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Allison (Chapter 33) - Wed 21 Oct 2020

I have been busy catching up. Life has been hectic retail life. I was excited to read so many chapters and I get to the end of this one and realize we are coming to the finale. I have enjoyed this one. I'm glad Sesshomaru forgave her but didn't make it easy on Kagome. She was wrong and needed to realize that. Hopefully, she won't keep anything from him again.

I love how they have grown throughout the story. Can Sesshomaru finally get some though. haha Almost everything stops him. Kagome blocking him from all girls in the beginning. When they decide to sleep together he can't fit. Now the drugs stop him this time. lol

I still believe that probably when they have sex this will bring him back to his demon form. I will have to wait and see. Can't wait to read the end of this. This story has had great detail and imagination. It's been fun to read. 

Mecca (Chapter 33) - Tue 20 Oct 2020

Oh my god, he's gonna go as a human and die a Spartan death?? Noooo.... well hopefully he and Kags can have a proper send off. And hopefully that changes him back... I'm sensing major angst coming up, I can't wait to read the finale! You're a genius, Susie! This story has really touched me through these covid months, I appreciate you making me feel all the feels. Thank you! 

Young Kagome (Chapter 33) - Mon 19 Oct 2020

Hehe you said the title. I always get tickled when that happens for some corny reason. It certainly has been a rollercoaster with this. One I wasn't expecting but fully enjoyed. I don't know why I'm expecting a bad ending but I'm bracing myself for heartbreak, can never be too safe with you lol! Please update soon! 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 33) - Mon 19 Oct 2020

The Finale?!?!?!!! Please let my girl Kagome FINALLY get laid! Besides that, I'm excited to see what happens with the battle and of course if he ever changes back etc... How will his soldiers act when he shows up? Who will be his allies? What will the group do, because we know they're most likely going to pop up and show out?!? Can't wait!

Chelsea Harris (Chapter 33) - Mon 19 Oct 2020

Man. You got a thug over here SWEATING. My boy can't die yet. I need him to live for Kagome and Rin. They're supposed to have pup and stuff. I'm miserable just thinking about him possibly dying ????????????????????

SmilingFool (Chapter 33) - Mon 19 Oct 2020

OMG  oh so close....  They at least made up and now Mioga shows up with the bad news which we knew was going to happen at some point.  Although, I wonder about the magic and if the humans from the north are planting their traps?  I do hope Sesshomaru turns back into a demon then perhaps things will change for the better knowing about the magic and how it works....  gosh I can't believe its already at the end of the story...  Its been a long enjoyous ride  I hope the last chapter is explosive.... 


Update when you can.

The-infamous-one (Chapter 33) - Mon 19 Oct 2020

I'm so excited to see how this all ends,  and whats going to happen.   I feel like I know what is  going on happen to set sesshoumaru  off and transform back,  but I don't want to jinx it!   Ugg sooo can't wait! Please update RIGHT AWAY! 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 32) - Thu 15 Oct 2020

Man, this story went from light/to sexually frustrating/romantic/soul crushing and everything in between. I don't know how to even process it but I'm interested in seeing how you bring this all home. Also, I still haven't forgotten about the fact that these two never officially had full blown intercourse yet. Though I won't lie, it really irked me how Kagome kept trying even as she saw him emotionally distraught. I think she actually might be the least developed character in the story with how she mentally and emotionally behaves/backpeddles.

Bit, I am hoping that she can be absolved of all this blame, as if her wish was secretly a blessing for Sesshomaru against these magic crazed demons and the war brewing against the West. Cause she's just been taking blow after blow and not in the fun way.

Redleopord (Chapter 32) - Wed 14 Oct 2020

Epic Epic chapter! Alot of corners turned.Glad its not what we thought with Rin. She let Sess have it didn't she? Love Kagome's cougar momma.LMAO! Impressive. I could never jump down that high. Eagerly awaiting more. Well done.

