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Chaos Ninja (Chapter 28) - Thu 12 Jul 2012

I love this story!!!! XD All the angst and conflict is so amazingly done! I can't wait to see what Naraku has planned for our little priestess. :3

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 27) - Fri 06 Jul 2012

Keep it coming.

Chaos Ninja (Chapter 27) - Thu 05 Jul 2012

Gah! This chapter is so bittersweet. It's another update, but it's also a cliffie! The last time Sesshoumaru lost control of his emotions, he made out with Kagome, and before that, his Beast panicked and tried to kill her. I'm looking forward to what je does this time, will he finally realize what his feelings mean?

Chaos Ninja (Chapter 26) - Mon 25 Jun 2012

I'm in love with this story!!!! ^_^ I love the confusion and the attempts to kill her, then save her, then forget her, then kiss, poor Sesshy, your heart's doing a number on you. I know this was several chapters ago, but I just want to say that having his Beast against him falling for the Miko was a brilliant twist, especially scine in many stories, its his Beast whose pining for it. Quick question though, what does Ja-ne mean?

Kohana_Moon (Chapter 26) - Sun 24 Jun 2012

I like this story a lot but I have one question... what the hell are chocolate blues? what colour eyes are they? I've seen them described as this before and I thought to myself how can eyes be brown like chocolate yet blue at the same time? So I had to ask:P I can't wait to read more! I hope Kagome stays strong and makes Sesshoumaru grovel some before the end;)

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 26) - Sat 23 Jun 2012

Great story, please update soon.

GreyEcho (Chapter 26) - Sat 23 Jun 2012

Yay! New chapter.


poor kagome, glad she realized not to leave forever. Can't wait for hte next chapter and her return. and >.< Sesshoumaru needs to wake up.

Mikazuki (Chapter 25) - Fri 08 Jun 2012

Aww...I don't think Kagome is gonna make it back to her time permanent despite her decision.  I think she's going to get sidetracked somehow.  Thank you for the nice, lllooooonnnngggggg chapter, and am looking forward to the next update...  ^.^

KEdakumi (Chapter 25) - Fri 08 Jun 2012

Love it!  Can't wait to see what happens when ol' Fuzzy finds out her plans.

GreyEcho (Chapter 24) - Fri 01 Jun 2012

>.< So close....! Can't wait to read the next chapter. Gah, he needs to make up his mind. Glad he didn't die... guess Kikyou was kinda redeeming herself a bit. Can't wait.

Sesshomaru (Chapter 23) - Thu 10 May 2012

Your story has fresh ideas. So enjoyable. The kiss scene was perfect! Thank you. Please continue......

zandria (Chapter 1) - Tue 20 Mar 2012

love your stories can't wait fot the next updates :)

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 22) - Sun 26 Feb 2012

I think, for Kagome, that's definitely a case of "didn't see THAT coming."

Honestly... how it happened... I didn't either. ^_^

Don't know why I hoped he would come to that conclusion Before going to Kikyo. Should have known stubborn pride would get in the way.

Thanks for writing!

Kittyzombie (Chapter 22) - Fri 24 Feb 2012
Awesome though Kagome should enjoy the kiss and they run away from him and should lock her heart for a few chapters. Sesshoumaru at lease deserves that.

zandria (Chapter 1) - Mon 30 Jan 2012

this story is so amazing i can't wait for the next update :)

Venita (Chapter 21) - Fri 30 Dec 2011

Sesshomaru is a jerk, please update soon. Happy New Year!

Kitsune Diva (Chapter 19) - Mon 12 Dec 2011

I love your story. All of the intrigue makes for a nice plot.  I can not wait to read more.

Venita (Chapter 19) - Sat 10 Dec 2011

Great story, please update soon.

jennifer (Chapter 18) - Mon 22 Aug 2011

plz update soon i love this story

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 1) - Sat 13 Aug 2011

Bunny-chan, thank you so so so much for you review to my Pride and Prejudice remake!!! I am so incredibly flattered by your review and praise - it makes me so happy that a fan of P and P like you enjoys it. It is most definitely not my best work, but I will try my best to stay true to the story!  Thank you so much! 



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