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roberta. (Chapter 8) - Fri 21 Aug 2015

Wow these one shots were delicious.

Raynell (Chapter 8) - Thu 06 Aug 2015

Love the story and loved, loved, loved the lemon. Soooo hot!

Wispr (Chapter 8) - Tue 19 Aug 2014

I am so happy it didn't go the route that I had feared... over at FF.Net so many Sesshoumaru/Kagome stories involved rape I just gave up on them until I found this site and so freaking happy your story didn't go downt that dark path.


Now for the scene itself, it was very sensual and hot without getting vulger. Bloody good work and looking forward to the sequal!



Wispr (Chapter 7) - Tue 19 Aug 2014

I have to admit this chapter made me quite a bit uncomfertable with the level of sexual aggression shown and I so hope the next chapter turns to a more consensual intamacy.


Wispr (Chapter 6) - Tue 19 Aug 2014

You did Sesshoumaru's thoughts really well and I can't wait to see how it turns from a simple conquest to something with more emotional depth to it.

Wispr (Chapter 5) - Tue 19 Aug 2014

Oh Goddess this chapter was hilarious and yet very intimate. You're really doing a amazing job with this story.

Wispr (Chapter 4) - Tue 19 Aug 2014

Oh now this chapter was bloody hot! You did a fantastic job in describing the intimate tasting and Kagome's emotional/physical reactions. And how you wrote Sesshoumaru's actions with the water bottles and small push was really in character for how he's been acting around her in thos story.

Wispr (Chapter 3) - Tue 19 Aug 2014

LOL... yelp you had me chuckling with this chapter. Especially the "once over" part, that was really well written.


Something else I want to say is I really love how easy your writing style is to read. Even though it's full of vivid descriptions and tangible emotions the words just flow so smoothly together. Really glad there's more of this particuler story and a sequal!

Wispr (Chapter 2) - Tue 19 Aug 2014

Oh bloody wonderful chapter. How you wrote Kagome's feelings just had me grinning like a fool.

Wispr (Chapter 1) - Tue 19 Aug 2014

Oh a very nice intro. I really like how you did Sesshomaru's actions and Kagome thoughts and reactions. Looks to be a very interesting story!

Blossom34 (Chapter 3) - Sun 16 Feb 2014

I don't think I've had the the pleasure of telling how much I love this story.If I have then you already know but sience it wouldn't hurt to tell you again and I quote " I LOVE THIS STORY!:-)" It makes me smile just thinking about it:-)!

Christianna (Chapter 3) - Thu 06 Feb 2014

This story is amazing and you caught Sesshomaru's character perfectly!

Shariramora (Chapter 2) - Wed 08 Jan 2014

I'm so happy that after all this time, you are still active. I love reading your work and I love this story's plot.

Kounami (Chapter 2) - Fri 06 Sep 2013

I wish I had Kagome's luck in attracting Daiyoukai Dog Demons... -_-

Duchess Of Darkness (Chapter 8) - Thu 14 Feb 2013

SQUEEEEEE Now im uber mega super excited about reading A Taste of Perfection.  *Makes a crazed dash for Dokuga Homepage* As i recall you made an update right around *scrolls the window* HERE *pounces the link with pycotic glee* MWAHAHAH MINE MINE MINE....ours?! Yes ours *nods*


Duchess Of Darkness (Chapter 1) - Thu 14 Feb 2013

I cant believe that i waited so long to get around to reading this. It was a nice change of pace for me and something i can definately lose myself in. Its one thing i adore about a fanficand that's novel-quality work. And you my friend made this novel worthy. I can latch onto this story with ease. Thanks for writing something so nice and intriguing to get into. Lord knows i need something at work to distract meh from that dreadful thing called reality *shudders*


Silvermane-Eclipse (Chapter 4) - Wed 06 Feb 2013

My mind drew a picture of wind-up toy Kagome walking roboticaly from Sesshoumaru...both in chibi form...LOL...oh, and square mouth...with white circles for shock eyes...her errand soul seeping out from her blank head....

Silvermane-Eclipse (Chapter 3) - Wed 06 Feb 2013

I like the story but not the scent used in this chapter. Anything citrus reminded me of the beach and the heat of the sun, which was worse when you live in the peninsular where it was practically summer all year long. I do live by the beach however and the dry hot sea breeze isn't healthy for me at all. I'm more of a spring person and I love winter despite my lack of ability to stand cold weather or even the ac. It get colder going in land and much colder when you go up hill, but it was crazy dry hot when you decided to visit the islands and the beaches. The city is way colder than where I live right room has been dubbed the oven...Love the story though....yay!!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 8) - Sat 25 Aug 2012

Love the story, it was amazing and I enjoyed it. I read it years ago but I never update, I have been reading the sequel since you posted it last year and love it.

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 1) - Sun 08 Jul 2012

I like what you got so far. Also considering I have a sensitive nose. Who wouldn't be curious?

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