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Lauren (Chapter 13) - Mon 23 Mar 2020

Fantastic chapter! Poor Kagome is left out of every conversation, but is not connecting the dots the group is leaving behind. I am happy that Sesshomaru was not able to follow through with their plan. Now for a painful pack discussion...

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 13) - Fri 13 Mar 2020

This chapter took me for a ride!!! A lot of unexpectedness but I kind of see where you're headed with certain things. Really enjoyed it! Though I am very worried for Kagome. I feel like she might be the only one who doesn't take the new development very well or maybe you'll surprise us, I don't know. But I look forward to finding out! 

Niomi (Chapter 1) - Fri 13 Mar 2020

Girl! You must've read our reviews and decided to mess with us a little. Love Sango but you definitely almost gave me a heart attack! So much anger and disappointment all at once! But thank goooodness you threw us a bone. Thank you for a thoughtful, long chapter. I know how hard it is to get through a slump. I hope you find motivation again soon! There is so much potential, cannot wait to see what your creative mind comes up with. P.S. everyone seems so OOC, except Kag and Sess. Maybe because of the mis match pairing.. or you're really highlighting the nature of these characters from the show. The monk is a perv after all! I usually dislike OOC but you definitely make up for it with fantastic writing 

Mecca (Chapter 13) - Thu 12 Mar 2020

Whew! I kinda had to fan myself off after this one! I almost had a stroke when I thought Sess was actually gonna bone Sango. Glad Sango is gonna be pawned off to Inuyasha lol So after this bit of voyeurism, Things can move along!! Awesome writing Susie! Loooove it. 

Marie (Chapter 13) - Thu 12 Mar 2020

I needed this update thank you so much I hope you finish the story

Osiris (Chapter 13) - Thu 12 Mar 2020

Great we're seeing developments unfolding now! Oh but please, please, PLEASE!! Do not equate Miroku and Kagome on the same sentence, that would be so wrong. Ew no. Normally I don't care who ends up with Miroku in most fanfiction cause it's usually Sango, or any other OC who everyone could care less (?) BUT Kagome is not for anyone. I love Sess/Kag because, ultimately the two of them are similar in their sense of honor and discipline, one thing I appreciate you're demonstrating here <3 for it not he wouldn't be my fav boy xD rlly, I wouldn't bother with the whole Inuyasha show if not for him and Kagome~


Thank you for sharing your talent with us!! Best of wishes! 

Koree (Chapter 13) - Thu 12 Mar 2020

I dont feel bad for Sango in the slightest, she deserves every bit of that rejection for how she treated Kagome . As for Sesshomaru I don't think it was a bad night after all lmao

hw (Chapter 12) - Wed 04 Mar 2020

Aw! I loved this chapter! The interaction between Sesshoumaru and Kagome was great. And omg, him trying to use the massager for his shoulder?!? LOL I was dying! Too funny! 

I wonder is InuYasha will ever confess to Sango...and if Sango is harboring similar feelings??


Koree (Chapter 12) - Wed 04 Mar 2020

Lmfaoooo vibrator to the shoulder 

Lauren (Chapter 12) - Tue 03 Mar 2020

Sesshomaru may be able to read Japanese, but clearly missed //vibrator// LMFAO

Nicole (Chapter 12) - Tue 03 Mar 2020

I love this story. I enjoyed them getting closer, and I suspect Sango was with Inuyasha. Mayhaps Kagome will stumble upon them and be free to peruse other males...?

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 12) - Mon 02 Mar 2020


I NEED him to discover at some point what that 'massager' is really for. Please author god make it so lol 

But overall I really enjoyed this chapter. It was painful to read at some parts but only because I felt what she was feeling. Just hate the whole Inuyasha run around. However, I suspect that our little Kagome is going to get tired of the shit real soon though. She's a whole modern woman after all, and desirable whether he wants to acknowledge it or not.

Lauren (Chapter 11) - Thu 27 Feb 2020

Well that went both a lot better than I anticipated, and exactly as I thought it would. LMFAO It was a good effort on both their parts, but being civil is fairly new to them. Maybe next time, they'll get it right. At least we've cleared up why Inuyasha has been stalling for so long. His eyes are going somewhere else. Though, we all know how he'll react to Sesshomaru's eyes lingering too long on Kagome.

Koree (Chapter 11) - Wed 26 Feb 2020

To say I got the biggest chuckle out of this chap would be a understatememt lmaooo amazing chap . I figured Inu was lusting after Sango welp who cares Sessh better ask Kags for some sugar or at least a helping hand....

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 11) - Mon 24 Feb 2020

This was really fascinating! They're all dual beings that inspire anger and respect in me. For instance, Miroku is so perverted in this it makes me literally cringe but then his insight and care for Inuyasha etc...makes me pause. Also, how fascinating to find out how Inuyasha feels!! Certainly does open a possibility for developments in the future. Thanks for these two chapters! Really enjoyed them and also the changes/thoughts that Sesshomaru is experiencin.

Mary J Dolph (Chapter 1) - Mon 24 Feb 2020

I usually love it when Kagome and Sango are close but, this time for some reason I want Sesshomaru to reject her over and over for Kagome.  I normally like Sango but she's a slut in this. (Can't say whore, they get paid.) Put Sango in her place with the pervert. This story is great so far and I can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks for your hard work!!!

Toni (Chapter 10) - Mon 24 Feb 2020

love this chapter  

sesshomaru with the binoculars is a riot  guess he's like any other man  

can't wait to see if kagome finds out  

keep up the great work  and update soon

Koree (Chapter 9) - Sat 15 Feb 2020

Sango is a large bit dramatic here * inserts rolling eyes * it's not that serious ESPECIALLY considering she never spoke to Sesshomaru prior to asking him for a " favor " to go so hard at Kagome was uncalled for 

Mecca (Chapter 9) - Mon 10 Feb 2020

Oh my god. I loved how you compared Sango's attentions to a cat rubbing up on Sesshomaru's leg. I mean, in a way. That was hilarious! Ah but this is a slow burn...! I'm dying! It sucks though because Sango would've LOVED to have had someone as gorgeous as Sesshoumaru to get back at Miroku's sluttiness. It would've been perfect... for her. I was just about having my own conniption fit to think that Sess was even CONSIDERING Sango's proposal for a wee tryst, my blood pressure went up about 10 points. So glad Inuyasha is taking a long nap as all this craziness is going on. Loved that Sesshoumaru didn't even think twice about protecting Kagome, and even caring enough to kill for her, where earlier in their "relationship" he probably wouldn't have batted an eye much less defended her. Hate the idea of Sesshomaru's face getting turned into play-doh though lol Poor guy! And I hope Rin is still alive at this point. Sango needs to get over herself, I know she's probably dying of horniness but she can't have our western lord! Pretty much dying to see when you'll eventually bring this ship into harbor, Susie! I'm counting on youuu~! 

Neelixonee (Chapter 9) - Sun 09 Feb 2020

I love the budding frienemies!   That take down was gorgeous. Even if he took a beating, dude's got honor.

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