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KShadeslady (Chapter 19) - Wed 11 Jan 2017

Well darn! I'm all caught up! Sigh, now I'll have to wait for an update. Your story is so good, I can forgive the misspelling. LOL

KShadeslady (Chapter 16) - Wed 11 Jan 2017

Oh my, Mokomoko on the loose! Being very naughty. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 12) - Wed 11 Jan 2017

Very nicely done. Poor neglected Mokomoko.  Still seeing a lot of spelling errors. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 8) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

Aw, poor Kira. Something is hurting her heart. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

LOLOLOL! Bad Mokomoko Bad! Giggles!

KShadeslady (Chapter 3) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

OMG! Too funny! I love this! The visuals are just wonderful!

KShadeslady (Chapter 1) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

This is Brilliant! Mokomoko has a mind of its own! This looks like so much fun!

princess of the western lands (Chapter 19) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

I'm so glad you decided to continue this and your other stories. I hope they can save kira. Looking forward to your next chapter.


Update soon onegai


Ja ne

Saiya (Chapter 19) - Mon 09 Jan 2017

If Anybody Can Half-Ass it it would be Kagome.

Fallingyuki (Chapter 19) - Sun 08 Jan 2017

Great chapter. I hope Kagome is able to undo the thing that Kira did to her body.

aijoinu (Chapter 19) - Sun 08 Jan 2017

Such a cute story and I like your other characters as well.  Kirai is a good ally for Kagome and someone that has her own history that Kagome can learn from.

I had hoped for more antics with moko-moko, though.  

You do have some continuity issues that could be easily fixed:  Kirai is mistress of either the North or the South - you use them both so it is a little confusing.

I hope you are able to finish this, at least locate and resurrect Kirai?

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 19) - Sun 08 Jan 2017

I am so glad you're back! Better long wait than never. ;)


Aw, poor Kira! I wonder if Kagome's determination will be enough? 


Thanks so much for writing.

Brittany (Chapter 13) - Mon 03 Nov 2014

I love love love your story!! I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the great work!!

I am slighty confused though. Is the land the North or the South?? You have both wrote down in different chapters as the same persons lands. 

laura (Chapter 18) - Mon 03 Nov 2014

Love it. More please x

kyrinnie (Chapter 17) - Tue 31 Dec 2013

I love this! It's incredible!

i hope they find her soon!

Maybe mokomoko will play spy and find her!!

kagome pregnant?

awesonmess in the making

please update

Katrina Kee (Chapter 17) - Sun 21 Jul 2013

Please update! I want Lady Kira to be rescued!!!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 17) - Wed 09 May 2012

Keep it coming

Maracuya-Chan (Chapter 17) - Tue 08 May 2012

I think its time Kagome purified Raiden's balls. :) I will give you a cookie if this happens :)

Marissa (Chapter 17) - Tue 08 May 2012

Love it so far, I think it should have a little more SessKag moments. It's mostly kira centered I love her, but it would be nice for more SessKag fluff!!!

nightsangel8989 (Chapter 16) - Tue 28 Feb 2012

omg i am SOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!! this is very interesting and i really wonder whats going to happen next :) cant wait for u to update! XD

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