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Michele_Lei (Chapter 36) - Sat 29 May 2021
WOW! WHAT A PHENOMENAL FANFIC! Your adeptness at writing, your understanding of and ability to delve into and explore emotions, and your knowledge of the human condition truly belie your young age. This is by far the best Sess/Kag portrayal I’ve ever come across. You handled all characters and their development with a deft hand, but you were able to truly showcase Sess/Kag’s personalities, their relationship, their emotions and the metamorphosis it went through all while relaying such an understanding of who they were at their very core. Not many writers are able to handle character development with the extreme finesse you do. Your writing is not only thoughtful, serious, and emotionally transcendental but contained a playfulness and snarkiness which, combined with your wonderful hard, jaded edge of reality, truly created an unexpected yin/yang duality that was very impressive and just solidified your masterful writing skills. You seamlessly weaved a little action into your story as well, but the main focus was obviously SessKag’s journey and their relationship. Kudos to you! I believe you are an amazing writer and can become a very popular author if you wish to. I look forward to reading not only your SessKag stories but your original stories as well. I do confess a little disappointment in Sesshomaru’s prowess as a lover. Seriously, it’s Kagome’s first time! He could have used some clitoral stimulation to offset her discomfort. I understand, however, that was more an author’s choice. You wanted to relay her extreme virginal discomfort. He made it up to her later too, so I won’t belabor the point. The other thing... VERY disappointed in not getting the comparative sex scene once Sess transformed back. I was SOOOO looking forward to that! A casually confided joke of “SPEED STRIPE” between Kagome and Sango simply did not do it. Anyway, SUPERB STORY! Wonderful steamy, sex scenes! I look forward to reading more! BTW, love the motto on your page. Super funny! “I was born a Sesskag and will die a Sesskag”. Love the commitment!

Reader6129 (Chapter 36) - Wed 12 May 2021



Holy hell! What a story. Seriously this should be sent to Takahashi.


This was an incredibly poignant and moving story. The sorrow underlying the heat was genuinely heartfelt and moving. 


Sesshomaru’s arc felt so transformative. Not sure if it is the pandemic reflections and all but the idea of him existing in power and finally coming around to learn to actually live with fallibility was something so touching and easily relatable to. I felt something in that. Something honest, raw and touching.


I really connected with this story, you are a hell of a writer. The characters development, flaws, fights, lust to love was so well crafted and so incredibly built. 


His struggle, her quiet shame at what she did. His becoming human and what that meant to the deeper levels of his demonic instincts, it was just so incredibly beautiful.


I really mean it. I do believe that you should send this story to Takahashi somehow. 


She would be proud of what you did here. 


Please try to self publish this book. As even though people may not know of Inuyasha I do believe with a prologue that this can be something that others can tap into. Your writing deserves to be read by larger audiences. 


You handle character developments flawlessly and with flaw. That is such a natural skill and a hard won study in craft. 


You had me up reading into the wee hours of the night. I am still recovering from my sleep deprived reading jaunts. 


Well done. I cannot wait to let this sit and re-read this story again in the future. Look forward to reading your other works.


Also if you have not already, would love to hear your thoughts on another fan fiction piece - A Mere Digression by Elle6778. A lot of heat but ultimately another interesting and authentic character arc for sesshomaru and Kagome. 


Not sure if you write stories in response to others but would love to see what you thought of that story and what you could possibly do in response or build upon this somehow. 

Sesshoumaru'sPriestess (Chapter 36) - Wed 27 Jan 2021

 I can't remember if I read this story many years ago or not but reading it again I have to say it's beyond excellent. It had all the makings of a great story it was a love action and adventure drama romance you name it. You wrote a really great piece here and you should be proud of it.


Vixeria Snow (Chapter 36) - Mon 18 Jan 2021

That was one helluva rollercoaster ride.

I can't... I have no words! This fic has seriously taken forever for me to read, and not just because I'm a slow reader! Very well done! I hope i get to read more in the future!

MissyLove23 (Chapter 36) - Thu 14 Jan 2021

I absolutely love your story! I was so elated when you began updating again! It is definitely beautifully written and I really love your character's portrayal! Hands down one of my favorite, but I love all your works!!! Hope 2021 is better than 2020! Stay safe! 

