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IndiaNovember (Chapter 45) - Sun 02 Aug 2020

It hurts.

MythMagykFae (Chapter 55) - Sat 24 Feb 2018

Wonderful tale! I adore the ending, telling his daughter about falling in love with Kagome like that is so very sweet, a lovely note to end on!

Maracuya-Chan (Chapter 1) - Thu 27 Apr 2017

You are soooo goood! I love your stories and your portrayal of Sesshomaru's feeling for Kagome. I cried a lot for him and you are truly gifted for being able to evoke so much emotion from your readers. Your artistic sensibilities and your portrayal of his love is beautiful. Thank you for this story, I love your writing and look forward to updates of His Milestones. 

candace peaches (Chapter 55) - Wed 26 Aug 2015

i loved this story. i had me feeling emotions i let go a long time ago. if only sesshoumaru were real. would he notice me? probably not. oh well, great writing and the story flowed easily. i will be looking for more of your stories. c'ya'

Blommie8 (Chapter 1) - Thu 18 Jun 2015
You's a wonderfull story. I cried a lot in so many chapter. Usually i only cry for one chapter. But you've made me cry a lot the past hour. I wonder? Why did you only so little review? I just found out this story a moment ago by click your profile. It's really heartbreaking story, and drowned my tears. It's awesome, great jobs!!

Blommie8 (Chapter 20) - Thu 18 Jun 2015
Double sad..poor sesshomaru.

Blommie8 (Chapter 18) - Thu 18 Jun 2015
It's so sad..

Loveyaa (Chapter 55) - Sun 05 Apr 2015

Wow! Poor Sesshoumaru. I felt bad for him the entire time, but luckily he got his happy ending. Quite the journey you put them through and yet the magic of love came out victorious. I'm a sucker for hanging in there til we get to the happy ending. I can't wait to see what amazing story you come up with next :)

Bri (Chapter 55) - Sun 11 Jan 2015

would you be willing to write the love scene where he first tries to mark her. I think that would really be an astounding moment between the two; not knowing whether or not his mark would kill her constrasted with the raw need and love that they have for eachother. I've read all your stories and they are really lovely and painful at the same time but they never have any love scenes. I'm not sure if that's because you prefer not to write them or are not really used to it but could you try for this one? It really is a beautiful story. Thanks! 

Da guest (Chapter 55) - Mon 29 Dec 2014

I have never cried for more than an hour. Honestly this has got to be one of the most heart wrenching story I have ever read. This really got me thinking a lot of things about life

I have to say, I really love reading this story and you're a really great author. I would looooove to read a story in Kagome's perspective but I just now realized that since it was Sesshomaru's pov, it just took the cake. He's always seen as a cold ruthless man, but to crumble and fall from his throne really says a lot of things. Lol sorry if I'm expressing my thoughts too much. I just really can't find the right words to describe how I feel about this story. I will always remember this story as the one that made me cry in happiness and sadness. Thank goodness it was raining outside that it hid my tears when I had to go somewhere  


Anyways, please continue writing your wonderful and amazing stories. I'll always be a fan of yours!! <3

Silence-Midnight (Chapter 55) - Thu 09 Oct 2014

I hope that the emotional journey to this point was an unforgettable one.



I´m happy that the story is complete!!!

Such an emotional journey....i think i wouldn´t sleep tonight if the story was not finished.

At some chapters i really would liked to strangle Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Touga for their actions and sometimes i really want to hug them.

That was a really good story!!!!



Until next time


Jamesha (Chapter 55) - Sat 27 Sep 2014

Great story! I was so worried that they wouldn't get their happy ending but I couldn't stop reading.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 55) - Fri 01 Aug 2014

 Episode 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal airs tomorrow. This story was awesome and amazing, and I enjoyed it! 

RoseThorn1234 (Chapter 55) - Thu 17 Jul 2014

Wow 0-0 that was the best fanfic ever!!!! It could feel all the emotions that you were trying to convey. I read the whole story at once!!!! I can't wait to read your other stories!!!

REI-Angel (Chapter 55) - Tue 01 Jul 2014

I read this story in one sitting. I was too anxious to take a break.

This story was as heartwrenching as it was beautiful. I loved the whole "fish who loved a bird" vibe that it had.

Some people love happy endings. But others love the wave of reality that hits them when they read angst or tragedies. However in the end they too yearn for a happy ending. You give everything in this story. 

I loved the colors expressed in this story. It never got too dark or too bright. But it wasn't a balance of the two either. The tones where unbalanced in a very mysterious way. It made the story so intriguing. ( gah...trying to put what I feel into words >_<). It was kind of like going through a maze. Will there be a dead end around the corner? A way out? Or something unknown?

When I read this story, I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster. I presumed to know where you were going. Shame on me.

Everytime I thought it would have a sad ending, I was teased with Sesshomaru's selfish desires. Maybe, I thought, just maybe he will find some spell or potion to bind her to him. However I know that that's not your style so much. You are not one for unrealistic fairlytales. But I could not wrap my head around how it could end happily!

When Inu Tashio of all characters, (the Inu Tashio that stereotypically pops up with a loop whole and a soultion to our problems from kami himself)  says that nothing can be done, I lost all hope. I knew that there would be no divine intervention, or ressurection or what not.

Then you ACTUALLY had Sesshomaru act on his selfishness! The Sesshomaru who is supposed to the logical one. The one who makes the right decisions because he is a good leader. I mean we know his character is a selfish one and that he is confident in everything he does. Usually when Sesshomaru makes seemingly rash descisions, he is confident that he will be victorious. So we don't really worry, we just trust his intuition. 

But in this story Sesshomaru knew it would end badly. EVERYONE knew it would end badly. Kagome was going to grow old and die and Sesshomaru would be distraught. He would watch her wither away and not be able to do a thing about it.


This left me feeling helpless. I prepared myself to read a beautifully worded chapter, perhaps in Sesshomaru's pov, that described their short time together. Maybe even how he found her more beautiful with each passing year and each greying strand of hair.

I was ready. I was prepared for a tragic ending...

But YOU. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice... *shakes head*


I absolutely LOVED it! What a ride! 


Yet another unique and amazing story that had me on the edge of my seat. 






Ankita (Chapter 55) - Sat 28 Jun 2014

The story was beautiful n the chapters where sesshomaru was in despair were really sad T_T especially when kagome went away I am glad it had a happy ending .... I couldn't review in between chapters coz I was so into the fic I read the whole story straight in one day ...and if it helps I would like to tell tht I always replied to your authors note at the end in my mind :P  I hope tht it makes sense. .. Thank you ^_^

Himura Asami (Chapter 55) - Sat 21 Jun 2014

I'm so in love with you. 

In a completely platonic way of course.

You're like... my platonic soul mate.

I'm serious.

I'm serious. 

Himura Asami (Chapter 54) - Sat 21 Jun 2014

I'm so scared. I feel seriously emotionally invested. 

Himura Asami (Chapter 53) - Sat 21 Jun 2014

You actually had me curled up in the fetal position for about 5 seconds because I'm so afraid of hoping.

Himura Asami (Chapter 51) - Sat 21 Jun 2014

I'm so suspicious of you right now I can't even enjoy this properly! 

Curse you and your expertly woven story!

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