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Inudemoness (Chapter 53) - Tue 28 Mar 2017

YESSSSSS!!!!! I was so happy to see an update!! Instead of just reading the new chapter i read the whole story again!!!Please don't leave us hanging again. I have missed this amazing story sooooo much!

KShadeslady (Chapter 53) - Tue 28 Mar 2017

YEAH!! You are back! I missed this story very much. He handled that Very well. Thank you x3 for updating. 

Paperwing (Chapter 53) - Tue 28 Mar 2017

Ahhhhhhhhhh I missed this story so much! Yayyyyy! Thank you for the update!!!

see03 (Chapter 53) - Tue 28 Mar 2017


I was so happy to see an update on this! Was and still is such a great story, and a great chapter to come back too. I really believe Kagome's shock at what she's just witnessed.

I'm going to have to go back and reread the entire story out of love ;)

Sesshoumarucrazy (Chapter 53) - Tue 28 Mar 2017

Welcome back!!! Hope everything is well and as always I adore you writing!

Allison (Chapter 53) - Tue 28 Mar 2017

Poor Kagome! Her Sesshomaru tried to kill her! I'm glad she realized that he didn't know her, that would have been so sad if she hadn't. I love this story (I just finished catching up from the beginning). I can't wait for more!

Stormielikeweather (Chapter 53) - Tue 28 Mar 2017

I've missed this. Love it!!! I need to reread it lol it's been too long!! Hope you have a Muse to keep going!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 53) - Tue 28 Mar 2017

I adore this story, I cna see thier conversation going this way... very sweet!

kb (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

OMG YOURE BACK!!!!!! I got the email notification and rushed right over to read your update. OMG! I love it! Please update again soon!!

Toni (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

love this story  looking forward to more chapters 

Momo (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

Welcome back!!! I forgot about this too so I re-send from start to current and I still love it! I'm really happy that you're still going to continue it!

Angela (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

Awwww I missed this story! :D might re-read it from the start if I have the time haha couldn't help but find this chapter cute mostly because of the last part. I find it really funny that he finds some humor in getting his arm chopped off and having it grow back and lol Kagome just ends up crying harder xD

Annie (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

I am glad that you are back!!!!!!.  I missed this story.

Violet (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

It's alive! The story I hadn't known I was missing until it came back! I just finished re-reading and I have to say please don't do that again. Don't leave and not come back. Please, I must know how it ends! I beg of ye: update soon.

Fallingyuki (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

I'm so excited you are back. I love this story. I wonder how you plan to cover the years she is there or if you will fast forward to the end.

Natalia (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

Yep too bad your profile is still not visible.... I really wish to read everything by you...Sighs in depression... Anyway take care!

Natalia (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

Oh my god! Where was this GEM till now? I literally gulped it down! I am in love with this fic! A very big thank you for updating! So sweet cute beautiful heartbreakingly delicate... God i can continue with many adjectives and it would not be enough! Really thx for writing and sharing this amazing piece! Hope you will update soon but i understand everyone has a life so take your time! Good luck and take care!

Elizabeth (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

Welcome back!! I've missed this story...I think I might go back and re-read it (it's that good). This chapter certainly pulled at the heart strings; it certainly makes you wonder what happens to her in the past and why she might not be with sesshoumaru now...

I look forward to your next update To find out!

CarmMeldoll (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

Woot! Welcome Back, glad to see this story wasn't forgotten.  Made my day!

Eva (Chapter 53) - Mon 27 Mar 2017

I'm at a complete loss for words. I feel like Kagome. This is perfect. If course this means I have to start reading from the beginning again.

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