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Relaxation by Knight of Disorder


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Warning: If you aren't at least 18 or have problems with intense sexual situations, or blood then just go somehwere else.

Kagome lounged back against the stone in the small clearing she'd chosen to get away from Inuyasha. She was slightly glad that her friends had given her those seeds the last time she'd gone home before the well closed. Brushing her fingers over the fine silk kimono that her sale of marijuana allowed her to buy. By no means was she a drug dealer, she was a miko. She only sold the drugs to those who were in pain that wouldn't go away. Now that she thought about it, they called it medicinal marijuana. Well, in America.

There was another reason she was happy for it, even after two years of being with the half demon he'd yet to touch her. It was... bothersome to say the least. Her love for him had faded in those years, however it didn't stop the gossip. Everyone saw them as the perfect couple, they all thought she laid with him nightly and still had her power. It was laughable. Her fingers nimbly packing the dried and ground green buds into the short pipe.

This was her escape.

A shimmering barrier to start, to keep anyone away that would cause a problem. Later on, when the barrier weakened from her high the acidic scent of the drug would keep most demon's away. Making sure that the pipe was packed tight before holding the stick over the small fire burning in the clearing. Letting just the end catch before bringing it to the bowl. A short drag, just enough to catch the tightly packed ball of herbs. Flicking the stick away, watching the thin line of smoke rise from the smoldering pipe.

It was better then opium in her book, and not as addictive.

Time slowly began to slip by, one pack in the pipe became two, turned into three. Then the world seemed to float away. All of her stress fading into the warm warbling feeling that coated her nerves like a warm salve. In this moment, she decided to use the last of the rolling papers. She had just one left. The very last one in the pack that most people in her time didn't even think about.

Opening the book and unfolding it to find the last wrapped around the thin divider in the back, she let out a sigh. It was really going to suck soon, it was so much easier to smoke a joint then it was to smoke out of a pipe. Quickly folding the paper and holding it gingerly. Sprinkling a hefty amount of her stash on the paper before spinning it quickly between her fingers. Laving the edge with her tongue and spinning it to seal the edges.

Staring at the joint, it was the last one she would ever smoke. The ability to make this kind of paper far to off in the future. It was a shame, she decided. She would have to ask Sesshoumaru next time he came around. Perhaps there was paper like this in other countries. She was sure there wasn't but who knew what demons came up with. Then she laughed at asking Sesshoumaru for anything. Sticking the short stick back into the fire, letting it catch.

Quickly lighting the end of the joint between her lips she didn't notice the demon lord she'd just been musing about standing there at the edge of the clearing. His nose twitching to try and chase away the acrid burning smoke. Taking a long drag on the rolled herb between her lips she let out another long sigh. The thin smoke joining the rest inside her barrier.

"Miko." Smooth, flat, deep, and impassive.

Kagome just glanced at him, looking out the corner of her eye. Taking a short drag, just enough to pull more of the stress relieving smoke into her lungs. "Sesshoumaru," she said as the smoke spilled from her lips.

Sesshoumaru scowled at her, hearing her voice so thick with intoxication was... even if he didn't wish to admit it, arousing. "This one was not aware you partook of your own wares." A smirk playing on his lips at her expression.

"I'm not some petty dealer, I only give out my wares to those who need it." Snarling at him but quickly losing her anger to the thick fog that was clouding her mind. "You don't have to deal with him everyday." The thought that she was talking to the Great Lord Sesshoumaru wasn't lost, she however couldn't bring herself to care.

"The half-breed is tiring," her conceded. His nose twitched again, "this is not opium." He had never thought to distinguish the difference between what this miko handled and what many of the human, and even demon lords bought for their personal use.

"No, it marijuana, weed, Mary Jane. It's from my time." Waving her hand at him, ash falling from the half finished joint between her fingers. "It's not addictive like opium and it makes dealing with life easier."

