Best wishes in your moving.  Change will bring you happiness and a fresh start.  I hope you keep writing when you have timr.  I hear Scotland is beautiful.   :):):)

marisel (Chapter 23) - Wed 13 Mar 2019

I am sorry for your loss .  You are very strong to continue to finished yourmstory.   Very strong and determined.   Good luck.

marisel (Chapter 19) - Wed 13 Mar 2019

After everything get done I will paddle shippo button for the mischief.  That's what I think and that unmothet, cr8ppy. And who invited naruku and the other bad guys


Venyis (Chapter 27) - Tue 13 Nov 2018

I feel I just came to some kind of larger full circle. The manga and anime Inuyasha led me into the wide world of fabrication, which led not only to other manga and anime, but also the fanfiction of otome games, which led me to playing some otome games, and now I find myself having read a fanfiction of Inuyasha based on an otome game theme! I love it!

I really enjoyed this, it was a stubble across impulse read. I was poking through art work and saw the banner for this piece you posted and it interested me enough to check out your work. So thanks for that! I so enjoyed your writing and storyline that I'm moving on to your other works with interest! :)

As I read through your comments/notes each chapter end I could see you sharing some of your struggles in writing and life. I know I've come along years after your experiences writing this, but I thank you for your strength and determination to keep moving even though life was being very hard on you. My sympathies for what you and your family endured. We share a lot of ourselves in our writing and even reading, growing to love characters, stories, authors... A connection of sorts of established here and I hope it brought you strength and comfort, and continues to do so today!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 27) - Sun 23 Sep 2018

This story was phenomenal! I literally spent all day engrossed in it. Everything was just so well thought out and woven together. Thank you for writing AND finishing it! 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 1) - Sun 23 Sep 2018

Oooh this is a fascinating plot. I’ve never played one of these games but I’ve heard of them. Definitely looking forward to seeing how my favorite anime characters deal with this new twist.

FayeMegan (Chapter 27) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

Aww I just read this story in one sitting. It was wonderful!

Smittee (Chapter 27) - Thu 01 Feb 2018

This was a quite excellent story. I haven't sat and read a fanfic in a while, but the minute I started readign this I was hooked! A job well done. ^.^ I loved the little reincarnated bit for Hiten and Bankotsu. 

Kanda (Chapter 27) - Fri 04 Aug 2017

that was so good. once again, thank you fer giving us the privilege of enjoying your writing and the world that became of it. i enjoyed this story immensely and will be sure to read the rest of yer stories that you have to offer. i know this is prolly late asf, but my condolences. i hope you are doing well and will continue to be and do well. thank you again! <3

Kanda (Chapter 26) - Fri 04 Aug 2017

all my suspicions and assumptions were wrong! qq well, except shippo being involved somehow. i just thought that the spiritual realm was lulled into it as well. then again, what do you called a world that has dead men's images walking around? it's a marble with illusions made by kagome but actual demons died there. in any case, this story is truly another gem. i'm so glad i picked it up to read. thank you fer such a wonderful story, and may life treat you well! now onto the last!

Kanda (Chapter 17) - Fri 04 Aug 2017

something's been nagging at me since the last time she spoke to bankotsu. are they in some kinda purgatory? or maybe even a spiritual realm?

and i'm a little confused by sess' wording. does he mean takeru's army is stronger than his western own but that sesshoumaru himself is stronger than lord takeru? or stronger than both?

Kanda (Chapter 4) - Fri 04 Aug 2017

yunno, i wouldn't be surprised if sesshoumaru could control his damned love meter. XD even if not, it's funny fer him to be frigging with her mind. and naraku is here. welp. have fun, kagome! >>;

ponpiri (Chapter 19) - Wed 12 Jul 2017

I knew it! This was a fun little mystery to tinker about. 

ponpiri (Chapter 14) - Wed 12 Jul 2017

Mom reminds me of the un-Mother or the movie Coraline. I wonder if the 'real' people are living their desires in this game. They don't want Kagome to succeed because it benefits their goals in some way.

I'm also starting to think that Sesshou knows the creator. Or perpaps he's one of the people who is getting something out of this game as well. I remember his reaction when Kagome said she'd do anything for Rin. Is it too out of the question to think that he had some feeling for her before this game? It was likely he who was watching her in the first chapter.

I can't wait for Shippou to make an appearance. I would be shocked if he's the one who helped to create it with an enchanted marble.

ponpiri (Chapter 13) - Wed 12 Jul 2017

I tend to lean towards Sesshoumaru's viewpoint. Yes, "love" is a powerful emotion, but it's just an emotion and it's largely used to justify irrational behavior. It's a nice concept, but sloppy in practice.

Shizuka Asano (Chapter 1) - Thu 18 May 2017

I adored this fanfic. When I saw the title I burst into laughter and absolutely had to read it. After reading I fell in love with it. I love otome games and seeing them meshed with Sheskag. <3 It was perfect. Makes me wanna "try" and make an actual Otome based on this story xD but of course I would never without your permission.

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 27) - Mon 23 Jan 2017

I loved your story soooooooo much! The ending was perfect (:

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 3) - Fri 13 Jan 2017

Oh wow! This chapter was really good, it's really interesting. :)

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 2) - Fri 13 Jan 2017

This story is different, in a good way of course!! I really like it so far :D

Anonymous (Chapter 27) - Sun 02 Oct 2016

Thanks for writing, and I hope all is well for you and your sister :)

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