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docsgirl4 (Chapter 29) - Fri 11 Sep 2020

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your update. Reading this really made my day. The chemistry between Sesshomaru and Kagome is so organic and spicy . Also I love the way the plot has deepened.  I cant wait to see what happens.

Allison (Chapter 28) - Tue 08 Sep 2020

Wow what a chapter. Loved all the descriptions at the beginning of the chapter through Sesshomaru's view. You can see just how attracted he has become to Kagome. How she affects him. I thought that was good to read to reinforce how much his feelings have changed. Boy did things get heated I'm surprised he was able to keep his restraint and not change sooner. I was going to really get upset with Kagome when it looked like she was going to leave him after she got off. That would have been wrong of her. I'm glad she came back and wanted to please him too. 

When he changed and tasted her best part. The now we are even line was great. He does give the best one-liners in this story too me. I was waiting for Kagome to say I didn't get to taste you. He probably wouldn't' have left if she said that. I feel like he will fully change when they make love. 

Hopefully he gets more information when he is out as a demon that will get him closer to finding Rin. 

I like your long chapters but I also liked this one too. I could read it really quick before going to bed instead of waiting. Sometimes some things just need to stand alone. I feel like this chapter did. Whatever length chapter you give I'm here for the ride. 

Mecca (Chapter 28) - Sat 05 Sep 2020

So wait. Holy shit. Is the cure just getting it on with Kagome?? That would be so perfect lol 

Mecca (Chapter 28) - Sat 05 Sep 2020

Ah my goddess, THANK YOU for this one. Just what I was needing! After all that tension! and PLEASE rescue Rin! I would think she was a goner by now.... can't wait to see the next chapter! 

Inuaddict (Chapter 28) - Thu 03 Sep 2020

honestly I adore how long these chapters are and this story is developing so well. I really hope this goes past getting Rin amd towards kagome proving herself and allowing Sesshoumaru and her to be together. and I REALLY hope he doeant think that she tricked him qhen he finds out the teuth- although she should tell him anyway

Inuaddict (Chapter 28) - Thu 03 Sep 2020

honestly I adore how long these chapters are and this story is developing so well. I really hope this goes past getting Rin amd towards kagome proving herself and allowing Sesshoumaru and her to be together. and I REALLY hope he doeant think that she tricked him qhen he finds out the teuth- although she should tell him anyway

Shastuhh (Chapter 28) - Thu 03 Sep 2020

There was sooo much in this chapter that I didnt know I needed! Im pretty sure I have premature hot flashes from thos chapter! Thank you!!!! 

Young Kagome (Chapter 28) - Thu 03 Sep 2020

I was gonna be soo upset with her if she really left him hanging!! Glad they both got a little action. I was wondering when he'd transform again!!! Hopefully he will find even a hint of where Rin is, if not completely retrieve her. And Jaken and Ah-Un for that matter lol its been so long since we seen them. I hope my comment on taking days to read your chapters didn't deter you from making this longer!! It wasn't a complaint at all I absolutely LOVE your long chapters. Please make more long chapters lol. Great job and please update soon! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 28) - Thu 03 Sep 2020

That was a good chapter I'm glad they got back together for the meantime...  At least now he knows how she tastes on the yokai tongue...  lol  Great chapter well done....  Update soon.

Chelsea Harris (Chapter 28) - Thu 03 Sep 2020

MY. GUYYYYYYYY ???????????????????????? I was clenching all kinds of pearls while reading. This anticipation is really killer. I love love love reading your work ????????????????????

Littlemisspanda (Chapter 27) - Thu 27 Aug 2020

I am completely obsessed with this story. I can't wait for the next update. ????

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 27) - Thu 27 Aug 2020

Golly Bob HOWDY!!!!! This chapter was intriguing enough on it's own, and you say that's only HALF? Holy Mackerel! I can hardly wait, and hope that I have time to sit down and devour it in one gulp (I had to break this up what with all the upheaval IRL right now). This story has grown incredibly and I am simply astounded at how well you put it all together and pull in things that happened eons ago in the story. Whew!! Still loving the heck outta this one!



sirenblue (Chapter 27) - Thu 27 Aug 2020

another great chapter! 

Allison (Chapter 27) - Wed 26 Aug 2020

The last week has been hectic and I was so excited to see that you posted 2 chapters. First I just love that the reason he was gone for a week was to get her a weapon. The weapon had so much detail that you described to a tee that had me fangirling over here. lol Uh they just need to admit they have fallen deep for each other and do it already. lol Absolutely loved that revelation. 

I didn't know how I was going to feel about Toran when she was listed at the end of this chapter but I really liked her in the next. I think she did a good job of seeing another side of Sesshomaru and getting him to open up. She picked up right away that something was going on with him and Kagome and made him talk about it. Didnt like her kissing him but the results from that made up for it. 

The makeout session and their kissing and love bites talking about drawing out his instincts and having a desire to mate someone finally also got me so excited. I think that if they do make love that is probably what will change him back to a demon fully. His instincts will come out completely during this I wonder if he might claim her as mate during the process. 

Great chapter!! I'm glad Toran finally told Kagome what has been needed to be 

Young Kagome (Chapter 27) - Tue 25 Aug 2020

Cut in HALF?! It took me days to read this one it was so long lmao! Do not think I'm complaining I LOVE how long they are!! This story is filled with a lot of dialogue and explanation of feelings in a way that most stories skip over. It's one thing to have a great story idea. It's totally different to fill it with interesting conver to keep us readers entertained. To connect us to the characters. You're doing amazing sweety. I really enjoyed this chapter. Someone who knew Sesshomaru from the past, one of his trusted allies is just what I wanted for him lol though admittedly I thought it'd be a man. I love that you love to surprise me. Anyways please update soon! 

Jilliene (Chapter 1) - Mon 24 Aug 2020

Like everyone else, I love reading this story. Though I am worried how it will end. I don't see how those two can ever have a happy ending.


Maybe I totally missed it but have you revield how it's Kagome's fault he's a human? I went back to the first chapter to see if I missed anything but maybe I just didn't notice. 

Shastuhh (Chapter 27) - Mon 24 Aug 2020

BRAVA! This chapter qas amazing, I was right when I said you would be the one to make me like Toran of all the fics I have read you have done her character the most justice. Also.. that little quip about his hips being lethal ohhh my that was delicious! There was definitely a lot od thought that went into this chapter and Kagome was also given a good amount to think about. i cannot wait til the next chapter! 

Inuaddict (Chapter 27) - Mon 24 Aug 2020

Everything is going to go to hell when he finds out that it was Kagome's wish that turned him. 

Also I wonder what is the human thing that he has to feel that will allow him to turn back. And is feeling it enough or does he have to acknowledge it. 

I adore this story. Thank you so much for giving it to us!!


docsgirl4 (Chapter 27) - Mon 24 Aug 2020

This chapter was so entertaining. I love the dynamic between Toran and Kagome. Sesshomaru has this crazy reputation with the ladies that seems out of this world. Feel free to make these chapters as long as you like. I can't get enough of the inner musings of Kagome and Sesshomaru.

FayeMegan (Chapter 26) - Sun 23 Aug 2020

I loved Kagome's pep talk! Fits her perfectly

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