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Kimberly (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Yes!!! Please keep going! 

Kae (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Yaaaay! more chapters! :D  I can't say I'm sad about this, 'cause I'm really enjoying the story. I do, however, understand the frustration of it not working out like you wanted/planned.  Good luck!

Deedee14 (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Oh good gracious Lord. Thank you for deciding to continue this with 30 more chapters instead of just ending it with her falling down the well. I'vee been dreading it, and now I know I have more to look forward to. I'm more of a "silent reader" so, let me tell you now that this story you're writing is such a capticating one. Usually I'm not a fan of short "chapters" but, your writing style is more then enough. Your ability to pull me in with so little words shows how great a writer you are. Keep up the good work!

Eva (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

I've been enchanted by this storyline.  I'm glad you came to the same conclusion I've been hoping for. If falling down the well isn't the end then the story should continue from this narrative rather than being broken off into a sequel.

Poor Sesshoumaru is going to be reminded of what a foolish young daiyoukai he was.

Sheila (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

This is such a fabulous story and I'm so glad you're going to continue with more chapters.  Soon exciting :)

Kar (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Yayyyy thirty more!  I read that chapter with the hopes that it Wud d not be the last fewand now I'm even more excited to see the shenanigans kags gets into. 

Glxydragon (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Yay to more chapters. I love this story. 

Fyrelilly (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

YAY!! Happy DANCE!!  I am so glad you will continue the story! It makes more sense than to do a sequel. So many fans will be so happy the end is not so near!

Thank you!

KEdakumi (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Ooooo..... 30 more chapters?! Well, don't keep us in suspense! This is getting so good. And he's so torn.

Can't wait for more!

beachvilla (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Yay!  An adventure!

I really enjoy this story. 

Literary Fan (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Yay!please. I'm so sad for Sesshomaru right now, losing Kagome. But I also like to view it in a different way. If a person is truly meant to be yours they'll come back, right? I hope so. Technically in this case she does go back to him, even if it is in the past. Her present self fell in love with his future self and her future self falls in love with his past self. (Why is time travel so damn confusing. Ugh.) Also, is the bracelet he gave her a possible way of salvation? I am really, really hoping it is. Maybe it could act like a beckoning charm when she needs help, kind of a reverse of Sophie's ring from Howl's Moving Castle, instead of leading to him, it could lead to hear. Just speculations so far. Anyways very excited to see this story continue. Thank you for updating and keep up the Amazing work. Hope to see an update soon.

sonja hand (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Yay take us on a journey 

Saiya (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Waaaa HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Paperwing (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Yay an update! I can't wait to see more, and it makes me so sad he's going to have to change/hide her memories. =(

And 30 chapters nonwithstanding, I think we can all be glad there's more =D

laenfante (Chapter 48) - Mon 25 May 2015

Most definitely YAY!!!

Himura Asami (Chapter 48) - Sun 24 May 2015

I almost cried tears of joy at 30 more chapters.

Herttyli (Chapter 47) - Mon 04 May 2015

This is amazing. I love the way you write this and this story line is so unique. I am always bad at writing critic or good comliments, but this is amazing. Please finish it quickly so we readers can enjoy this fully! ;)

Lazurite (Chapter 47) - Sun 26 Apr 2015

Only three?

Lazurite (Chapter 45) - Sun 26 Apr 2015

Listening? Is that a hint?

Fyrelilly (Chapter 47) - Wed 22 Apr 2015

I don't want it to end so soon! .....Unless of couse a sequel is planned :)

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