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Allison (Chapter 25) - Wed 12 Aug 2020

Good chapter. I liked Kagome and Sango's talk about their relationships. I do think Sango is stretching with her relationship with Inuyasha saying they don't talk about the future but she isn't concerned because she knows he loves her. I just don't get that vibe from their relationship. It seems just very physical and sex-driven to me. 

I am interested in seeing where Sesshomaru went and how this affects the story. It has to be worth it because he was gone for a week. Especially since Sesshomaru was the one stating time was of the essence for the gang, and they needed to speed things up and get to Rin. I feel like they are losing track of that and getting further and further behind on their quest. So hopefully they pick up some speed on the next chapter. 

I feel Sesshomaru is pushing Kagome away a little because he is afraid of truly loving Kagome. I feel they need to act on some things and feel things instead of trying to make the other jealous constantly. Its time to just let it happen and feel whatever they are feeling. I wish Sango would have told her that in the hot spring. Everything isn't so nice and neat in love. They have to let go and just try the relationship to see if it is worth it. 

Can't wait to read more of this. 

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 25) - Tue 11 Aug 2020

Incredibly detailed, intensely involved, revealing more of our merry band's internal thoughts, struggles, and foibles... and so nice and long!! I definitely feast on chapters like this one! Sess is predictably irritating, Kags is predictably clueless, but for all that, some interesting interaction there. Can't wait to see if we get to learn what Sess was up to, and what happens with the foray on the tigers. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable read!!!



Miss C (Chapter 25) - Tue 11 Aug 2020

He deserves it. His prejudice and biases as a demon got in the way of his true feelings. I hope that Kagome does not pine after him no longer. It's sesshomaru's loss. I know he won't be happy when he turns back.

Shastuhh (Chapter 25) - Tue 11 Aug 2020

What to say.... that I haven't already raged about in your discord channel.... well this chapter was literally a rollercoaster for me. It pissed me off  A LOT made things better and then pissed me off again... Im pretty sure if I could cause bodily harm to my favorite characters I most certainly would. Sesshomaru need to stop being stupid! 

Young Kagome (Chapter 25) - Tue 11 Aug 2020

You probably don't read or care for my questions but you answered it anyways! I kept wondering when Kagome would get some action and leave Sesshomaru jealous lol. Thanks for this it was sweet! I wonder what he left to do though!!! I also wish we got to know Mirokus love that actually made him cry. Shame. Anyways please update soon.

Siren (Chapter 25) - Tue 11 Aug 2020

another great chapter

Siren (Chapter 24) - Sun 09 Aug 2020

please continue this story

Siren (Chapter 1) - Sun 09 Aug 2020

I just binge read this entire thing. This story is amazing! I normally only read completed stories but yours snared me and I'm anxiously waiting for the next chapter

Lauren (Chapter 24) - Sat 18 Jul 2020

...So was the vision prompted by the sword? The language was off and a giveaway almost immediately, but it read as a manifstation of Sesshomaru’s insecurities. Does he really think all that about Kagome or was it projections from that discussion? Does he not pay attention at all?

Way to waste a perfectly good day of privacy. Two steps forward, nine steps back. Well, at least they are moving along, even if it is at a snail’s pace. And they have more info on the pumas and some recon that will be useful against the tigers (and will help in general) Sesshomaru still did divulge. Maybe once they reach Sango and Miroku they will finally talk about the magic and the diminishing cat populations.

I am wondering if we will get an update on Jaken and Ah Uh. Are they alive? Captured? Still flying around in random directions for info on Rin?

Lauren (Chapter 22) - Thu 16 Jul 2020

So every story Miroku tells will end up a lived truth, or just the one? LOL I cannot believe they keep making the same mistakes. Do not rush - rushes Be aware of your surroundings - Kagome and Inu run around unaware. I am surprised the have made any progress with these side missions. Four days behind schedule and counting. Rin will be mulch by the time they get to girl. I need Inuyasha-tachi to get their shit together already.

Loving long chapters <3

Miss C (Chapter 24) - Wed 15 Jul 2020

With his resoning of coupling her and then leaving her, this is going to backfire on him so badly. I hope karma bites him good for his ignorance. But as a woman I am disappointed in Kagome allowing this. She should nip it in the bud.

