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Lauren (Chapter 5) - Fri 17 Jan 2020

Very rude. Jerk Sess is in caracter, so it fits. Cannot wait until your next installment

CraziGurl (Chapter 5) - Thu 16 Jan 2020

You will, I hope change him back at some point, right?

Kags (Chapter 5) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

Kudos! Thank you for the update!! The chapter didn’t disappoint! And I think you’ve written Sesshomaru rather well!! I like his jerk personality! He had his whole world come down.  So of course he’d be a bigger jerk thank before! Thanks again! 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 5) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

Ya know, even though he definitely was a jerk, I appreciate that Kagome could hold her on. I would have felt much worse if she crumbled from it but the points you used (Inuyasha losing that demoness and then Rin) to redirect her back to what mattered/strengthened her spine was appreciated. I can understand why he needs to be this way right now though, because homeboy has a whole spiritual awakening he's about to go on as a human. He has a lot of misconceptions that literally only walking in someone else's shoes could illuminate.


Also, shout out to Kagome for knowing he wanted off lol!!!

FayeMegan (Chapter 4) - Wed 25 Dec 2019

I'm definitely hooked! Can't wait to see where this goes :D

Nilee1 (Chapter 4) - Mon 23 Dec 2019

OMG! They have to go find Rin. Like it or not they need Inuyasha and Kog-- Pride be damned.

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 4) - Mon 23 Dec 2019

Shorter than usual but still very much appreciated! Thank you for the update and Happy Holidays!

sesshomarupatrick (Chapter 3) - Wed 18 Dec 2019

I'm addicted to the way you describe him in a very fragile situation. Normally, he's a reliable Alpha, but in this fiction he's....XOX I know 'hot' and 'cute' are inappropriate words for a patient, but unfortunately he is. And quite gentlemanly. I want to see deeper and sweeter interactions between them, so I hope their sweetest Rin will spend some time with Shippo/Kirara/Kohaku/Poooooooorrrrrrr Jaken somewhere warm. I don't want her to get in trouble or catch a cold. ;<

Redleopord (Chapter 3) - Tue 17 Dec 2019


Mecca (Chapter 3) - Sat 14 Dec 2019

Ah, I love how they're trying to acclimate to each other during such an awkward sitch! And I can only imagine how Kagome must feel...! she must need a handy too after all that, but alas sleep was the overpowering inclination. Love it! Keep it coming! If you know what I mean! Also: I hope Rin isn't a poor popsicle somewhere O.o

Klee (Chapter 3) - Fri 13 Dec 2019

Wow. This is easily becoming a favorite. I love how you capture the Dynamics between them. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 3) - Fri 13 Dec 2019

Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss! Ugh this story is so good. And the way you write is splendid. You do an excellent job of conveying the personalities of both Kagome and Sesshomaru, and I really am excited to see what happens next! Thank you for writing this story! P.s- they didn't even have sex and but this whole chapter was steamy as hell *faints*

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 3) - Fri 13 Dec 2019

Omg Susie, you're gonna kill me with how good this is. Just the right amount of intrigue and tension. Can't wait for more. :D 

Nallely (Chapter 3) - Fri 13 Dec 2019

This is so good, I will be expecting the new chapter, your writing is beautiful and the way you put Sesshomaru it's very close to what I imagine would be in the state he is now.

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 2) - Sat 07 Dec 2019

Okay now, this is different. I'm all for it though and can't wait to see what else happens! 

Nicole (Chapter 2) - Fri 06 Dec 2019

Oh, yay! Another chapter!! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this posted and then was dying for more when I got to the end. Ah, such is the way when one is so riveted by what they are reading. Waiting eagerly at the edge of my seat for the next installment!

Mecca (Chapter 2) - Fri 06 Dec 2019

*fan girl squeals* I wonder how Sesshomaru is handling having a naked woman on top of him, especially Kagome. Can't wait tonread the next chapter! The part where she warmed up his nether regions was just hilarious to me for some reason lol! 

Neelixonee (Chapter 2) - Fri 06 Dec 2019

Uhg!  The suspense!  I def want to delve in her feeling about this being her fault and also what hos feeling are on this mess. Lawd!

Nicole (Chapter 1) - Fri 06 Dec 2019

I feel like you are just a genius. I have loved everything you have written! Excited to see where this story goes. Thank you for giving us such interesting plots to read!

Alicia (Chapter 1) - Thu 05 Dec 2019

Ah! I didn’t want this story to end!! More please! I need it! Haha!

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