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Koree (Chapter 51) - Wed 11 Dec 2019

Amazing chap

Redleopord (Chapter 51) - Tue 10 Dec 2019

I really liked this chapter. Kagome is healing. And I know this sounds funny, because he is the killing perfection, but I really love Sess's sweet and gentle side. I want a dog demon for Christmas!????????

Kino (Chapter 51) - Tue 10 Dec 2019

I have to say that I really love this. I started to read your story about the time my husband and I learned we lost our baby at 12 weeks. Everytime I read about Kagome's struggles I 100% relate and feel like I am healing with her. I hope she has her rainbow at the end of this storm! I really look forward to the end. No pressure but I hope your able to update more soon!

iin (Chapter 51) - Tue 10 Dec 2019

Even if Sango is Kagome old comrade and Ally, she has her own view of think. The most important is Kagome own feel for Sesshy. Kagome can believe in her own heart and give herself and Sesshy a try for their relationship ????

klee (Chapter 50) - Sun 01 Dec 2019

I love it! He doesn't need to chase me because I'm already his! Daaaaamn! Lol!

Terri (Chapter 50) - Sun 01 Dec 2019

I loved this chapter! I love Sesshomaru and I smiled when at the end Kagome's words froze Seeshomaru abd I can not wait to read more!

I love Kagome and Sesshomaru pairing. This story started out so very sad for me but I am loving the way it is turning. Please post soon.

Misunderstood Maiden (Chapter 50) - Sat 30 Nov 2019

Dammmnnnnn rofl. perfect reaction. can't wait for the next chapter. Your pacing is really good by the way. The story doesn't linger and whenever you update there is always significant progress! It is really a pleasure to read! Thank you! 

iin (Chapter 50) - Sat 30 Nov 2019

Finally Kagome admit her feeling for Sesshy???????? she accept that Sesshy is her and she is his???? congrats

beachvilla (Chapter 50) - Sat 30 Nov 2019

Yay, another chapter!  I do love this story. And I always enjoy it when Sesh is stunned and speachless for good reasons. :)

Koree (Chapter 49) - Mon 21 Oct 2019

Awww progress !! They slept together , she woke & DIdnt freak out progresssssssss !! Lol Sesshomaru is sooo daring lmao " I want to kiss you again " ok Casanova . Great chap

iin (Chapter 49) - Sat 05 Oct 2019

Well, kagome need time to heal her soul and elevate her good mood. Sesshy should prove to kagome that she worthed to be his mate and his queen. So many works they should do to persuade his people about kagome ????

Koree (Chapter 48) - Thu 03 Oct 2019

Great chap with a kickass Kagome 

Zaac (Chapter 48) - Tue 01 Oct 2019

This is such an amazing story! You are an amazing writer! I can't wait for the next chapter! 


Thank you for writing! 

iin (Chapter 48) - Mon 30 Sep 2019

Seshoumaru is like a solid pillar supporting Kagome. ???? He always find a positive point in Kagome's flaws???? thanks for update ????

iin (Chapter 48) - Mon 30 Sep 2019

Seshoumaru is like a solid pillar supporting Kagome. ???? He always find a positive point in Kagome's flaws???? thanks for update ????

Koree (Chapter 47) - Wed 12 Jun 2019

PROGRESS !! I thought Kagome was going to see the other side of the rainbow sliding down on Sesshomaru‘s tongue lol but of course interruptions have to be made :/ aww it’s definitely too soon for her to be strong when hearing such news but I’m glad Sesshomaru was there & she allowed herself to be physical & open with him in that moment . I think it will help her look at their relationship more closely , anywhoooo amazing chap 

iin (Chapter 47) - Tue 28 May 2019

Kagome need learn to believe Sesshy more. Maybe she need help from an expert to reduce her pain

LovemeUsui (Chapter 46) - Sat 04 May 2019

Oh no. It's getting so good! I can't wait for more. Still need a beta?

iin (Chapter 46) - Thu 25 Apr 2019

Kagome need to give herself a try...of course she need time..but the most important, she should learn to trust Sesshomaru, she has seen his actions and his feeling toward her by herself...


Thanks for update Smo

dotti (Chapter 45) - Fri 12 Apr 2019

Omg!!!!!!! Yasasssssssssssss!   This was so brilliant!! Thank you for the update :))))

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