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Just Another Action Flick by Sora-chan

Just Another Action Flick

Prompt: When people start having sex in apocalyptic/action movies. Complete Crackfic, action tropes galore.

This is a crack fic, please do not take this seriously lol. I couldn’t resist.

General Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or any brand named below. Nor do I make any profit from this work of fanfiction

Just Another Action Flick

The room was dingy and poorly lit, yet light enough for everyone to see clearly. The two figures stood quietly, tense. Both looking around warily to ensure there would be no breach in their supposedly safe location.

With an audible sigh, the woman calmed first. Clicking the safety of her gun that was large enough so you knew she meant business and could kick ass but still small enough to hold in her tiny, dainty hands. She looked over at her companion, clear blue eyes looking brighter due to the layer of dirt and grime that laid strategically around her face to highlight her pert nose, high cheekbones and full lips.

“We should be safe here.” she breathed out, stating the obvious. 

Her equally dirty companion, a statuesque hunky man that could be mistaken for a spy, a soldier, a model or even the villain (in the right outfit) looked over at her with narrowed hazel eyes. He nodded once and holstered his gun, clearly determined to continue being the strong silent type trope.

He looked around the room, his striking eyes taking in everything with pinpoint accuracy. Cataloguing every nook and cranny in his brain with military precision, he gritted his teeth, causing his strong jawline to become attractively prominent. His fashionable haircut allowed his light blonde strands to frame his face undestractingly.

A wince from the petite woman beside him brought him from his musings. She was holding her ribcage. He reached over, noting the blood on her fingers and the wet spot on her torn black shirt. 

“I didn’t realize I got hit.” she murmured, almost in a daze.

“We need to treat it so it doesn’t become infected.” He spoke, giving the room another once over to locate anything that could be of use. Conveniently, he saw a first aid kit hidden between some objects and reached for it, before laying it on the table beside them.

“Yeah ok. We don’t have much time anyway. Naraku gave us an exaggeratedly small amount of time to meet his demands. We need to find anything we can use as a weapon.” she said, stripping herself of the vest like holster she wore over her tank top. The movement caused her breasts to heave and her wound to pull. She winced again.

“Careful.” he muttered, already sorting through the kit to find the bandages and alcohol. He helped her sit on the table before standing unnecessarily close in between her legs. Her breath hitched but she said nothing as she watched him lift her shirt slowly over her toned waist.  He exposed her wound, a nasty gash right by her supple left breast.

“I can clean it,” she whispered uncomfortably, face flaming. 

“It would be faster if I do it. I know what I’m doing, Kagome.” He reassured her, saying her name to make her more comfortable with him. He rarely used it after all, and she thought he was an asshole.

Her eyes shot to his when he said her name and she nodded once. He got to work, expertly cleaning and treating the area before gently placing a bandage over it. Then he wrapped her ribs in gauze. Stepping back, he admired his handiwork.

“Thanks Sesshoumaru,” she said, jumping off the table gingerly. Her heeled boots echoing in the garage like space.

“We need to collect anything that can be a weapon. Check in that cabinet over there, there might be some ammunition laying around.” he ordered. She scowled at his change from caring hot guy to slave driver hot guy, but still made her way to the appointed cabinet to look around.

Shortly after, they took stock of their finds. There was a hammer, a crowbar, a piece of an old map, some random guns, boxes of ammunition and gasoline. 

“What was this place?” she asked aloud in wonder, unsurprised when he didn’t reply.

“We need to get to the meeting spot, but we can’t be seen by any of the militia.” He said finally, reaching for one of the guns and inspecting it.

“I know, I’ve been with you the whole time remember.” She retorted snarkily, blue eyes narrowing up at him. Her hands found her hips in a pose of feminine upset, she was annoyed at him discrediting her prowess.

“And if I’m not mistaken, I had to save your ass in the first place.” He rolled his eyes, remembering how he found her almost at the mercy of a few soldiers. She had been holding her own in the fight, but she was grossly outnumbered. She was a good fighter, and an even better shot, that was why he decided to change his course and help her. 

Not because she had on skintight cargo pants and boots.

One would think she would have decided on a more comfortable outfit, his mind shifted to his own practical attire that did nothing to hide his strength and attractiveness. But he figured one couldn’t complain when there was a villain destroying the city with bombs and seedy henchmen.

“I had a plan, you saving me was not a part of it. You blew my cover and now Naraku has my sister.” Her ire turned into grief in one shaky moment. She turned away from him and closed her eyes, trying to steady herself and taking a deep sniffling breath. She couldn’t break down, she couldn’t cry. Not now, not in front of him. There was a lot at stake, and she needed to be level headed and calm.

A sniffle escaped.

He put down the gun and turned her to face him, pulling her diminutive form into his larger one, in a rare show of compassion. She gripped his shirt, pressing her face into his chest as she fought the sobs.

“Remember, he has my half-brother as well. We both have a lot riding on this.” He breathed out. She looked up at him, cerulean meeting amber. He swiped a stray strand of hair from her beautiful face and leaned down slowly. Their lips met in a slow kiss and became more passionate as she responded.

Their lovemaking was both hard and fast and slow and sensual. They knocked things off the table and shelves in their haste and passion. The need for quiet and fear of being discovered vanishing in this scene. They grabbed and pulled at each other, hips meeting in a frenzy as they were fiercely seeking release. It was primal and hot, sweat glistened on their perfect forms as they went at it with wild abandon. 

Afterwards, they got dressed silently, both lost in thought, possibly wondering if anything changed between them and if they got too close. 

“So what’s the plan, oh fearless leader?” Kagome prompted, changing the mood with her snark.

Said fearless leader that just had her bent over their stockpile table narrowed his eyes at her, but there was no real annoyance behind it. He was probably still in an orgasmic haze after all. His sweaty hair clung attractively to his forehead.

He went over the plan, splitting the guns and ammunition between them and watched as she hid them in various compartments. It wasn’t until she pulled on her vest like holster that they remembered that she had a wound. She waved him off, murmuring that she was fine, and he nodded.

They did one last check through, grabbing the hammer and crowbar lastly.

“Lets go kick some ass.” she declared, and he nodded to her. They left the location more silently than they barreled in. It was time to get to the meeting location and save the city.


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