Ahrin (Chapter 24) - Tue 14 Jul 2020

I THOUGHT Kagome was acting OOC....I was concerned  it might be an imposter. Makes sense it was an introspective fantasy on Sesshomaru's part. Thank you for continuing your work! The chapter was both delightfully detailed and long!  Looking forward to your next update!

Ahrin (Chapter 24) - Tue 14 Jul 2020

I THOUGHT Jaime was acting OOC....I was concert it might be a an imposter! Makes sense it was a introspective fantasy on Sesshomaru's part. Thank you for continuing your work! The chapter was both delightfully detailed and long!  Looking forward to your next update!

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 24) - Mon 13 Jul 2020

OMG, incredible citrus!!! Very well done, so much so that it was a shock when I got to the part where the lemon ended & we were back to square one. Awfully clever bit of writing there, m'dear, worthy of high praise indeed! Still think Sesshy is being a dolt about the whole thing, though. Looking forward to seeing where/when/if he realizes that he's being a dolt... I'm along for the ride & it's been a wild one so far!



Jennifer (Chapter 24) - Mon 13 Jul 2020

Amazing chapter! Keep them coming!

Emily (Chapter 24) - Mon 13 Jul 2020

All I can say is WOW. I’m loving this slow burn between these two. Loved the lemon—actually relieved it was a fantasy lemon because Sesshoumaru’s version of Kagome is so mean! I loved Kagome realizing her healing potential and the comparison of youki. As always I can’t wait to see how you resolve the remaining drama—especially the lingering issue of the Shikon wish.

Nicole (Chapter 24) - Mon 13 Jul 2020

T.T my whole soul. My mantra was, "its someone else. It HAS to be someone else. No way is that Kagome." But then I was so upset because POOR KAGOME, SHE IS PROBABLY NEARBY SOMEWHERE, INCAPACITATED, WATCHING THIS FARCE. phew. What a wild ride THAT was. I'm so glad I was wrong. I love this story. It has been awhile since I left a review, but every time it is updated I devour the chapter and then wait anxiously for the next. I'm hoping once (if?) they save Rin, and once (if?) Sesshomaru turns back into a demon, that the story will continue for another few chapters at least. I am on pins and needles waiting to see how he will act once back to himself, how Kagome's relationship with Rin will be affected, the implications of Sessho being able to wield tessusiaga, what will happen once Sesshomaru learns Kagome errantly made him human and lied to him this whole time T.T Just so much to cover still. I am strapped in and ready to read the next chapter, be gentle with me.

Young Kagome (Chapter 24) - Mon 13 Jul 2020

What a dirty rotten trick you pulled!! Lol I've been reading darker fics of them so that was kind of on par with what Kagome would say in those but it was so OOC for this story I was so confused lol. Your reminder at the beginning kept me going thankfully. My favorite line in this whole story, "I'm a god." Lmfao!! Thank you for that laugh. Their whole role play was cute too I like seeing playful Sesshomaru. I guess now it's time to get serious though. They're getting closer and closer to Rin hopefully! When is she going to admit her wish to him?? They already basically admitted they love each other but she needs to come clean. Anyways amazing chapter!! Please update soon. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 24) - Mon 13 Jul 2020

I loved the chapter it was great.  At least now they got over their pent up frustrations lol....  Loved the chapter I thought that the soilders would find them when they were bathing, after Kagome healed them both.  Glad that didn't happen.  At least Sesshomaru knows of the soldiers  plans now and could use it to save the demons and the west.  Wonder what Inu Yasha and the others will think when they realize that Kagome and Sesshomaru bit the bullet.


Update Soon

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 23) - Sun 12 Jul 2020

Oh, WOW. This story has really sucked me in! I'm finally caught up after my week in the northwoods and LOVING all the developments!! Not to mention that such long, juicy chapters give me so much time to get lots of knitting done while I'm deeply absorbed. What a delightful bonus on top of such an intriguing, complex story. Then again, I've enjoyed ALL your stories... just haven't had much time to review unless I've MADE time. In this case, with this incredible tale, I had to make time. Thank you soooo much for your hard work and for posting your efforts here, it's GREATLY appreciated!!!



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