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Heavy Winter in Feudal Era by zodiak023

Chapter 1

A cold hard winter had made itself known to the traveling soldiers, but luckily they had Kagome, she had brought back big heavy coats for all of her friends, even the smallest one who took up calling her mama.

"These coats are exceptionally nice thank you Lady Kagome," the monk smiling and interested in what made the coats so nice and warm,

"Yeah, thank you Kagome, we should surely have froze out here without these," Sango admiring the gloves that she had received.

"Here's a blanket for you Kirara," Kagome giving the neko a nice large fuzzy blanket, Kirara meowed and purred as she rubbed against Kagome's leg to show her appreciation. Kagome giggled,

"You are all very welcome, I brought extra blankets also," Kagome noticing Inuyasha wasn't wearing his coat.

"What's wrong Inuyasha, don't you like your coat," Kagome coming over to him,

"Eh, cant fight in such heavy clothing, Kikyo, you feel any shards around?" Inuyasha scoffing at the coat. Everyone's mouth dropped open and focused their attention on Kagome, even Shippo ran away from Kagome as he smelt her anger rising in her body, Sango and Miroku looked at each other thinking that Kagome would lose it any minute now, Kagome had her bag slung across her shoulder, her hands tightened into tight fists, Shippo buried himself in Sango's arms. Kagome had had enough, this was the last straw, she had been pushed to the limit of no return, Kagome slapped Inuyasha so hard across the face that she swore that her bones in her hand broke,

"That's the thanks I get, I bring you a coat and warm gloves and even a hat so your little ears wont freeze off, Inuyasha!!!! Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit," Kagome turning and ran off crying through the forest. The heavy snowfall was still coming down, she knew she shouldn't separate from the group in such bad weather, but she couldn't stand him any longer. "Kagome, wait," Sango running off after her, Miroku and Shippo were order to stay there with Inuyasha, but Sango stopped after a few minutes, she couldn't see nothing in this blinding snow storm.

"Damn it," Sango cursing, she cursed up till the time she came back to the pack, she gave Natasha a very nasty look,

"Inuyasha, if I were you I would stay down right now and also pray that nothing happens to Kagome or else," Sango giving him a deadly look. Inuyasha knew he had messed up again but this time he also feared that the woman who had saved him from being stuck to that tree for an eternity, and the one who even had vowed to stay by his side would be buried alive in the snow.

"Alright, this is what we're gonna do…" Inuyasha being quickly interrupted, Sango was laughing, but she quickly stopped,

"No, you are through with giving us the orders," Sango grabbing him by the red kimono,

"Sango, if we are going to find Kagome we need a plan, a solid plan and quick, ya guys take Kirara, fly over, I will search on foot," Inuyasha explained strongly.

"That's your great plan? Are you forgetting that we can't see anything in this weather and the fact that Kagome will still take off running from you, you fucked up big time Inuyasha, she will not return to you, we'll be luck if she even returns to us, my plan is that we all ride Kirara and fly through the woods, low enough to find her," Sango explained, Miroku and Shippo agreed to it.

"Fine," Inuyasha to busy beating himself up over and over again because of how he had treated Kagome,

"Come on Inuyasha, if she makes it to the well then we wont ever see her again," Sango screamed at him, she had gotten the blanket over Kirara and everyone had jumped onto the transformed neko. Inuyasha ran and jumped on Kirara and they took off into the direction where Kagome had ran off.


Kagome was almost through the other side of the forest but she heard a little girl whimpering, she started searching around.

"He..llo," Kagome already shivering and knowing she was too far away from the group to hear her scream if it was a trap,

"Kagome, please, help me," the same little voice cried out.

"Rin, where are you?" Kagome searching frantically, the little girl came out from behind a tree,

"My leg is stuck," Rin crying out, Kagome walked cautiously over to the little girl. When she was close enough to Rin she could see that Rin had stepped into some kind of a trap, it was rusted over,

"Rin, sit still, when I tell you to I want you to move your leg," Kagome pulling open the trap,

"Okay, pull your leg out, hurry," Kagome holding the trap open, Rin pulled her leg out and Kagome let the trap snap shut. The little girl wrapped her arms around Kagome's neck,

"You are going to be okay, where's Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked,

"I…I don't know, he told me to wait at the edge of the forest, I got hungry, that's when I came in the forest to find some berries and that monste bit my leg and wouldn't let go," Rin shaking. Kagome took her coat off and put it around Rin, and put her little hands in the gloves that Kagome was wearing, she pulled out the extra blankets and wrapped Rin and herself in the blankets and pulled Rin into her arms.

"I'm hungry Kagome," Rin still shaking, Kagome looked in her bag and found some snack food that she had brought back to Shippo but she gave it to Rin, knowing Rin needed it more right now.

~I need to get her to my time, she will die if she doesn't get the proper treatment, oh Sesshomaru, where are you, Rin needs you right now, she's hurt.~ Kagome thought to herself. Sesshomaru was a day away from them even when flying but he heard the call, he turned into a white light ball and flew as hard and as fast as he could. Kagome's muscles were freezing up,

"Sesshomaru," Kagome mumbled as she shook almost as if she were having convulsions,

"He is coming Kagome, don't give up on him," Rin sounding tired as she turned around and hugged Kagome to share her heat with her, Kagome wrapped their heads up in the blankets, she knew couldn't make a fire with all that snow around, she was all out of ideas, and the cold was getting to her which made her panic even more. It was starting to grow darker than what it was,

~No, nightfall is coming too quick, no one will be able to find us.~ Kagome's eyes drifting shut, suddenly her power enclosed them both in a bubble, it was a barrier, the actions of her power made Kagome jerk awake, she was trying to sense for any dark aura's that might be heading their way.

~What do I do, I can't defend myself and I have Rin, I can't let her die.~ Kagome focusing on putting what strength she had left in the barrier to protect them, hoping it would hold strong, she had already stopped shaking and she knew that was a bad sign, she had been told that if the weather was bad and she was shaking and her teeth were chattering it was a way of keeping the body warm.

~Sesshomaru, Rin is in trouble, if you are to save her you better do it quick.~ Kagome thinking, she kept her eyes closed as she returned her concentration back to the barrier. Any demon that was approaching them probably already knew they were there from their human auras, but Kagome still didn't move a muscle, she feared that she would draw too much attention to them. There was a loud clanking noise that made the barrier shake,

~No! Oh god! This is it~ Kagome thought tiredly, she could hear the barrier breaking, one more solid attack on them and them would be killed!


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