Neither noticed the way slit pupils began to round, or the threads of red that scored across the white's of the demon lord's eyes. Neither noticed the slowly dwindling distance between them. Neither noticed before he stood at her side. Staring down at her with a wild look that wasn't his own.

He had not thought to avoid the space when he caught the scent of the miko in the trees. He needed to speak with her regarding Rin. The child stayed with the elder miko of the village and soon she would be gone and another would need to take over the care and training. He had not paid attention to his own instincts to avoid the thick smoky air behind the barrier that barely shimmered. Only strong enough to chase away an animal or a human.

Kagome looked up from her spot seated on the ground, her own eyes blood shot with pupils like saucers. She hummed lightly before pushing herself up shakily, taking another short drag on the joint between her fingers. Letting the smoke spill from her lips and into the demon's face. The world already spinning so wildly on it's own that she didn't notice the sudden change until she felt the soft grass at her back.

Confusion laced her scent as he caged her frail body under his far stronger and larger frame. Claws reaching out to pluck the burning paper and herb from between her fingers. He had realized what was causing the warm feeling spreading through his body and found he liked it. It was unlike opium. His beast didn't growl and roar against this drug, it simply rumbled in relaxation. Pulling the paper between his lips before taking a long drag, listening to her sounds of protest at his handling of her drug. A thought occurred to him, one that he would never have considered were he sober.

She whined, unable to voice her irritation at the fact that it was her last joint and he now had it. Reaching for it only to find her wrists wrapped in one of his hands, pinned above her head. Growling at him a moment before she felt thin firm lips crash onto her own. Gasping in as he let the smoke spill from his lungs and into hers. Then she pressed back, feeling heat run in her blood. Her back arching high to press their still clothed bodies closer together.

His beast growled in pride at the actions of the woman under him, she knew what was expected of her. Even if the more logical side didn't want to admit it, she was attractive. She had always been and now that for the first time in a long time the beast had control it wasn't going to give it up so easily. Teal centers in pools of glowing red stared down at wide black pupils in pools of red shot white. Watching her eyes slip closed, pulling back long enough to press the last of the smoldering herb between her lips.

Kagome started at the sudden presences of his claws against her lips, the heavy scent of wisteria and weed as she took in a deep drag. So heavy and long that the back of her throat burned as the still hot resin at the base of the joint began to burn as well. Without pause she felt the claws and paper replaced with lips, letting out the heavy breath. Feeling the fire spread from the back of her throat. Moaning heavily at the pressure between their bodies.

Taking in the thick cloud from her lungs he didn't waste a moment, letting it back out as she took in a breath of her own. To both sides of his mind it was an extremely sensual event. To literally breath the same air, his nose flared catching the light scent of purely feminine arousal on the air. Growling his pleasure to her only to get a whimper back, a twisted smile turning up his lips.

She fought to get one leg free of his hold on her, wiggled the already loose knot of her obi until one bare long slim leg slipped from under him. Her thigh tucking against his side as she pressed her heel into the small of his back, urging him to press closer. Letting out a moan when she felt him lower his body more, finally having to break the kiss so she could heave air into her neglected lungs. Staring up at those feral eyes made her whole body tremble.

Sesshoumaru stared down at her, stared into her eyes. Feeling the slight tremble of her legs and arms before scenting the spike in her scent. A long fanged smirk rose on his lips, his hand letting her's free. The smirk growing darker when her thin fingers began tugging at the ties on armor, his free hand tugging the heavy metal free. Their eyes remained locked as thin fingers tugged a small knots pulling them free with practiced ease of having to do the same with her own clothing.

Kagome felt her breath catch when his combined shirts fell open, shielding her from everything outside of him. His hair like a silver curtain around her head. Greedy hands reached out, dragging blunt nails and calloused finger tips across his toned chest. She was awed at the heat, he felt like red hot metal. It burned slightly as she continued to trace the edges of muscle, her cheeks flushing brighter red at the thought of what was to come. Then the thought of what that heat would feel like when he did what she knew was coming.

