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Koree (Chapter 43) - Wed 06 Feb 2019

Wooooooo I finally caught up , so much has happened. I’m glad Kagome got her revenge & has grown stronger “ which we already knew ” but to see how far she came & how fast is great !!!

iin (Chapter 43) - Mon 04 Feb 2019

I really relief Kagome can move on from her worst nightmare...thank for full support of sesshy.....

dotti (Chapter 43) - Sun 03 Feb 2019

Yaaassssssass! Thank you so much for the update! This has become my favorite story!!!

SmilingFool (Chapter 43) - Sun 03 Feb 2019

Oh such a great chapter, Kagome's insight and knowledge of the East winning the war will give Sesshomaru and his general something to think about.

Go Kagome....

Mrs_Sesshomaru (Chapter 42) - Thu 17 Jan 2019

Ahhhhhh!! LOOOOVED this chapter!! Omg the ending - so sweet. I am totally all smiles - fantastic job. Can't wait to see what happens when they get back to Sesshomaru's place *giggles*

iin (Chapter 42) - Thu 17 Jan 2019

epic!! Love it....thank smo...

iin (Chapter 40) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

oh..Sessy love knowledge about our Kagome world...interesting....thanks for update

iin (Chapter 41) - Tue 08 Jan 2019

I love the way Kagome became open to Sessy...good start...thank for update

Peridot Miko (Chapter 41) - Mon 07 Jan 2019

Poor Sess - he's being soooo patient waiting for Kagome to come around! I hope he doesn't get bent out of shape with all the stuff he must be holding in.  It's a great story and thank you for sticking with it!


Ankita (Chapter 40) - Sat 05 Jan 2019

Thank you for updating <3 <3 

Mrs_Sesshomaru (Chapter 40) - Sat 05 Jan 2019

Oh yay! Super yay :D good update. I'm anxiously awaiting them getting closer. Keep up the great work!

SmilingFool (Chapter 40) - Thu 03 Jan 2019

Totally awesome, thank you for updating...  I adore this story and all the others you write.  I can't wait till justice is served and Kagome gets a little bit to being free from the memories knowing the mercinaries got what they deserved...

Go Kick Bootie Kagome. 

Mysheeki (Chapter 39) - Fri 14 Sep 2018

Missed you lots?thank you for updating and continuing! Hope to see more from ya <3

Happy2SeeAll (Chapter 39) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

Just started reading this. It is a very good storyline. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Kino (Chapter 39) - Tue 04 Sep 2018

I have been waiting for a new chapter and thought about rereading this in Hope's of by the time I got to the end you had updated. Keep it up!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 39) - Tue 04 Sep 2018

So happy that their interactions are warming up. I believe I mentioned this before, but I’m really happy this Kagome isn’t so cold. Gives hope that she can create a similarly successful but different future than the one he just left. I also would like to see what chance they have for romance and friendship without all the piled pain.

iin (Chapter 39) - Mon 03 Sep 2018

thanks for your update

Ankita (Chapter 38) - Thu 23 Aug 2018


InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 38) - Fri 17 Aug 2018

Took me a few days to finish but the concept is sooo fresh! I understand that Kagome is usually the one who time travels in most stories and man does it feel good to know that she became such a strong leader at the same time but having Sesshoumaru travel through time and witness her strength is awesome. I love how his view changed as he witnessed all of her accomplishment and her huge following. Although it seems more tactical on his part to want to mate her I love that he is asl attracted to her confidence and personality of both old and new Kago! Can’t wait to read more! 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 38) - Thu 16 Aug 2018

I really enjoy the difference in this Kagome. The other one was great but so stubborn and distant. Kagome is learning this time around to be strong but also compassionate, which is beautiful.

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