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LoveAndFaith (Chapter 16) - Sat 28 Nov 2015

Wonderful, keep it coming. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mona (Chapter 16) - Sat 28 Nov 2015

Great, looking forward to the update.

roberta. (Chapter 16) - Thu 26 Nov 2015

Just found your story read it through love it .

RedDestiny92 (Chapter 15) - Sun 22 Nov 2015

What you have here is great :) it's cool what you done with Kagome and Sota's father.

Haven Himori (Chapter 15) - Wed 24 Jun 2015

I'm sad that I finished the last chapter....

No Uta (Chapter 15) - Mon 27 Oct 2014

"What kind of death contraptions are these things?" Sesshomaru looking inside of it."

"It's a car, don't worry, I'm right here with you," Kagome squeezing his hand,

"This Sesshomaru does not like this at all," Sesshomaru huffed.

I chuckled at that quite loudly. ^^^^^lmao it seems Sesshomaru is toying with the idea of helping Kagome's family out financially. That was very sweet of her to organize a welcome home party for Rin. You know that definitely hits Sesshomaru in the feels. 

That last paragraph...FAWKIN HAWT as sizzling bacon on a skillet! Wooooooooooooooooo! *fanning self* 

Ha! Of course someone had to disturb their lust full moment hahaha. I wonder who walked in on them, clearing their throat. Is it old grouchy assed grandpa? Could it be.....Inuyasha?!!!!!!! Oh...shit!

No Uta (Chapter 14) - Mon 27 Oct 2014

HAHAHAHAHAAA!  This was a cute and humorous chapter. Sota implying Kagome and Sesshomaru are dating. Sesshomaru not knowing what in the hell dating even is, yet wanting to have his way with her on the dinner table lmfaoooooo.  Then grandpa overhearing the entire, you're dating conversation.  I have to hand it to Sesshomaru maintaining his composure with how the old man speaks to him hahaha. It seems Kagome's father meant for Sesshomaru and Kagome to meet after all. How interesting. 

No Uta (Chapter 13) - Mon 27 Oct 2014

"Her scent has changed, rather like a fruit smell to her now, what is that, is she turned on by this Sesshomaru?" YUUUUUSSS!  That was nice. I enjoy how you occasionally add a little something, something to spice things up in this fic ha ha. I think I must calm my beast now ha ha. He saved her from Hojo and in the midst of it all he has discovered how profound of an effect the little Miko has had on him. Very nice. He's still an asshole though lololololol and I love it! Great chapter! 

tonya (Chapter 15) - Thu 16 Oct 2014


tonya (Chapter 14) - Mon 13 Oct 2014

loved it!

SilverInu93 (Chapter 14) - Mon 13 Oct 2014

oh grand paw is not a happy person but he can get glad

Samara (Chapter 14) - Mon 13 Oct 2014

I love this story.  Can you clarify the last line of this chapter though?  I am not quite sure who is coming and who said the line.


Looking forward to your next update!

tonya (Chapter 13) - Sun 12 Oct 2014


No Uta (Chapter 12) - Sat 11 Oct 2014

"What a miko! She's…hmm, her scent, my god, you have got to take that woman right now, Ruff!" OMFG lololololol!!! I loved this part. My assistant here at work thinks I'm insane for snorting  and laughing to myself. He thinks I'm a nut...THANKS! ;-) This was a cute chapter.  Soooo...Sesshomaru confronted Kagome about the kiss she gave him and admitted to liking it!!!!! He liked how it tasted. NICE! I can picture ole gramps giving him the evil eye as his granddaughter left while in the arms of a demon ha ha haaaa! I love it. He was pretty understanding about having to go to the po party. He actually wants to go. I cannot wait to read how he behaves Omg! Soooo excited!  :D


tonya (Chapter 11) - Fri 10 Oct 2014

i am loving this story!

cassandra (Chapter 11) - Fri 10 Oct 2014

Wait a sec I'm a little confused. Kagomes dad was a demon? 

Samara (Chapter 11) - Fri 10 Oct 2014

Give Me More....  after a long day at work... I look forward to loosing myself in Dokuga...  This one chapter simply wasn't enough.  Well I am off to discover more great fanfics.  Thanks.  Post again soon.

No Uta (Chapter 11) - Fri 10 Oct 2014

Nice exchange between gramps and Sesshomaru.  And sooo...the plot thickens about how their fathers are both tied together.  Very interesting indeed.  You she'd light on some of their history. I bet this book of Sota's will reveal even more about their fathers past. Well done. Great updates! 

No Uta (Chapter 10) - Thu 09 Oct 2014

Uh oh...Kagome's going to bring The Lord of the West to a pool party... hahahahaha this is awesome! I cannot WAIT to see how this goes over...lawd have mercy on Kagome's soul. I snickered at Kagome informing her friends that Sesshomaru does not like to be touched. He is so uptight and I love it. Really good chapter! 

tonya (Chapter 8) - Wed 08 Oct 2014

great chapter

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