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Mrs_Sesshomaru (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Mar 2014

OMG I love you... you're my fav in the whole wide world right now! New chapters - yay!! THREE new, amazing, chapters! Love them all. Totally excited for the next installments :-) woo-hoo!

iin (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Mar 2014

That's sad....feel so sorry 4 kagome, like the other war victims, special women & children. Hope she will tough & strong for her future live...Thanks 4 update....

Nicole (Chapter 26) - Sun 16 Mar 2014

Overall, the chapter left me quite thoughtful: pondering both Kagome and Sesshomaru's actions and future. 

This paragraph left me very confused:

Rie cast him a strange glance before sighing and shook his head. “This is why I just arranged the whole thing. It was simple with a small gathering and drinks. No territories or elders were angered. It was perfect,” she ranted, making her way back towards the door of the bath. Sesshomaru watched with cautious eyes, both amused at her ramblings and busy contemplating her words. He needed to distract others from Kagome’s current state once they caught wind of what his mother was saying.

It doesn't seem to fit it with the rest of what's around it, but it seems instead to belong to another scene or chapter. Is it meant to be Sesshomaru, Rie, or SessMom speaking? 

YangSjie (Chapter 1) - Sun 16 Mar 2014

Wow, this story is amazing! I started reading it a while ago and simply couldn't stop. Really curious to find out what Sesshoumaru will do and how quickly he can fix Kagome. Please keep updating, I'm loving it!

Ankita (Chapter 26) - Sun 16 Mar 2014

Omg new chapter totally loved it ... please update soon

Loveyaa (Chapter 25) - Wed 12 Mar 2014

Well he' back. Lets see if he can make good on any of those promises. It will be a hard, long road ahead, but "love" is worth it right. I can't wait to see what happens next and how he knows he's making a difference :)

iin (Chapter 25) - Mon 10 Mar 2014

What i love your story!! sometimes i disappointed bout kagome potrayal in fanfiction because she a weak heroin.  But in your stories, kagome is a independent, mature, smart and humorist. But she still kind and motherly. She can stand her it.

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 25) - Mon 10 Mar 2014

Yay yay yay!! I love this story!!!

Ankita (Chapter 25) - Mon 10 Mar 2014

<3 two chappie back to backkkk lovelyyyy It's really sad You have to write it then type again almost double workkk ~_~ 

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 24) - Sun 09 Mar 2014

Yay I love this story soooo much!!!!!

beachvilla (Chapter 24) - Sun 09 Mar 2014

/cheers go Sess!  Can't wait for the next update, even if Shippo has passed. 

Nicole (Chapter 24) - Sun 09 Mar 2014

Well, that helps explain why Kagome was willing to trust Miroku and Sango again afterwards; they really did try to track her despite the chaos you described around them. If the scents are throwing off Sango and Miroku, then they must be hell for Sesshomaru (at least that's kind of what it sounds like).

Good luck Sesshomaru, I have a feeling you're going to need it!

Ankita (Chapter 23) - Fri 28 Feb 2014

Noooooo. It can't  stopppp here I neeed moreeee plz plz plz update

beachvilla (Chapter 23) - Thu 20 Feb 2014

Can't wait for the next update. crossing my fingers that things will work out some how. 

Nicole (Chapter 23) - Wed 19 Feb 2014

Whoa. This story sucked me in this morning and didn't let me go all day! I think you've done an amazing job, especially in your portrayal of how Kagome reacts (and is still reacting) to her ordeal: no quick and immediate healing, and she is at war in her own mind over how she can act, react, and feel. She is also incredibly honest about how Sesshomaru's plan may (or more likely not) go down, and what it's affects may or may not be. Given Kagome's thoughts on the topic, and my own thoughts on time-travel (and how Sesshomaru's beast has acted at various points in the story (see #2 below)) I wonder if Sesshomaru will end up back in the past, unable to prevent any part of Kagome's ordeal, and will come across her at Rin's - just as he did before - and he (or his beast) will have the exact se reaction, leaving the future unchanged. 

All that being said, as I read I became curious (or perhaps confused) over a couple of things, and it's possible that they've only occurred in the story due to the time frame over which it has been written:

1. During the two months that Kagome was captive, where were Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara? Any or all of them should have had the skills to track her and help her. I find it surprising that Kagome would be able to keep Miroku and Sango so close over the long term when they hadn't been willing (able?) to help her then. The fact that it took Inuyasha so long to turn on her (and that she apparently trusted him until then) is surprising, too. I hope that I didn't just bypass that explanation in the story, though I did go back and look at Chapter 12, when Kagome tells Sesshomaru about the past...

2. The wishy-washyness of Sesshomaru's beast. When they converse, he often goes back and forth (in different chapters) on his willingness to take Kagome as a mate - in either the past or the present. Is that deliberate? Does Sesshomaru's instincts really that confused over what he wants?


Suka25 (Chapter 23) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

NO I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

satuross (Chapter 23) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

An update. im so happy. sobs T_T

Mrs_Sesshomaru (Chapter 22) - Tue 10 Sep 2013

Smortz... Have I told you I love you lately?! LOL Yeah, I'm late reading the update but WHOO what a ride!!! Yayness :-) Eagerly awaiting the next one.  I wonder what Masanori is planning...?  He cannot think a frontal assault will work.  And yet, with the ending of this chap - can Sess bring himself to leave her?  Surely not, knowing the danger she's in!  Saving her in the past? Yeah, ok great. But Kags in THIS time is who owns his heart.  And not only leaving Kags, but Rin too... OMG so many unknowns!

Alii (Chapter 22) - Wed 04 Sep 2013

Oh shit he is going home asap!! What what! Yeah! Please updat soon!

LM Bluejay (Chapter 22) - Wed 04 Sep 2013

Hooray for updates!! Looking forward to future chapters!  :-)

You've got me really curious now on  Masanori's backstory. You'll indulge us desperate readers with more info on

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