sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 9) - Tue 13 Jan 2015

hmmmmm i like it!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 9) - Tue 13 Jan 2015

HE FINALLY LEARNED HIS LESSON!!!!! Yay!!! The result of him being there IS his fault. Can't wait for more. Kanna's got an admirer. I love this update.

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 8) - Thu 04 Dec 2014

i so love this! Its amusing that Hojo's been hitting on his great grandmother.

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 8) - Thu 04 Dec 2014

First off, WELCOME BACK TO THE WRITING WORLD!! This is a nice chapter, the culmination of what's happened after that whole mess 500 years prior. I still want to know what happened with Inuyasha though when it came to his punishment. What did Tsukiyomi do to him all this time? Can't wait for the next chapter.

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 7) - Fri 27 Jul 2012

Judging from this, I guess this is Susanoo's punishment for Kikyou for her failure to destroy Kagome and Sesshomaru. I have a feeling that the god of storms has tossed Inuyasha aside for his failure in bringing Kagome and Sesshomaru down. The hanyou's probably gone catatonic after enduring whatever punishment Tsukiyomi has dished out on him. I bet Amaterasu's watching all this as well. A bit ironic. One son of the InuTaisho blessed by the gods and being a Child of one while the other has been cursed and punished by the gods. Being essentially deaf, blind, and struck dumb, but able to feel every bit of pain ten years after the fact. How's he able to sustain his body? He's probably stick thin with a lack of food. Damn it! November couldn't come fast enough.

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 7) - Tue 08 May 2012

this was dark but intersting, i rather like that Rin is her mother's daughter ^_^

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 7) - Tue 08 May 2012

LoL an interesting future ;)

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 7) - Tue 08 May 2012

It is as the name of the chapter: depraved, dark, twisted, disgusting and sick when it comes to what's going on with Kikyou in hell...and I LOVE IT!! She deserves everything that's happening to her right now with those hell spawn. I especially love the look on Rin's face as she's watching her punishment. Serves the bitch right for causing so many people pain. And yes, pregnant women are not the ones to piss off, especially when they're going into labor. I hope Daiki knows what he's doing when it comes to Kanna. They would make a cute couple. Can't wait to see Kagome in labor and perhaps, a look into what the Kami of the Moon has in store for our misguided and deluded hanyou. I have a feeling it's a cakewalk compared to what's going on with Kikyou in hell. More!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 6) - Sat 21 Apr 2012

lol preggo kagome's kinda trippy but amusing :3 more please ^_^ and i ADORE that rin chased him away with a look, so their daughter >:3

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 6) - Sat 21 Apr 2012

Awww, poor Kagome. Even the most powerful beings can cry. Yep, there is crying in pregnancy. I have yet to see what punishment Tsukuyomi has in store for our misguided hanyou since he's in the Moon Kami's hands now. More!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 5) - Mon 09 Apr 2012

Awww, too cute. They forgive their males deep down. Can't wait to see the look on Sesshy's face when he finds out he's having twin girls. And hopefully, a sideshow of Tsukuyomi punishing the misguided Son of Susanoo? More!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 5) - Sat 07 Apr 2012

it was a good chapter :3

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 4) - Fri 09 Mar 2012

OMFG okay so i'm a dog owner and my puppy does this burrowing nap thing too so this is totally cute! i just love it! i'd like to see next, if possible, sesshomaru finding out it'll be twin girls, and, that eventually he'll have to protect them from every penis out there! :3 more please! 0o0o0o maybe birthing inu's could be rare, and females even MORE so, that way he's all highstrung over them :3

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 4) - Fri 09 Mar 2012

Yay! Kagome's finally preggers! And two girls for Sesshomaru to spoil! Can't wait for the Shippou/Rin interaction. More!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 3) - Sat 03 Mar 2012

Awww, that was a touching chappie. As for the other characters from chapter 32, of course I would love to see then have their fun too. More!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 3) - Sat 03 Mar 2012

0O0O0O0O0O0o0o0o0o0o0o!!! LOVES!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 2) - Wed 29 Feb 2012

Damn! GO Rin! I love her in this chappie. Can't wait to read about Sango and Orochi. More!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 2) - Wed 29 Feb 2012

lmao i love this!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Feb 2012

o.o raRr!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Feb 2012

Include all three POV's. Better yet, I want to see what happens to Miroku's soul. Is he watching over Sango? Hopefully, he is happy for her. Ooo, the possibilities. It's awesome that Sango and Orochi found each other the way they did and that Rin and Shippo are together. And as usual, Kagome and Sesshomaru are the fun couple to read about. As for Inuyasha, he just might end up becoming a whole new person with the abandoned temple as his new home and prison...that is, by the time Tsukuyomi is done punishing, which won't be for a VERY LONG time. I wonder if Kikyou ended up suffering alongside Naraku in the depths of hell. I can't wait to read more.

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