Danielle (Chapter 36) - Wed 13 Jan 2021

O M G.... I started reading this before you finished, when you Only had 15 chapters up and I was riveted, and sad that it wasn't complete. I come back on the 29th of December to see a incomparable amount of chapters waiting to be read and I was giddy!!! What I wasn't prepared for was the depth you took your story. At some point it felt strained And lacked flow and I seriously thought of stopping, but I when I caught up to your "deep in COVID lockdown" chapters I was hooked, bad. I actually have spent the last three days ignoring as much work and family obligations (a husband and 7 yr old boy) as I possibly could to read this epic fanfiction you have so loving wraught from your mind. 2020 was indeed a shit show  but it was a fuel for artists that collectively we haven't had for a long time. It forced us all to slow down and as a fellow creative it allowed us that time to think and create. I for one am forever appreciative of this story you have toiled to create for us. I also heartily appreciate the smut and lemony goodness that you entwined throughout it all. 

Thank you. From one humble artist to another.

may 2021's Odds forever be in our favor. However that might play out to be.

Malie D (Chapter 36) - Wed 13 Jan 2021

Holy S***. I have never been so EXHAUSTED or tortured, or unfulfilled and then completely SATISFIED in one story. AND it has never taken me 4 days to finish a fanfic. Your Sesshoumaru in this story has been the most completely believable human and then recovered youkai I have ever read and I am so glad that I stumbled on your story. I love the torture, the emotions. I thought you did an excellent job at keeping them in character and exploring all the ugly parts of being Kagome the human and Sesshoumaru the temporary human. I can't even tell you how much. Completely satisfying. Completely. I hope that you've written other stories because I can't wait to read them. I'm glad I stumbled onto your story just this week because it looks like it's taken several years to complete it and I only read complete stories.

Thank you again for all your dedication, time, and creativity that went into this. Of course, I am completely enamored with the pairing and have been for years and I wish this was in book form so I could just read it at my pleasure in a book. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I apologize for not having written reviews for each chapter but I could stop reading chapters.  I hope you have a wonderful year and more time to write.

Thank you,

Seluna Maru (Chapter 20) - Wed 13 Jan 2021

I swear this Kagome is an idiot

Carlyn (Chapter 36) - Fri 01 Jan 2021

I loved your story! Thank you for sharing!

Seluna Maru (Chapter 13) - Thu 31 Dec 2020

I think it's rather interesting that the author made Sesshomaru stop on account of the guilt he felt towards his brother; instead of his thoughts towards Kagome. That's different, I enjoyed that tidbit.

Carlyn (Chapter 35) - Thu 31 Dec 2020

That was so cute!!!!!! 

Seluna Maru (Chapter 12) - Thu 31 Dec 2020

Though this is really well written it drones on far too much. We see one statement from the characters then we get a whole paragraph basically describing the meaning of what's been said. I'm slightly over exaggerating, but it's really starting to feel like that. It's not very concise. Even though it's only been a few days in the story it feels like months. I really hope it's balanced later on, otherwise the end will definitely feel rushed. 

Carlyn (Chapter 33) - Thu 31 Dec 2020

Ugh Sesshomaru is so stubborn!!! Lol

Carlyn (Chapter 31) - Wed 30 Dec 2020

Well, at least he hasn't totally turned against Kagome. 

Carlyn (Chapter 30) - Wed 30 Dec 2020

Jesus, that's a tough spot to be in with Sesshomaru. On one hand, she didn't tell him right away because she rightfully feared for her life. Once they began getting closer and closer I'd imagine she feared both his wrath and losing him, at least emotionally, until all that was left was this lingering guilt for her deceit with her blooming love for him. On the other hand, the fact that she deceived him in the first place and continued to do so means they've built their relationship in a lie of sorts. That will undoubtedly be unsettling for him knowing she knew he blamed himself this whole time. That's really rough. 

Carlyn (Chapter 25) - Wed 30 Dec 2020

I really liked the way you ended this chapter. I'm curious to see what is going to take for Sesshomaru to pull his head outta his butt. Lol

Summer (Chapter 36) - Thu 24 Dec 2020

Definitely a different style of story that what I usually read, but glad I stuck with it! It was really enjoyable, great story!

Carlyn (Chapter 20) - Mon 21 Dec 2020

Clearly either you have a fear of heights or you've really done your research because that was spot on. "Sobless tears" is so right. The fact that she was so silent. This was a really good chapter. 

Carlyn (Chapter 19) - Sun 20 Dec 2020

Killing me girlfriend! LOLOLOL! Ilove how frustrating they are! Why can't they just be together?!? They are both so stubborn in their views I just wanna slap em.' Haha!

Carlyn (Chapter 18) - Sun 20 Dec 2020

OMG I've totally had this conversation! It's so heartbreaking! Loved this chapter! Although I could do with a little uplifting after this? Maybe Sesshomaru starts to get the feels? I don't care if it's unrealistic.  Lol

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