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jhiz (Chapter 2) - Sun 26 Feb 2012

hahaha... nothing like issuing an impossible order... get dressed but no clothes... I love it *grin*

lexikatt (Chapter 10) - Thu 22 Sep 2011

Overall, your story has been very interesting and I enjoy reading it. But, forgive me for being a grammar and spelling Nazi, I noticed quite a few discrepancies in tenses and spelling. When writing, it is easier to understand a story when written in past tense and you switch tenses quite often. As for the spelling mistakes, they seem to have been checked by spell check and because of that, they were overlooked. For example,

 I am not pleased , but will allow her to make her on decisions. I will only tell you this once. My cousin is not to be force to suffer you attentions. 

1. 'pleased ,' should have no space between itself and the comma.

2. ‘on’ should be ‘own’. It is a simple mistake caused by typing too fast.

3. ‘force’ should be ‘forced’. While the sentence itself is in a future tense, verb tense likes to be a royal pain sometimes. Now, a fast reader would have skipped this and moved on because the brain automatically fixes the tense when read, but things like this stick out like a sore thumb to me.

Other than some minor errors in spelling and grammar, I love the story. Keep writing, so I can keep reading!



Kitsune Diva (Chapter 15) - Sat 03 Sep 2011

I like your story.  Mokomoko is very funny.  I also like the drama with in the demon court.

FoxyKittyKatara (Chapter 14) - Mon 18 Jul 2011

Great job! Loved the chapter. Keep up the good work!

silver hara fox (Chapter 14) - Fri 01 Jul 2011

TKE (Chapter 14) - Fri 01 Jul 2011

oh goody...i wanna see a!!!!

sugar0o (Chapter 14) - Thu 30 Jun 2011

part of me hopes that they gut raiden >:l that hooker! FEH!

Lillian (Chapter 14) - Thu 30 Jun 2011

I was hoping that Raiden would be redeemable, and that the reason he cheated on Kira was for some noble cause, but it is obvious he is just a big old jerk (I would use less kind words here...)!

KaminokoDaughters (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Jun 2011

Yes! Finally! Another chapter! Lol, I'm so impatient. I like this new demon, 'Yoshi', so far but I wonder is he really that nice and is Raiden really that dumb as only a male can be, a male with power.  I wonder how this gathering will play out. I await the next chapter.


--Kaminoko (c)2011

sugar0o (Chapter 12) - Thu 09 Jun 2011

ha! =x mokomoko can't have all the fun!

k (Chapter 12) - Thu 09 Jun 2011

poor moko moko

sarah duffy (Chapter 12) - Thu 09 Jun 2011

this was excellent. keep up the good work and writing. i can not wait for more.

kkprincessofdead (Chapter 11) - Wed 08 Jun 2011
awsome add a LEMON an some one needs to teach mokomoko a lesson ^_^

Mistress SleepWell (Chapter 11) - Tue 07 Jun 2011

bwahahaha what is up with mokomoko? why is it such a pervert?lol

Itoe (Chapter 11) - Tue 07 Jun 2011


What a chapter! LOOL Finally the mating... :D *kukukuk* LOL Mokomoko... that thing is priceless! LOOL

PLS!! Update soon!! :D


kathryn (Chapter 11) - Tue 07 Jun 2011

Lelia Golden (Chapter 11) - Tue 07 Jun 2011

All i can really say is HURRY UP!!!! I cant wait for the next chapter!!

blueminx87 (Chapter 11) - Mon 06 Jun 2011

I'm beginning to think  Mokomoko would like to either have her instead.....or maybe he just wants to share--silly fluff. lolz


sugar0o (Chapter 11) - Mon 06 Jun 2011

OMFG hahahahahahahahaha


Mistress SleepWell (Chapter 10) - Fri 03 Jun 2011

I love your story I cant wait to see how sesshy and kagome bond. 

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