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All there is... by Knight of Disorder


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AN: This is a rather dark fic. There will be sexual encounters between our favorite couple however there will be no love and fluff. Just blood and pain. You have been warned.

Beta'd by: Reannaleco


The growl that escaped her lips wasn't the first. Her blunt nails were digging small crescents into his back as he held her against the trunk of the tree he had chosen for the night. The tight coil that had been building between her legs since early in the morning had now pulled so tight that the man, no, beast that drove deeply into her grunted his approval when her head rolled back against the rough bark. As she bared her neck to him, one could see that the once smooth, unblemished skin was now splattered with deep purple scars. Her eyes opened for a moment to take in the image of the shredded clothing that she had been wearing when she stepped into the clearing.

She met the thrusts of the owner of red stained eyes that gleamed into her soul. Her body, moving of its own accord, took in all of the marks his razor like claws had raised on her flesh. A flurry of bites appeared; some were months old while others looked as though they had been inflicted that very night. It made no difference; each time his fangs would dig into her flesh she would moan against him. Her back twisted forward, craving stimulation as his remaining hand flashed across her still untouched stomach. Wrapping it around the smooth mound of her breast, small dots appeared on the flesh. They would have easily been mistaken for freckles if not for the contrast of color that matched the scars that lined on her thighs.

A wanton moan tore at his control and was tested with each meeting. Her sides now bore the marks of the many times she had broken the chains holding back the bestial lust, hoping to show all others who this woman belonged to.

The response she got was nothing more than a growl in her ear as approval of her own actions, the coil between her legs that bunching tightly at the sound. Her body felt like it was on fire, every nerve waking to the red hot youki that lapped at her skin. Her mind flooded with sensations that any other activity failed to even stir, the smell of a forest after a rain and the smallest hint of sage wafted to her nose. The smell that began the tightening in her core this morning had now lulled her into a calm that wouldn't subside, even as fangs dug into her skin.

Her powers shivered where her body wouldn't, sending a wave of electricity through the massive form that held her to the tree. The tension that was slowly driving him mad built until that moment, every ounce of the irritation of the last few days spilling into her when her blood met his tongue. Sucking at the fresh wounds before they began to seal over from his saliva, her legs took up residence under her once more before taking a step back.

"Onna, the charm has worked like I said," his face blank and impassive as his amber eyes bore into the brandy colored orbs that were still wrapped in the haze of lust. The statement meant as the question he would never actually ask. To his unseen pleasure, her head bobbed lightly in agreement. His eyes fell on her midnight locks and had noticed the color changing ever so slightly since their first encounter.

As she walked towards the torn pile of clothing, he noticed that the formerly vibrant priestess’ hips no longer carried the sway of a child, but the swagger of a woman. Five years since her appearance and three since their first encounter, his lips turned up slightly at the thought. She tossed the remnants of her clothing into the small fire that burned in the center of his small clearing. After raising an eyebrow at her bold nature, he wrapped his inner robe around her worn and tired shoulders.

Turning her eyes towards him, his impeccable wall of ice hid any spark of love from her eyes. She had long given up on the notion from the cold inuyoukai. As her mind slid back to the first night she had met him alone, she remembered how her own gaze at the time showed far more emotion then it ever would again. That night from long ago was far from what happened now; it was the first night he had ever held sway over her.

"Will you be leaving me alone again tonight or perhaps you will stay until I've bathed?" She held no opinion either way; she had dealt with both in her time. A well hidden shiver from the cool wind and her unsteady legs slid through her. To her surprise, he simply tugged his inner robe from her only to rest the mass of his red and white kimono over her shoulders.

"I shall remain until you have bathed and dressed," once more his face held no expression. Resting the inner robe over his form, he returned to the edge of the firelight. His eyes were the color of blood stained gold as they watched her disappear beyond the trees, his ears waiting for the sound of her form to slip into the water of the spring.

As she let the light silken kimono pool at her feet, the light of the moon was no longer held back. The true extent of the marks that now blemished her once smooth and untouched skin became clear. The only place on her body where the marks did not trail was her stomach. Her arms and shoulders were marked with bite marks that all bled his scent and she took what little solace she could; the deep magenta coloring matching his youkai marks. Her breasts and slim sides, which were now tone from her trips to this era, were marked with long tracing lines and small dots of color that was a strange mix of blue that mirrored his crest. Her thighs were marked with the same blue but in deep arrows that seemed to cut deep.

The water slid silently across her skin, easing the dull ache of her thighs and the raw of her back. Bruises were already rising on her marred inner thighs from the repeated contact of skin, the warm water only bringing them to the surface that much quicker. Her mind slipped to them, eyeing the mark that had begun their visits, the deep long slip of blue grazed along the very top of her inner thigh to her hip.


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