His lips crashed against her's once more, the constant spiking of her scent not hiding the sudden undertone that his beast had been chasing for the last months. The rumors of her being the half-breed were false, now both were sure. He would take her here and now, he would make her beg and plea for release and then he would take her. He would ravage her body, ruin her for any man that could possible come after him. If he ever allowed any to come close to her.

She felt his claws, biting into her kimono, dragging across her porcelain skin. It was a feeling she wasn't used to, a feeling that scared her because she couldn't help the nagging thought that she wanted more. Each time his lips left her's another piece of clothing was shed to the growing pile of his clothing. Her own kimono splayed open, the only things hiding her from him being the tight binding on her chest and her very last pair of panties.

He watched as she panted, her skin glistening with a sheen of sweat that made her skin and lips taste so much better. Finally as his hakuma fell from his hips, his own lips fell to meet her neck. Licking and sucking at her pulse, a grunt of pleasure when he felt her own lips sucking at his skin. Feeling her suck at his skin and then nip it ever so lightly. Feeling her power in each nick of her teeth against his skin. She was marking him and didn't even know it.

Her mind was reeling, thoughts of right and wrong long gone. The only thoughts in her mind were the searing skin pressed so tightly against her, and those fangs that scraped at her neck and shoulder. The hot rough tongue that laved at each prick of his fangs. The slow lazy trail that he seemed to follow holding her there on the edge of her sanity. What she wanted from him she knew, but at the same time she couldn't bring herself to hurry what he was doing.

One kiss, then his fangs, dragging a line along her shoulder before pulling his tongue across the freshly opened scrape. Each one dragging lower and slower down, from her shoulder to the tops of her breasts before lips and fangs closed around a single stiff peak. Her skin already tasted of sex, her scent spoke of pure uncontrolled desire. He would have taken her like the beast he was but the beast didn't want this one broken. He would come to her again, he would make her scream in pleasure for many nights.

Her hips bucked against him, meeting his hard stomach. A strangled gasp escaped her lips his tongue played across the sensitive peak before letting it free with a wet pop, the rough fingers that pinched the other twisted it lightly drawing a startled moan from her throat. Each kiss, each lick, ringing her senses to the edge. The smoke that filled air, and her smoke filled mind falling faster and faster towards the edge of the sword that she knew was waiting.

Her mind went white, her vision filled with speckles of red, white, and black. Feeling the rough tongue of Sesshoumaru play against a part of her that no one other then herself had even touched. Feeling the appendage press into her, drawing a short scream from lips. Finally the edge came the sword she knew was coming, her fingers which before hand taken to digging into the ground through her kimono shot to his head. Twining her fingers in his air as the world came to stop, for just an instant before it exploded before her eyes.

Sesshoumaru growled, the scream of pleasure and the wash of her power as it drowned the clearing were painful but swelled his already beastly pride at the pleasure he could provide her. His lips wrapping around the small pearl of nerves, listening to her strangled scream as another wave of her power filled the air. She was amazing, that was all that either side could say. She tasted like honey and gave of that sweet fluid freely. Dragging his tongue across her once more before sliding a single clawed finger between her folds.

Kagome started when she felt the thin clawed intrusion, freezing at the knowledge of the claw that was now so intimately pressed inside her. Feeling herself clench tight around the slender intruder. She panted, her mind still rolling from her previous release. She moaned in protest as the finger slid back only to hiss in pleasure as two slid back into her. Panting again, feeling again as those fingers pressed deep into her. She didn't wince or tear when she felt the very tips of those claws meet the barrier that she wished she didn't have any longer.

Slowly pulling the two fingers that dived into the miko, no, the woman Kagome back. Another smirk played on his lips and he leaned up, his fingers pressed against her. Just there, just short of pressing back into her. A pleased rumbled escaping him when her tiny hands began to tug at the only piece of clothing remaining on him. Growling in possession when it was lost their reaching hands.

