J (Chapter 17) - Mon 25 Apr 2016

Im quite confused w the plot and story to be honest it's a bit heavy for me I didn't  understand the character motives at all or why was sesshomaru abusive if u could explain it that would be great

Stella Mira (Chapter 17) - Sun 11 Nov 2012

I'm satisfied with the ending, although, I would have liked to see more. Your OCs were great, too. Loved it and it was just what I was looking for! Thanks for sharing :)

Stella Mira (Chapter 16) - Sun 11 Nov 2012

Even stubborness must have  a limit, but I guess no one bothered to inform Inuyasha about it.

Stella Mira (Chapter 12) - Sun 11 Nov 2012

Ouch! That must have hurt a lot more than a sit command ever would lol. 

Stella Mira (Chapter 6) - Sun 11 Nov 2012

Poor Sango. She must have had the shock of her life hearing Kagome talk so casually about what's been going on.

Stella Mira (Chapter 5) - Sun 11 Nov 2012

Now, that's what good friends do; cover up for you with minimal questions asked.

Stella Mira (Chapter 4) - Sun 11 Nov 2012

I've got to say I like it that she showed some backbone. She also seems much more comfortable in his presence now. Calling him fluffy like that lol.

Stella Mira (Chapter 2) - Sun 11 Nov 2012

Interesting chapter. Hm, so she really submits because she wants the pain that comes with his embrace on a deeper level, not just because she wants him.

Stella Mira (Chapter 1) - Sun 11 Nov 2012

Nice starting chapter! I especially liked how she mirrored his stripes in the guise of bruises and marks caused by their wild coupling ;)

zandria (Chapter 1) - Tue 20 Mar 2012

love your stories can't wait fot the next updates :)

Jenny (Chapter 17) - Mon 20 Feb 2012

I really enjoyed this,it was great but I feel at a loss....I want more!! It's as if certain details, major characters, curious issues and questions were forgotten or left unanswered after the battle with Naraku.

Is there a possibiliy there will a sequel that will tell us: what happened with Sango & Miroku?, if Shippo went with Rin (& S & K) as they left the battlefield & if so,did he stay with Sessh after Kagome disappeared ?, what happened to Inu & Kikyo?, how long was it for Kagome between the time she was taken from her pups to be returned to the future & then reunited with her pups & Sessh in the future ?,what/why was she so powerful,while fighting Naraku when even her eyes became demonic red & in the future is she still that powerful & still Sessh's mate?,what was the inner voice Kagome heard(that Kagome described as having 2 of herself)within her head & Sessh felt she was communicating with,something similar to his inner beast)Kagome heard that pushed her to go to Sessh,take a chance & etc..?

When Sessh 1st came upon Kagome,he described her blood as smelling full of absolute bliss, fresh strawberries marked with the want of a demon bitch in heat.

It mentioned Kagome changed physically:her hair black with hints of blue,her eyes the color of gleaming brandy & her scars and markings from Sessh held either the color of his magenta stripes or the blue of crescent moon.

This was great & I'd love to read more.

sugar0o (Chapter 17) - Sun 19 Feb 2012

i LOVED this fic! I'm giggling! thank you for making a dark kagome and keeping hre that way! LOVE this!

sugar0o (Chapter 16) - Sun 19 Feb 2012

awe D: !!!! i'm so sad for her!

sugar0o (Chapter 15) - Sun 19 Feb 2012

i so love this! and omg thats so amusing to have her tug on his hair to bring him to her level, LOVE THAT!!!

whitemoon (Chapter 14) - Sun 19 Feb 2012

Please updated more, I want to know what will Inuyasha do when he know Kagome be pregnant. Please make pov Sesshoumaru tp know what he think

sugar0o (Chapter 14) - Sun 19 Feb 2012

i LOVE this, i think the only thing i would recomend would be clarification on who is talking, sometimes it's clarified by actions so it's not that bad, but sometimes it's confusing, specially between same sex  conversation, like kagome/sango talking it was a bit confusing at some points. either way i LOVE this. I'm totally reading allt his in one day! part of me, would like for there to be some sort of romance, even if only a little. i wonder also if kagome will become a youkai in the process i dunno i rather like tih sand want more.

Huntress11 (Chapter 8) - Sat 18 Feb 2012

wow. I sort of saw that coming. Surprised he didnt pup her earlier if they been at it 3 years. I love this.

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