Lanamargarita (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Jul 2020

That was the perfect teaser for the perfect video-game. I would play it. E v e r y d a y. 

Mecca (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Jul 2020

Welp I'm always down to put Kagome and Sesshoumaru in hot situations where they look cool and dashing but dirty and ready to get even more dirty at the same time ;) I loved the line "from caring hot guy to slave driver hot guy" haha! Most definitely still overall hot guy, for real though. Those scenes always kinda crack me up when they start going at it, in the craziest of places, while in imminent danger. Most recent scene that pops into mind is Underworld, I think the sequel...? Where Selene and Michael have sex in some kind of warehouse after having had a huge vampire chase, and Selene gets wounded when the sun rises, and Michael tries to heal her but with her fast vampire healing powers, she was already healed, but then it turned into a hot scene where he slowly undresses her xD ANYWAY.... loved it. Thanks for sharing! 

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