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Serena530 (Chapter 9) - Mon 10 Jun 2013

Just wanted to let you know how much I like your story.  I've read it multiple times since I came along a while after this chapter was posted.  I seriously can't wait to see what happens.  I think Sesshomaru will have to use his sword to bring her back, and as for Inuyasha...well I'm all for nobody forgiving his juvenile ass!  Anyway, just wanted to let you know that people are still reading this even if they don't leave a review.  Like me.  I'm keeping an eye on this story both here and on, so please please come back to it. =)

lashon (Chapter 9) - Mon 12 Dec 2011

oh my god! who ends a story like that? update! i need to know if she really does die or not

kat (Chapter 9) - Sat 25 Jun 2011

update update update update update... you can't leave us there!

Sessygurl (Chapter 9) - Wed 15 Jun 2011

I so love this story!!!

1CarinoInu (Chapter 9) - Tue 14 Jun 2011

Yay, this story is not dead!  So glad to see an update - quite a little cliffhanger....darn it!  Hope you update soon - got me hanging on the edge of my seat!

kat (Chapter 8) - Thu 17 Feb 2011

awesome story... you should work on it again

Clayr (Chapter 1) - Sun 24 Oct 2010

OH! I totally hope that Sesshomaru beats Inuyasha up BIG TIME! and Goes all demon lord on him!! :3

Esha Napoleon (Chapter 8) - Wed 25 Nov 2009


Kanna37 (Chapter 8) - Wed 25 Nov 2009

Okay, hurry right along with the next chapter. 


autumngold (Chapter 8) - Wed 25 Nov 2009

Please, please let Kagome's mother say yes!  Kagome needs the love and security that Sesshoumaru will provide.  Hopefully this would also mean that she wouldn't have to be left with Inuyasha again.  He is such a jerk!  Thank you so much for the update!  I can't wait for Kagome to wake up!

stars (Chapter 8) - Wed 25 Nov 2009

please updaa

stars (Chapter 7) - Thu 19 Nov 2009

please updata

Esha Napoleon (Chapter 7) - Thu 19 Nov 2009

This story so far has been GREAT!!!!!!!

autumngold (Chapter 7) - Wed 18 Nov 2009

Well, isn't Inuyasha just a selfish jerk.  I can't believe that he thinks she should apologize to him.  If he had ever taken care of anyone, acted like an alpha should, then maybe.  But, he can't only take care of himself then get mad when people don't respect him.  Great update!  I'm so glad that Kagome knows Sesshoumaru is there.  Now I just know she will get well!  Please update soon!

knifethrower (Chapter 7) - Wed 18 Nov 2009

I'm so glad Sesshomaru got through the well!  Can't wait for more...

GreyEcho (Chapter 6) - Thu 22 Oct 2009

I love this sory and all the date like memories are so cute! >.< I got teary eyed when I thought Souta wasn't going to find her. and I'm glade Sesshoumaru got through. GAh I hope this ends well.  >.<

Walter205 (Chapter 6) - Wed 21 Oct 2009

 This is a very good story. Hopefully we'll get another update soon maybe? (although I'm not one to talk considering how often, or lack thereof, I update my own chapter stories).

Lady Lillian (Chapter 6) - Wed 21 Oct 2009

its a great story I hope Kagome gets better and that Sesshomaru doesn't lose it in the future. I'm glad Kikyo isn't a bitch in this one too bad Inuyasha is being an ass. But I bet in the end he will realize his mistakes towards both women or maybe he won't please update soon.

stars (Chapter 6) - Wed 21 Oct 2009

please updata

Aimee Blue (Chapter 6) - Wed 21 Oct 2009

why? why must it stop? i need more! i love this so please update soon!

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