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Just your friendly neighborhood lurker and sometime commentator of fanfics, and boring human extraordinaire. #blessed as the kids say. Here are some useless and totally unimportant factoids about myself:

I read way too many SessKag fanfiction and other types of books and literature. I read a slightly unhealthy amount of smut *shrug* What can I say? I’m a healthy wench who enjoys carnal pleasures? ;) I used to write fanfiction back in my late teens, but sadly I’m just a reader, although I’m vaguely feeling a familiar stir the more I read others’ works. I work in healthcare studying medicine (back in school. Yes, ugh), happily married with two senior dogs, early 30’s, collector of pretty rocks and minerals and exotic plants. I’m happy when it rains.  I run for a hobby - gross, right?  I drive too fast but have never gotten pulled over. I love making copious amounts of varying types of soup and I most definitely can not eat enough dark chocolate. My home is in Oregon, US. I don’t bite... unless asked nicely, or otherwise provoked (I’m friendly, I swear!).

If you are in need of a beta reader, please let me know! I’d gladly try my hand at it. Never have before but judging from some of the fics I’ve read recently, it seems the need is great...

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