DeathDagger (Chapter 1) - Thu 15 Sep 2016

This was an interesting piece! Im super sad it's a one shot!!! They are so perfect for each other. I wonder what Inu would say lol

Lady Rose (Chapter 1) - Wed 24 Sep 2014

OMG. Turn this into a chapter story. ...or at least at two more to it. Please.  I loved it!

bethany (Chapter 1) - Thu 28 Feb 2013


Ennui (Chapter 1) - Sun 29 Jul 2012

My dear Knight of Disorder:

That was a truly beautiful piece.  You managed to convey so much in such a way that makes the reader feel everything.  And from someone raised up by hippies in the 70's?  Far Out, man!  Peace!

The lemon wasn't force and not so overly descriptive that it made you feel dirty for having read it.  It was simple but just enough to get the point across.

I loved how you used Kagome's power to create a pair of fangs, giving her the ability to mark Sesshomaru as well.  Neat trick.  

Great job with this.  Now to read some more of your work.  If they're anything as good as this, I'm in for a loooong day.


~Juggalette4Lyfe420~ (Chapter 1) - Tue 12 Jun 2012

i really enjoyed this story... ive thought bout writing a story where kags smokes pot but i didnt think i could do it lol good job i really like the idea of kaagome in feudal era smoking pot and then gettin banged by sesshomaru lol great work  

*~*Missy*~* (Chapter 1) - Fri 27 Apr 2012

OMGGG I loved it!  There's no more?  Really.  Sadface.  I really loved it thought it made me want more i could read as much of this story as you could put out, i personally think it was a fantastic idea, something i haven't really seen on here and it was also written very well, congrats dear :) <3



Suka25 (Chapter 1) - Wed 11 Apr 2012

OMG!!!! That was great!!!!!! very good. ~*Dragon*~

TKE (Chapter 1) - Sat 07 Apr 2012

WOW...she had one hell of a night!! love it, great job!

Allyonora (Chapter 1) - Fri 06 Apr 2012


I wouldn't mind this kind of relaxation... Not at all!

Awesome shot! Great work!

sugar0o (Chapter 1) - Fri 06 Apr 2012

Ok slim on my phone and re-read the last bit.... I have to say I'd love to see more of this even of was only InuYasha finding out but not being mad bc of kagome's purple haze. Plus what if weed made super puppies. Really laid back ones. Besides I can totally see Miroku breaking some ones mind bc hes high. 

sugar0o (Chapter 1) - Fri 06 Apr 2012

omfg so awesome! love this!

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