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Gabby (Chapter 11) - Mon 10 May 2021

I loved it 

Carlyn (Chapter 11) - Thu 04 Mar 2021

This story has so completely surprised me. I thought it sounded interesting, but I never imagined it would turn out to be SO creative and well written. It has unexpectedly become one of my top favorite fanfiction stories ever! I truly recommend this story to everyone! It's so ridiculously good! And everything was brought together so perfectly in the last chapter. Nothing left unaddressed.  Truly a great work. The only thing I didn't really understand was the use of "dusty" in various parts of the story. I assume it has some kind of slang meaning I'm unfamiliar with? But it definitely didn't interfere with the story at all. GOD I loved this fic! So beautiful!

Carlyn (Chapter 9) - Thu 04 Mar 2021

Awe!!! This story is soooo good!!!

Carlyn (Chapter 8) - Thu 04 Mar 2021

Uh oh. Lol

Carlyn (Chapter 4) - Thu 04 Mar 2021

OMG I'm obsessed with this story. Lol

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 11) - Sat 10 Oct 2020

This is why I love mamaInu, she's the best and she knows everything. 

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 10) - Sat 10 Oct 2020

So... for him was the same as her, they made a connection, and later they couldn't forget how it was that life.

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 9) - Sat 10 Oct 2020

Well, that was a great way to recollect information about her possible future. 

Johanna Brown (Chapter 11) - Sat 10 Oct 2020

This was a wonderful story. I loved it from beginning to end. I also love how Kagome was right on who was behind this wish. Thank you for such a wonderful story and don't stop writing.

Lola (Chapter 11) - Wed 07 Oct 2020

AMAZING!! In my 16 years of reading sesskag this was my Favourite portraya of Sesshomaru. What an delig story!! Thank you for writing and I hope you will continue to write!

KShadeslady (Chapter 11) - Tue 06 Oct 2020

Wonderful finish! Thanks for a super story and for tying up all those loose threads! 

Just a note: in the Jinenji timeline it's exorcise not exercise. Easy typo.  

T (Chapter 11) - Sun 04 Oct 2020

Wow. Brilliant ending. I especially love the going back in time twist and that's how he lost his eye in Sesshomaru's experience with Kagome. very clever in my opinion. Everything had such sweet endings, in their own way. 

One of the best stories I've read! 

Katie (Chapter 11) - Sun 04 Oct 2020

I didn't know that I need that last chapter, but I did. THANK YOU 

Faith (Chapter 11) - Sun 04 Oct 2020

This was a wonderful conclusion. I'm so glad you revisited all the different timelines. I think what I love most about this story is what I loved about your Otome Game. All these extra characters pulled into the could have written them with very little depth and still ended up with a good story because it would be a dynamic plot still and Kagome and Sessh would get together. But instead you chose to give your tertiary characters depth and complex motives and you ended up with a great story. I think it's also the way Kagome would treat each of the story lines. <3

D (Chapter 11) - Sat 03 Oct 2020

Wow just wow. What wonderful written story. The sense of humor was delightful. I was afraid to give this story a chance. Worried it be rushed or she would be hot mess in bad way. Totally surprised by the story and reach marriage made perfect sense. I loved the sex scenes and all the humor was amazing. I laughed so hard in some places. Thank you for this wonderful story. I would be rereading this 

Lauren (Chapter 11) - Sat 03 Oct 2020

What a fantastic wrap up! It wasn't nearly as depressing as I worried it'd be, with Kohaku and Naraku's timelines. I'm glad that Yua came back to get Sesshomaru so he wouldn't linger. At least he has his father... And Kagome is a dark miko in Naraku's timeline, but we knew that and that wasn't going to change whether or not Sesshomaru stayed. I'd actually thought that most people were dead in Naraku's timeline, but it makes sense he'd spare people so he'd have villagers to torture.


I'm glad that Hojo's Kagome realized what her relationship was. And Inuyasha's ending was so sweet. A mended family. And Miroku would suggest such a simple solution in his timeline. The best of both worlds, where everyone can be happy. 


Love that you manipulated Jinenji's timeline and made Sesshomaru request that Amaterasu turn back time so he ended up in the original timeline Yua dropped him in (where he had one eye). You really tied everything up so neatly. Speaking of Amaterasu... It WAS her! It figures Amaterasu would be plotting with, or better yet, because of Sesshomaru's mother. How adorable. Them looking over Inuyasha freaking out over Kagome and Sesshomaru showing back up at the village together is so cute. 


All in all, this was another great story. It's always the fluffy ones that take you by surprise.

Kagome Yuki Niwa (Chapter 11) - Sat 03 Oct 2020


I was hoping and praying that when I started this that there would be a continuation from his POV or what happened afterward. The most enticing one was the dark priestess version for me and I am content in knowing how that continued. I am in LOVE. And this is beautiful. Truly a work of art.

Anjula (Chapter 11) - Sat 03 Oct 2020

I love how dynamic each timeline was. Such a great read!

Kitty (Chapter 11) - Fri 02 Oct 2020

Thank you for giving each of the timelines an ending! It's so well written and you give the characters such depth and feelings. Loved the realistic endings you gave them. loved how jinenji's time line is the prequel to the Sesshomaru  timeline.  Love all your stories and look forward to them 

LSP (Chapter 4) - Fri 02 Oct 2020

Thank you! This is really fun like an otome game!

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