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Petite Problems by Kagome Yuki Niwa


Petite Problems

Chapter One: Vibrant

x . . . . x

Tokyo was a large place.

And busy. And scary.

Especially to one so small.

But four year old Kagome did not cry.

Instead she looked up at the people that kept shoving her small form angrily and shouted, “Stop pushing me!

They didn’t listen because they couldn't hear over their steros and phones.

They couldn’t see passed their noses because they were merely ningen – thankfully…  someone not so ningen turned and looked down at the child with an arched brow.

Vibrant citrine orbs stared down at the girl just as she looked up with hauntingly familiar, angry cerulean hues.




‘Gome Yuki:: Yeah. Another one. I fail. BUT IT WAS TEASING ME!!! It was actually inspired by r0o’s picture however it will not be involved in the story in any way:

It just made me think of modern day Sess and mini-Kaggerz. Then we had this. A Drabbles Series!!! Yay... -_______-;; Share your thoughts?

Originally Written for KYN's Weekly Word Prompt: ‘Vibrant’


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