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Kingdom Walls by Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer


Disclaimer: 'All Inuyasha characters are tradmarked by Rumiko Takahashi. This author merely writes on the basis of entertainment. ' The author states, while bowing in respect.


It has been years since the war has started. At first, the enemy was not even worth this Sesshomaru`s attention. Every wall was built and refined with the strongest barrier, making it impossible for anyone to break it down. This Sesshomaru miscalculated, however, by overlooking the enemy. Over the years of ignoring the insignificant enemy, the barrier surrounding the walls increasingly weakened.

Now, the once insignificant enemy has become this Sesshomaru`s greatest threat. However, defeat shall not be given easily, it shall be a fight unto death. Even as the enemy begins to take over the remaining walls, the enemy has yet to face its greatest barrier being I, Sesshomaru.

My kingdom has crumbled. But it does not matter for I shall kill the enemy and once again build my kingdom. The enemy is approaching closer, for I can smell the overflowing scent of my enemy and hear the fast heartbeat beating in sync with mine. With my hand over my sword, I'm ready to attack. Every part of my body is tense with anticipation. My eyes finally meet with her blue eyes. My hands tighten around my sword ready to slay her, but she notices my hesitation. How can I hesitate? It is because of this ONE enemy that my whole kingdom has crumbled! Steeling myself to kill her now and return to building my crumbled kingdom once again, I unsheathe my sword and swing for the killing blow.


Her soft pleading voice rings in my ear. My name gracing her lips sounds so sweet. My sword, just inches from her neck, stops. As I look into her eyes, which unveil such innocence and trust, my hold on the sword weakens. THUD. The same time the sword pierces the ground, I feel something pierce my heart. My heart aches with an unspeakable pain as I look into her eyes. I am left breathless and unable to speak.

My kingdom walls – my heart – I have built to be indifferent, cold, and uncaring. It has crumbled and now my heart has learned to feel. Such a shameful sight this Sesshomaru has become, to have admitted defeat by the enemy's….no, by her… eyes.

Author's Note: The Prologue is just a metaphor, dear readers! The rest of the story is set in modern day times. Also, Demon's are still alive in the modern day.

P.S The rating has changed from K to T! Apologies

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