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What's In a Soul: Memories of a Chaotic Life by Knight of Disorder


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AN: Well it's the first of many little bonuses for the original work. This one is very limey. Well the end is. Ah, this idea was stuck in my head for a few days and I couldn't think of another way to use it. So here it is.


His eyes didn't turn from the report held in his hands. This particular one was rather important, even after five years he paid close attention to anything that might give him a sign as to where his worthless little brother had run off to. Now his mate was standing on the other side of his desk with a free hand resting on her hip toe tapping out a fast beat. He knew what she wanted, it was time for them to go to the dojo.

Well, the courtyard.

Sesshoumaru wouldn't spar with her in the dojo since she nearly tore it apart after they'd mated. He had forgotten that her power would only grow once she had access to his own, and she had shown easily that it didn't matter to her how much damage she did. He had watched his frail looking mate launch herself after him with so much force she threw herself through a wall that was nearly four inches of solid wood and bamboo mats.


He was doing his best to ignore her just this moment, he was almost done reading this report and then he could attend to her. Just this moment though he needed to finish reading. Just finish this one report and then they could go to the courtyard and spar.

That was the excuse he gave her for the last three reports.

"I swear to what ever god is listening that I will start this off right here if you don't put that fucking paper down right this damn instant!"

Suppressing a sigh, he knew that was coming. She was angry, that was the only time her language ever became foul. Well, that and when she was tangled up beneath and he was teasing her to end. That brought a smirk to his face, that would be something to explore later this evening. Perhaps after he'd worn her down enough so that she couldn't readily struggle against his teasing fingers. Yes that was a delightfully sinful idea that he would indulge.

Letting the report snap back into a loose roll before dropping on his desk and shifting his hands to support his head while his elbows took up residence on his desk, "what is it mate? I was simply reading the report as it spoke of a man in all red."

"You know damn well what it is! You said we would spar before lunch, well now it's nearly dinner. I wanted to beat your ass before before we went to bed," a sadistic smile spread across her lips as all manner of images entered her mind. She hadn't entertained most of them in the past but the idea of tying him up was especially delicious at the moment.

"Hn, mate? What is it that makes you believe you can defeat me?"

Kagome brought her attention back to the male that at the moment she didn't want to spar with, she just wanted to jump. She hated this time of year, that was, until they went off into seclusion. Then they would spend the month, naked, tangled together, and all the more sweaty from exertion. Until then though she needed someone to take out the frustration on. "You think I can't?"

"Remember, Ka-go-me, that while you are..." he was loath to admit but it was true, "faster then myself. You lack the years of experience that I myself have. While you do have skills that would surpass most masters of the sword thanks to my tutelage you are still far to young to defeat one such as myself."

She snarled at him, "ass. A bet then. If I can beat you, then you let me tie you to the bed." Then as an after thought, "with miko charmed 'chains'." A lecherous smile spreading across her lips before she nipped at her bottom one to make the images leave her mind. It failed horribly and only brought to mind images of his teeth biting her lips, shoulders, ears, and thighs.

His nose twitched, she was having a hard time with the end of spring so close. That was something he would take advantage of, he rather liked that she had garnered that part of demonic heritage from him. It served him well in the past, he had thought when he first took her as his mate he would tire her out far to quickly. Then the first spring had come close to and end. The year after he mated her, and he found out quickly by the scent that followed her and the growling at every male that came near her just how affected she was.

Though, miko charmed chains?

That was something he'd never thought about before, he rather liked being the dominant partner even if she was the one who engaged the act most of the time. He was her alpha, there were other things as well. If he really didn't approve of them he would simply break them, her power bent to his will even when she didn't wish it. "That is acceptable, and what if I win?"


Kagome hadn't thought of that, now the thought of what it would be like to be tied to the bed and let him do to her body anything he wanted nearly reduced her to a pile on the hardwood floor of his study. Damn it, she hated late spring so much. Fighting off the quivering of her thighs, "what do you want?"

Sesshoumaru let a finely crafted brow rise slightly. What did he want? He was sure by the spike in her scent that tying her down would have been delightful for both, so he would try that at a later date. Perhaps once they were in seclusion for their mutual heat. What did he want more then anything from her at this exact moment. A smile slid slowly across his face, there was one thing he would like to see again. "If I win, then you mate, will wear only what is put out for you for three months time. I will personally see to your clothing and all accessories."

She narrowed her eyes at that, she wore exactly what she liked. The kimono's of his house colors and the many that were designed specifically by him. The ones that made her look like the night sky he loved to look at so much. There was something else he said though, she didn't wear accessories. She wore her hair up from time to time but that was rare. "Fine. Let's go."


They had an audience today. Rin and her mate-to-be Shippou were watching from the main sitting room of the family wing, the doors hanging open to let the whole section air out for the coming summer. It was going to be hot, the temperature had already risen a great deal.

