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Ofelia labra (Chapter 37) - Sat 21 Sep 2019

I wonder if this story  had a 2nd part seems the trouble  is not yet iver with eastern lord and inukime's thought about past grudges has yet to be revealed...

But all in all the story is great...

Congratulation for a story well done..

Thank you

Kat (Chapter 37) - Mon 04 Feb 2019

you mentioned the Eastern Lord but you ended the story. Is there going to be a sequel? I really wanna know what happens with the Eastern Lord!!!!!

Alashia (Chapter 37) - Sun 18 Nov 2018

Beautiful Story

demon13o (Chapter 37) - Sat 03 Nov 2018

Feel's like an open ending since the East is clearly determined to bring the West down even if Ryou tries to be the barrier in between for the time being, but there's only so much he can take if you catch my drift. I would love to see how that goes, could even set up for a second installment with the uncle as the villian.


Anyways, the story was nice and detailed. I enjoyed reading it on a binge read through lol.

Oyabun (Chapter 25) - Tue 01 May 2018

This is really different from your other work. I feel no chemistry between S and K in this which is so weird since in the other story, the chemistry is great. Also S seems really ooc in this one, accusing IY of being disloyal and thinking K is loyal when she has kissed S on numerous occasions despite the dishonor of it? Really odd.

I wanted to see how the whole society thing played out because I liked that part of it, it's quite interesting and your write it well, but now there's all this stuff happening with the relationships and it feels super awkward. I was honestly rooting for IY and K to happen in this one, which I never do. Anyway, you're still a great writer regardless of me not being fond of this one work, so keep on keeping on. Happy writing!

Corvus Draconis (Chapter 37) - Wed 25 Apr 2018

Wooo happy ending. HORRAY! Thanks for this and not making me want to punch the monitor like His Milestones ;p

Corvus Draconis (Chapter 20) - Wed 25 Apr 2018

aghhhhhh this is anguish reading her beat on her chest for a inrealistic promise to Inuyasha, even with how honourable it she had intended it to be.

Dryft (Chapter 37) - Wed 04 Apr 2018

one of my all time favorite fanfiction. I'm glad to find it here so I can PRAISE it as wel!! Definitely worth reading

Taiyang (Chapter 37) - Wed 20 Dec 2017

This was so beautiful <3

Satu82 (Chapter 37) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

 That story was AMAZING, I loved every bit of it! Though I'm sad it's over, the trouble brewing with Ryou is too compelling to leave be! I hope you'll continue it one day. But in any case again I loved it and it's definitely one of my new favorite stories! You surprised me with the amount and depth of the drama when it came to Sesshomaru deciding Kura's punishment and Kagome's coma and reaction after waking up! Very well done. 

AngelMomma101 (Chapter 37) - Fri 24 Feb 2017

THAT. WAS. AMAZING!!! this was by far one of the best stories i have ever read on here. i'm itching to know when the sequel will be released!!

FireDragon (Chapter 37) - Tue 07 Feb 2017

excellent I wonder when the sequel is going to start coming out?

Pazhiini (Chapter 37) - Thu 31 Mar 2016

FireDragon (Chapter 37) - Fri 18 Dec 2015

this was an excellent story and it moved me to tears a couple of times. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Nara Ogin (Chapter 37) - Fri 18 Dec 2015

You have a unique understanding of love! I love this story thank you!  

RedDestiny92 (Chapter 37) - Thu 19 Nov 2015

I loved this story, amazing work :D

Koree (Chapter 37) - Fri 25 Sep 2015

I'm cryingg D: this was so wonderfully beautiful 

Sleeping_lullabies (Chapter 37) - Wed 09 Sep 2015

A fantastic fanfic that can be read over and over again. 

I look forward to the sequel. 

candace peaches (Chapter 37) - Tue 25 Aug 2015

AMAZING, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, EMOTIONAL: all this was wraped up in a story that was well worth the reading. it did not contain one lemon scene in it and i didn't feel cheated b/c it wasnt there. this story had raw emotions that a person can feel for another from time to time that i find to be rare. i am definitely looking forward to a sequal. i think that sesshoumaru and kagome need more challenges to show how much they would do for one another when it comes to fighting to stay together, which in real life, some of us have to do. Great writing. c'ya'

Jai (Chapter 1) - Sun 28 Jun 2015

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