Mecca (Chapter 32) - Wed 14 Oct 2020

Holy shit, Morally Reprehensible Kagome indeed! But she's prioritizing her promise above a lot of things, of course she's going to have to do some naughty things in the name of love. So glad Rin wasn't actually raped and preggers, at least that half of her misdeeds is wiped clean. I'm so looking forward to how Sess will become demon again - which he's got to be. And maybe it won't be Kagome's fault? Or she will sacrifice herself in order for him to return to demon status? 11/30 is my birthday so I would LOVE the ending to this epic tale for my birthday present! :) Awesome chapter and thanks for all the feels!

Marie (Chapter 32) - Wed 14 Oct 2020

I'm glad this chapter wasn't real dark I can handle a lil but man you had me worried. I was like awash and lags never gonna get together now

Young Kagome (Chapter 32) - Tue 13 Oct 2020

Lmaooo her mom had it the whole time! That's hilarious. I feel bad she had to burn multiple bridges but when you're desperate you'll do anything. I wish she was honest with Hojo. She doesn't learn does she? I'm sooooooo HAPPY about Rin!!! Omg that was the best part of this whole story. The relief! She's super ok! I can't believe this beautiful story is almost over I could cry. I love it so much. Please update soon!! 

Anonymous (Chapter 31) - Fri 09 Oct 2020

I know I'm.latr, but Happy Birthday!!  And I'll.write you in when I vote. 


Great chapter as always. Can't wait for the next chapter. 

Miss C (Chapter 31) - Fri 02 Oct 2020

This was a tough revealing chapter.

Betsy (Chapter 31) - Wed 30 Sep 2020

Happy Birthday!!!!!! May this year bring many blessings, opportunites, health, peace, and lots of creativity! 



I cried. Why Rin? I expected it but it hurt so much, poor baby.


You're a great writer, don't mind me. I'm hurt but as you said in you A/N, healing is good.

Mecca (Chapter 31) - Wed 30 Sep 2020

Happiest of birthdays, dear Susie! I vote you for president haha! You'd probably do a better job ;) Okay, so... wow. This chapter. What do you have up your sleeve to redeem yourself with hurting us so?? Oh my gosh, all the angst, oh but it felt so good in a way because I'm hoping for a good outcome! And Kagome, poor, sweet, stupid Kagome! She really has become quite pathetic, but I'm hoping she will redeem herself somehow for hurting Sesshoumaru so much. Like wow. Royally and totally screwed the pooch back there. And poor Rin! Not sure how Kagome can ever do right by those two ever again. I love how this dynamic is so freah though, the plot is so good. Thank you for laboring over this story, and hope the best for our characters. A fleeting thought occurred to me - what if it wasn't really Kagome's fault? Eh but can't speculate too hard. Does this mean the romance is over? The fact that Kagome would even think of Sesshoumaru forgiving her any time soon shows just how naive she is. I don't think I could forgive something like that. 

Again, Happy Birthday!! I hope you had amazing day! 

Mel (Chapter 31) - Wed 30 Sep 2020

You destroyed me....

Nicole (Chapter 31) - Wed 30 Sep 2020

Whelp. This chapter ruined my life. T.T *sobs* ok, not really, but kind of. Kind of felt like my whole soul was being wrenched out for a while. Kind of feels like there is no hope in the universe. Kind of feels like misery. *inconsolable crying* my whole soul!!! Please update soon. I can't handle this sort of agony!! Poor Rin!! Poor Sesshomaru!! Damn Kagome!!

Young Kagome (Chapter 31) - Wed 30 Sep 2020

You hurt me so good! This was my worst fear for Rin!! Poor baby. She sounds a bit too much like Kagomes I can't even picture her talking back to Sesshomaru lol. Why does it feel like you're going to end it soon and continue on in another story?? That's the kind of finality type vibes I'm getting. Kagome sooo deserves this and I feel so bad for her! They made such progress. At least he's not completely dissing her but I don't see a way up. I'm sure you'll find a way. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Still so young too! Thanks for thinking of us on your special day. I hope you enjoyed it the best you could. 

Mo (Chapter 31) - Wed 30 Sep 2020

I'm hoping Kagome can undo her wish and reset time.  The revelation of what happened to Rin is so hard to bear.  And hopefully with the knowledge of what will be she can be there to help protect Rin and prevent her from this doom.

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