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Match Made In........ Mokomoko? by MidNigh

Ready or Not Here She Is!

Sesshomaru stepped from the spring, his bare feet leaving a wet trail, and growled.

"This cannot continue" He growled looking around for his Mokomoko. The bothersome thing had decided it was time for him to take a mate, and begun the process of finding one. He dressed quickly and began to track his wayward seeker.


Kagome sighed and snuggled deeper into her covers, enjoying the peace and quite while Sango, Miroku, and their children were away for the week.

*Lord knows I love my nephews, but man are they noisy* Kagome thought remembering her afternoon two days ago, spent watching the twins so Miroku and Sango could have some alone time. The boys were four years old now and her friends had decided it was time for another child.

*Hopefully a nice quite little girl* Kagome thought with a smile.

On the verge of sleep Kagome felt an unknown aura pass over the village border.
"Dang it!" She yelled and jumped from her bedding, not bothering to stop and don the bottom half of her priestess robes. Bow and arrow held at the ready Kagome approached the edge of the tress, scanning the area for the intruder.

"I know your out there. Show yourself!" She order, receiving no answer. After ten minutes of silence Kagome sighed and lowered her bow. She scanned the area one final time before turning back toward the village.


Sesshomaru smirked as he picked up a fresh burst of Mokomoko's scent and increased his pace. A female scream stopped Sesshomaru in his tracks.

*Dammit! Not again.* He thought as he cleared the trees.

Kagome struggled against the fluffy creature wrapped around her body and forced her fear away so she could think clearly. Sesshomaru frowned as he recognized the female being assaulted by Mokomoko.

"Miko" He called dryly. "Remain still it will release you in a moment." He informed her stepping closer.

* Foolish creature. As if a mere human could be My mate.* He thought. Kagome struggled harder as the thing became warmer and began to glow. Her vision blurred as heat burned along her body. Sesshomaru's shocked voice whisper along her hearing before she lost consciousness.

"Impossible" He said.

Sesshomaru knelt by Kagome's side and gently pushed apart her top. There, against her upper chest and neck, the mark of the western land glowed blue intertwined with the pink swirls of her own power. Mokomoko crept up his body, vibrating with approval at it's choice of mate.

"She is human" He growled but Mokomoko didn't seem to care.



Sesshomaru referred to Mokomoko as Seeker, which will be explained later on..... Hope you all liked this chapter Please Read & Review!!! Sessy21.



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