She wasted no time, hoisting her legs up on his sides, locking her ankles behind his back. She stiffened when leaned down pressing his fangs against her shoulder, that's what he wanted. He wanted her still. Pushing herself into his fangs, feeling the long sharp canines bite into her flesh. Her own mouth opening wide. There for none to see, her own canines glowing with long white tips of her pure power. Leaning her head up the moment his lips shifted forward, and his jaw latched around. Her own fangs biting into his skin.

For Kagome the world was on fire. Her body burned, where he bit her and where he was buried so deeply into her. Both burned like magma was pouring into her, this was what it felt like to be taken by a true demon. She was still as she felt the taint of his power, the darkness swell and flood her. The she shifted, pressing herself against him. Moaning against his skin as his blood spilled in her mouth and escaped past her lips.

It was like heaven, the purity that he felt when she sank her own teeth into him. Felt her body take the on the darkness that he was, while he took on the light that she gave so freely. Then she moved, he felt her press closer. Draw him deeper, pulling back only to drive slowly back into her. Each slow agonizing push into her was met with a tightening of her jaw around his shoulder and more of her pure power spilling out to his own tainted.

It was there, right there. She could feel it, a release that would out shine everything she'd ever felt before. She just had to reach it, she bit harder. Doing her best to force him to go faster, harder, to force him to move. Then she couldn't take it anymore, her hands which gripped his back so tightly curled. Power gathered in her fingers and she raked them across the expanse of muscle and skin, feeling the wet warm presence of blood where her blunt nails bit into him.

He growled shoving hard into her, listening to her moan of pleasure. Again, he pulled back driving hard into her, feeling her body quake and quiver. The pace gained speed, over and over as her teeth never left his shoulder and his never left her's. Then he felt it, the edge that she did. The sword that would do them both in. Her power exploded against him as she screamed against his shoulder. Her felt her tighten, her body convulse in pleasure, and he couldn't hold on any longer.

Everything was white, that was the only thing she could. She could taste his blood and it was delicious, she could feel him in her. Could feel the pulse of his power and his manhood buried so deep in her she was sure that when he left her no man could ever take his place. No man could ever fill her like he did, and no man would ever get the chance. It burned and it felt amazing, then the world came back. Slowly, the night sky overhead, the trees, and stars. They all came back little by little.

He was panting when his pulled his fangs from her shoulder, listening to her own labored and hard breathing when she let her head fall back. The beast had retreated, long before. Before she reached her final climax and he was thankful for that. To miss that moment for himself would have been a shame. She knew, and he knew that she knew, no other man would ever be able to bring her pleasure like that. Only him, not even his brother would be able to do what he did to her. He pulled back when he felt her legs fall away. Relishing the feeling of her used and abused flesh as she pulled away.

Kagome whined, a mix of pain and sadness at the loss. She didn't even bother trying to gather the edges of her kimono around her. It wouldn't matter, even she could smell his seed. She could feel it as it slowly shifted inside her, moving lower. Reaching down to press a hand over her abused muscles. She didn't want it to ooze out, it would be a loss. She protested lightly when he rolled her on her side.

He gazed at her, debating. He would remain, he had marked her and she was now his. He would watch over for the night and then when morning came he would take her and her plants to his palace. Pulling her hand away against her will, listening to her protesting whine. If she wanted a pup that badly he would make sure none of his seed left her, smirking again as he drove back into her from behind. Pulling her leg up over his own to ease the pain.

"Sleep, you'll need the rest." A dark grin spread on his lips.

Kagome just hummed, not missing the possessive hold. Grunting lightly when he shifted, causing her to sink further down onto him. "Only you."


AN: I really want to know what you think. This is my first stand alone story. Really though, there is nothing else for this no matter what. It's just been stuck in my head for a couple days and it's been bothering me because it wouldn't go away so I wrote it. Well I think it turned out nice. So as always, please R&R. Thank you.


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