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nileena (Chapter 30) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

Another poignant and beautiful story. So glad this had a happy ending.

Firearies (Chapter 30) - Sat 10 Nov 2018

A new fave!

lonny (Chapter 30) - Wed 31 Oct 2018

Beautiful. You're an amazing writer, you had me hooked from beginning to the end.

(T^T)The last chapters were heart wrenching. Their reunion was so touching . Thank you so much for writing this story. 

ponpiri (Chapter 1) - Mon 17 Jul 2017

Kami isn't a monotheisric god like the Abrahamic religions. It's a system of gods and lesser spirits of th Shinto. I'm only on the first chapter so I'm not sure if you were confused about how to word it, but you made it seem like the kami are just one being. 

KyraTekak (Chapter 30) - Sun 12 Feb 2017

Really enjoyed the story. Had tears. 

Rosejonalyn@gmail (Chapter 30) - Tue 07 Feb 2017

I have never left a review for anyone before. Your story touch my heart so deeply that I felt I must. I was so moved to tears that it was painful, my heart actually hurt and constricted. I enjoyed reading this very much. Thank you.

FireDragon (Chapter 30) - Sat 04 Feb 2017

I really enjoyed the story. At first I thought the bracelet was going to have some kind of instant barrier around her when fighting the big bad demon.  I would have loved to have seen their wedding and Kagome reunited with her pairents and introduceing them to Sessh. but stil it was very enjoyable read.  thank you

FireDragon (Chapter 18) - Sat 04 Feb 2017

OH poor Takashi I knew it was going to happen.  and really he never made a move so it is his own fault but still it is sad. I really like Takashi  and was almost wanting it to be KagXTakashi. ALmost.

FireDragon (Chapter 17) - Sat 04 Feb 2017

Oh I feel so warm and fluffy.  LOL Sesshie has fallen in love. Loving this story so far.

FireDragon (Chapter 12) - Fri 03 Feb 2017

OOOH how freakin sweet! Sess is worried about protecting her.  and can I just say I feel so bad for Takashi because I know this is a Sesshoumaru pairing and it is looking like he might like Kagome as well.  Though I haven't figured out if it is just as a friend or if he was wanting more.

FireDragon (Chapter 8) - Fri 03 Feb 2017

So I have been reading and I just want to say that I adore how you are slowly explaining Seshoumaru's actions and letting us slowly start to see him as he really is and not just what he shows everybody.

FireDragon (Chapter 2) - Fri 03 Feb 2017

I like Takashi.  and can I say poor Kagome to feel responsible for that. especially when she is such a loving and empathic person.

FireDragon (Chapter 1) - Fri 03 Feb 2017

One thing bothered me about the first chapter it was a cannon inconsistancy which I guess I will just pretend that things happened a different way to begin with. but, the whole idea of a pure wish to get rid of the shikon came from Kikio. she wanted Inuyasha to wish on it to become fully human. I guess I will just pretend that they got the idea somewhere else but it bothered me that Midoriko held up Kikio as someone who knew not to wish on the jewel. Oh well on to the rest of the story I am looking forward to more but I thought I should point that out.

Kenya (Chapter 27) - Sat 16 Jul 2016

OMG!!!!! This story is so beautiful!!!!

Ruby (Chapter 1) - Wed 30 Mar 2016

You are a ridiculously awesome writer! I've loved all your stories so far! Can't wait to read the ones yet to come.

Nara Ogin (Chapter 30) - Fri 18 Dec 2015

This is really a well written story. I couldn't stop reading. I just want to fall in love :) great work!!!  

Anonymous (Chapter 30) - Sun 25 Oct 2015

very good story even without the lemons. c'ya'

Sonny Rose (Chapter 30) - Thu 17 Sep 2015

Omg i really feared you'd leave it a sad ending, im so relieved. Gosh i cried so much for poor sesshy the last chapters *^* it really is a well written story though :3 i loved reading it

Blommie8 (Chapter 30) - Sun 21 Jun 2015
I'm done!!! No more tears! But you still have one story ongoing.. And that's make me cry too. I hopo no more tears. I feel i lost lots of tears this past days. Oh my... But, great story as always. So wrecking my heart, xoxo.. Thank u for the greats story you've wrote for us. Just keep writing and dont forget updating!!

Blommie8 (Chapter 29) - Sun 21 Jun 2015
Hiks.... *spechless..

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