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Forfirith (Chapter 99) - Thu 07 Jul 2011

Your inumomma rocks *-*

Most authors don't like to use many characters with fear of losing the main storyline... but you don't! So honestly... I <3 joo! 

*stalker status upgraded to Hauting status - current location: Lira-sama's closet*

Forfirith (Chapter 97) - Thu 07 Jul 2011

ohh~I hope someone illustrates that lapful of fluff moment~! I can already imagine it *-*

Forfirith (Chapter 95) - Thu 07 Jul 2011

"like some rare and deadly blossom, peeling back its petals to seek light from the moon"


So prettyful~ <3 your analogies~

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 95) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

Are we actually seeing a nice Sesshomaru? I have a feeling that Tenseiga is behind the whole thing. More please.

JeniNeji (Chapter 99) - Wed 06 Jul 2011


JeniNeji (Chapter 96) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

lol that souds like something Kagome would say

sugar0o (Chapter 99) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

oh ho ho! Go Izayoi! I wonder how that'll fit into the grand scheme of things for inuyasha, to find out later even if he is reformed that it will have been his mother's words that teach kagome how to love Sesshomaru, how to understand him. I dare say Kagome would more then likely be a better mate then izayoi, she's much more feirce i think.

I'm wondering though, is kagome still a normal human? or now that she's mated will she possibly live along side Sesshomaru always? did i miss this answer? i still need to go look for the sword, onyl other cursed one i can think about is Tensaiga...

sugar0o (Chapter 98) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

O_o i wonder where your taking this! I'm so going to stalk more!

sugar0o (Chapter 97) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee More! so interetsing! i still love how he's all WTF so completicated! he's totally having a shikamaru moment from naruto

*looks at mate* "Troublesome!"

sugar0o (Chapter 96) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

lmao! puzzzled puppy! cute!

Smittee (Chapter 96) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

Oh dear. Two people not sure how it works. Sesshy might not happy with a 'I dunno either' answer. Though, he may. Now I can see him in a lab coat testing this theory. Hoo boy, my imagination is running wild tonight.

sugar0o (Chapter 95) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

@_@ i love syou, as far as a cursed sword other then the ones we know aobut i'd be willing to bet it was the sword he carried that didnt help him go into battle against takamaru & inupapa the night he died.

JeniNeji (Chapter 95) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

I absolutely adore your descriptions of how everything happens! It flows so Magic!

Smittee (Chapter 94) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

lol. Seeing Sesshy in my head showing her around, he all of a sudden work a coat and monocle. XD I'm not sure why. Great scene though.

sugar0o (Chapter 94) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

lmao he's got a HALL of cursed swords? *is amused* so interesting!

sugar0o (Chapter 93) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

so cute that displeased puppy! and the world shifts in a new light, suddenly she's wondering if there was ever truth, and the real questions are, "was there?" and "how much was slanted by Inuyasha's version of 'the truth'?" brilliant. and i lave that rin's all >:l Sesshomaru -sama!

Smittee (Chapter 92) - Tue 05 Jul 2011

Lots of learning was before Sesshomaru then.

REDWOLF (Chapter 92) - Tue 05 Jul 2011

Very well done!

JeniNeji (Chapter 92) - Mon 04 Jul 2011

Wow, this seemes like a night before christmas almost. The spirits come to impart their wisdom. Interesting visit and I am very much awed at your creativity in Sesshomaru's background story.

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 92) - Mon 04 Jul 2011

Nicey nice. Want to see how things have changed between Sesshomaru and Kagome. Hopefully, some lovey-dovey stuff. More please.

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