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Sora (Chapter 9) - Thu 30 Jun 2011

Oh, our little hero Jaken-sama! :) Like it!  Thanks for the update!

Sora (Chapter 8) - Wed 29 Jun 2011

Good chapter. And that scene at a hot spring! Priceless. :)

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 8) - Tue 28 Jun 2011

I find it hard to believe Sesshomaru would agree to the deal he did, but otherwise a compelling story. I particularly loved how Sesshomaru earned Kagome's respect this chapter. It will be interesting how he responds to it, for he is certainly intelligent enough to notice the change.

Thanks for writing.

Sora (Chapter 7) - Tue 28 Jun 2011

A new chapter! Oh, I`m happy :) So, they began to see each other in a different way than before... Nice! And Rin is such a cutie.

Thanks for writing! I`ll be waiting for next chapter :)

Sora (Chapter 6) - Mon 27 Jun 2011

Yes, things ARE getting interesting!

Kikyo is so arrogant! Yeah, Inuyasha is dreaming to go with her, sure.

Go, Kagome, go! Teach them to respect a woman!

Kagome and Sesshomaru’s relationship is very natural for the beginning. I like it. Kagome and Sesshomaru are look like themselves.

I like your story.

missy (Chapter 2) - Fri 08 Apr 2011

This is a really great, wonderful, good, awesone stroy, i love and like this stroy since i first started reading it, your  a very great author who wrote this very great, wonderful, good, awesome story, bnut i was wondering if there would be more chapters to this wonderful, good, awesome, great story!

amy (Chapter 2) - Thu 07 Apr 2011


Jailene (Chapter 2) - Wed 06 Apr 2011


amy (Chapter 1) - Fri 28 Jan 2011


Sesshoumarus Girl (Chapter 1) - Fri 28 Jan 2011

I think that your story is great. and I can't wait to see what Kikyo is planing and how Sesshoumaru and Kagome are going to come together. Please update soon!!

GreyEcho (Chapter 1) - Thu 27 Jan 2011

I really like your story. I know the pic your taking about. I was really hoping someone would do a story with it. Can't wait to read the rest. XD

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