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Mysheeki (Chapter 39) - Fri 14 Sep 2018

Missed you lots?thank you for updating and continuing! Hope to see more from ya <3

Happy2SeeAll (Chapter 39) - Wed 05 Sep 2018

Just started reading this. It is a very good storyline. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Kino (Chapter 39) - Tue 04 Sep 2018

I have been waiting for a new chapter and thought about rereading this in Hope's of by the time I got to the end you had updated. Keep it up!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 39) - Tue 04 Sep 2018

So happy that their interactions are warming up. I believe I mentioned this before, but I’m really happy this Kagome isn’t so cold. Gives hope that she can create a similarly successful but different future than the one he just left. I also would like to see what chance they have for romance and friendship without all the piled pain.

iin (Chapter 39) - Mon 03 Sep 2018

thanks for your update

Ankita (Chapter 38) - Thu 23 Aug 2018


InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 38) - Fri 17 Aug 2018

Took me a few days to finish but the concept is sooo fresh! I understand that Kagome is usually the one who time travels in most stories and man does it feel good to know that she became such a strong leader at the same time but having Sesshoumaru travel through time and witness her strength is awesome. I love how his view changed as he witnessed all of her accomplishment and her huge following. Although it seems more tactical on his part to want to mate her I love that he is asl attracted to her confidence and personality of both old and new Kago! Can’t wait to read more! 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 38) - Thu 16 Aug 2018

I really enjoy the difference in this Kagome. The other one was great but so stubborn and distant. Kagome is learning this time around to be strong but also compassionate, which is beautiful.

Mrs_Sesshomaru (Chapter 38) - Thu 16 Aug 2018

*toooootal girly squeal at the ending hug!!*  Eeeeeeeeee!!! So much yay! How cute! He did a GREAT job not being overbearing, letting her ease to him in this chatper. I was worried for a bit based off their initial exchange & his reaction to protect Rin. I'm glad he was too surprised to try to hug her back - that may have freaked her out more than a little. He misses the closeness of the other version of her & may have lingered in tenderness, thoroughly scaring the crap outta her. Or at least creeping her out. Can't wait until their traveling/alone time chapters :)

candy (Chapter 38) - Wed 15 Aug 2018

Please tell me she can have babies with Sesshomaru. I would be heartbroken if she can't. And if she can would they be full or half demons? Please update soon it's getting so good.

Leaora (Chapter 38) - Wed 15 Aug 2018

Yes!! Sesshomaru has been so assured lately that it's good to have him befuddled once again. And if Kagome is getting an inkling of the sway she holds over him, she may begin testing her seductive influence. *brow waggle*

Mistress (Chapter 37) - Wed 15 Aug 2018

All I can say is please update soon I am in love with this story..

I can't wait for the next chapter.

iin (Chapter 37) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

oh you did update your story.....thank

iin (Chapter 37) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

oh you did update your story.....thank

Kagaku-sha (Chapter 37) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

Please update soon!

Peridot Miko (Chapter 37) - Mon 13 Aug 2018

Glad to see the new chapters - can't wait to find out what Masanori's next move is!

SammyJams (Chapter 37) - Sat 11 Aug 2018

so excited to see more from you! I adore your writing and am really excited to read more from you! I can’t wait for another update!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 37) - Fri 10 Aug 2018

I spent the entire day yesterday reading each of your chapters till I hit the most recent. Amazing! I love the concept. Love the characters. I just can’t wait to see how the second arc of this plays out now that he’s back in his time. 

Misunderstood Maiden (Chapter 37) - Fri 10 Aug 2018

Finally!! lol. Good one. patiently awaiting the next.

Mrs_Sesshomaru (Chapter 37) - Thu 09 Aug 2018

An update! Yaaaaaaaaay! Definitely looking forward to the next :) I have been wondering about the baby... she didn't miscarry at the time she did in the alternate timeline - so maaaaaybe since she was getting proper care, was farther along, & was kind of in a better place mentally than "back then" that will help in her ability to conceive again. Hmmmm... I can't wait to find out!!

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