Sesshoumaru would admit again, that she was much faster then him. She was small and her power great, and she used all of it to keep a head of anyone or anything that could cause her harm. It served her well, she always kept out of the reach of his attacks but, he had yet to move from his small circle of defense. He only attacked when she moved close enough to preform her own. Blocking and brushing aside the long sweeping blows of his own fang before striking out quickly and efficiently with Tokijin.

She was getting better.

In the past each attack she made would have have power behind it, she would have wasted nothing to best him. This time however she moved with just enough energy to move the blade through the air. She wouldn't tire so easily but at the same time she wouldn't wear much on him either. It was a tactic he hadn't seen before.

Was she going easy on him?

Then for the first time in all their little battles, he realized something. She had found a way to distract him. This thought came on the tail of a shallow cut across his chest that finally made him leave his small five foot wide circle of defense.

Kagome smiled, she had hit him. It wasn't the first time, but it was the first time he hadn't been paying attention. She didn't know what had his attention but when she saw that opening she had to take it. It wasn't the normal one. This one left no tension in his muscles for the counter attack like the others did. This one was just there and so was she. Licking her lips when she saw the smooth planes of his chest marked with the fine red line where the tip of her blade slicked through the spider silk of his robes.

How she wanted to drag her tongue along that smooth little line of red.

A thought occurred to her as she stepped away from the stroke of his blade, a thought that occurred as he went on the offensive. Yes, she was his mate. That was true enough, but at the same time she was a needy bitch. Now as she dodged his blows over and over, never leading away just short quick motions to force him into the next attack, she realized that she always thought of him like that. Every day, even though neither of them slept, went to their bed at least once.

"You know," she said without panting. A huskiness to her voice, "I think I might just like it when you fuck me. I think I might be like this all year and just haven't realized it before. That I like it when you're between my thighs, when you bite me, when you bend me over and make me scream."

He faltered for a moment, long enough to feel the bite of the very tip of her blade again. This time that small cut was traced by her claw as she darted past him, to escape the next blow long enough to taste her treat.

Kagome didn't waste a moment, suckling the red liquid from her finger tip. It did nothing for her that was good, if anything it made it that much harder to back away when he came close with his sword drawn back. She didn't want to back away, she wanted to fall into him.

Kagome, realized then more then ever, she hated late spring.

He watched as she tripped, landing flat on her back. Pressing the tip of his sword to her throat. "You have been bested mate," a slick smile on his face. He knew why, however he wasn't going to pass up the chance to defeat her. It had grown harder and it was only because of her speed, and that damn smell which he could never turn down. This little sparring was how they ended up in bed at least once a day. Something about it got them both going and it simply lead there, as did any argument they had. It seemed that two dominant partners got along well when the bedroom was well used.

Kagome growled and then turned her head, a displeased grunt escaping her. She wouldn't dare say it wasn't fair like she would have before that damned spider cursed her. He just took advantage of an opening that she didn't mean to create just as she'd done twice. This opening however was her own fault, damn body always being so traitorous. She would have beat him if she hadn't gotten all 'horny' as her mind supplied the word as it had every other time she tried to think of a way to put it. It wasn't just her body that betrayed her, it was her mind to. Always putting images in front of her of what it would be like for him smash her against the ground and take her right there.

Damn traitors is what they were, her mind and body were both traitors.


That was how she found herself looking down at what was set out for her, those events were what lead to this moment right now and she was about to scream. He had dressed like normal and went back to his study and she decided that taking a quick soak in the hot spring would be nice. Then she returned to this. It wasn't... bad. It was just strange, and though she didn't want to admit it. She was somewhat glad her mind and body were traitors at times. This turn of events would be one of two things....

Utterly enjoyable.


Absolute torture.

They were both rather nice options, she decided, as she looked down at the long smooth jade object setting atop her kimono. With it were two small metal clamps, with little pieces of jade carved into them. There was an enchantment on them, she didn't know what it did but she was going to find out. Then again, she'd never used these without Sesshoumaru so it was going to prove interesting.

She was going to get him back, she wasn't sure when but she was going to get him back.

When she was dressed she found out just what the enchantment was. The smooth jade now pressed firmly into her and held there by her tightly wrapped fundoshi seemed to pulse slightly, and the clamps which now held both nipples in a tight grip heated to near burning the closer she got to Sesshoumaru.

She was going to get him back.


AN: So what do you think? I promised more to the original work and this is where it's all going to be. Not all of them with be smut related. I still have some stuff to do with Rin and Shippou that never made it into the original as well as Sango and Orochi. Maybe an update on how Inuyasha is fairing where ever he ended up. Who knows? You do! That's right, give me some ideas and I'll spin them into yarns for you to read. For those who don't get the title this is the third count it THIRD arc for the story. So as always, please R&R. Thank you.


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