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Koree (Chapter 8) - Thu 13 Feb 2020

Wow that's big of Inuyasha I definitely didn't think he'd come around so soon but I'm glad he did for Kagome & the kids sake . Seems like things are moving forward 

Mecca (Chapter 8) - Wed 12 Feb 2020

Holy crap Susie, what are you up to?? This can't be all just one big happy family and they all lived happily ever after, or can they?? But you wouldn't! Would you?? That was so goddamn sweet with the whole after birth scene but sometimes I hate how Kagome is so contradictory, what with sleeping with Sesshomaru and staying married to Inuyasha, like how does that work? Like she got to have her pie and eat it too, and they're letting her have the best of both worlds. It's maddening that they think she deserves it still. I will admit it does make for a very titillating story ;) The part at the marketplace where she kisses him was also maddening and contradictory, and evil of her to play with Sesshomaru's heart like that, and not expect him to want more... he deserves better! And in a way, so does Inuyasha... Kagome needs to get her shit straightened out! Oh and what will they name the little guy? Who gets to decide that? Can't wait to read the next installment of this crazy fantasy world, your writing is superb it's almost maddening xD

Blommie8 (Chapter 8) - Wed 12 Feb 2020

Don't kill inu would be better if at the begining inu ask sesshomaru to pregnant his wife...qeqe.'s just my imagination. Just make it work together.

Anonymous (Chapter 8) - Tue 11 Feb 2020

Cant wait for more. But feeling sorry for seshomaru he truly loves her and also the little one. 

Looking forward to more chapters 

Purple Rain (Chapter 8) - Tue 11 Feb 2020

Aww. I love the brotherly scene. Honestly, both Kagome and Inuyasha owes Sesshomaru big time. Without him, they would have died childless. Well maybe not Kagome if she agreed to sleep with another male. Inuyasha never would have known fatherhood without Kagome venturing outside the marriage but who knws he may have continued cheating because if he could cheat with kikyo, he could easily do so with others. 


I'm glad Inuyasha put his pride aside and I'm glad that Sesshomaru is able to find "use" for his brother. Still hate Kagome though. Nothing redeeming about her yet. She better recognize the real gift that Sesshomaru gave them. I know matters of the heart are difficult but I really hope Sesshomaru can move on. He did a good thing for them and as long as he is in his son's life maybe his heart can heal enough for him to give his child siblings with the beautiful inu midwife. I know it sounds like I'm wanting him to give up on his heir, his beautiful little hanyou but I don't. I want him (Sesshomaru) to build a family if his own that his child can blend into when the time comes. Despite being powerful, Kagome is still human and will die way before her pup and who knows how long Inuyasha may live. In that case the kid will still be alone but with an established extended family he will have the comfort and support of another mother who he grew up sharing the love with and more importantly siblings. 


Just like life isn't fair, it's not fair for him to be a 3rd wheel in his son's life and maybe if they all live together they can do a shared custody thing like weekends, then weeks in the West wing with farher and the rest of the time with mommy and daddy. I feel terribly sorry for Sesshomaru. That inner reflection about his relationship with his father. Just heart breaking. You said we don't know what you are planning but I am guessing we may see some shenanigans in the future. Sleep deprivation may have them pawning the baby off with Sesshomaru more often than not. 


Again, thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more soon. Please keep up the good work.



Purple Rain (Chapter 7) - Mon 10 Feb 2020

Purple Rain
FINALLY! For so many reasons. Thank you first and foremost, for actually making Kagome feel jealousy. It's not like Sesshomaru can't have beautiful demonesses. Thank you for making her realize that she is being unfair with regards to the pup and her expectations of it not being exposed to whomever he choses to replace her with. Finally, thank you for letting her realize her feelings in the face if her hypocrisy. 

I enjoyed the tender moments and the realistic portrayal of the village. However, I'm sure rape was common among humans as well as with demons so not sure if the shop owner only objects to the fact that it was a demon on miko paring in the allegedly assumed atteck. I understand that her feelings are conflicted because she is married and all but if she claims to know Sesshomaru for who he truly is, then she needs to think long and hard about where she wants to be. Granted, she is an excellent sex partner, not sure what else he is seeing in her. Yes, she may be his first friend or so it seems and perhaps this is what is skewing his perception of her? But if he found a demoness that had the same caring qualities And is able to manipulate her youki to stimulate him, I'm not sure he can't fall in love with that female instead and then just leave her to watch his happily ever after when visiting his son with his new mate.

I just think she needs a reality check because once she has time to realize what he confessed in his little melt down, then her guilt will be triple fold because he actually expressed some insecurity, vulnerability and jealousy. So not only did she prove she was afraid for him to "fall apart" with her or be vulnerable but that it is only all about her. Like she confessed, she insisted they take it as far as it went, she insisted that it could never be more and then she keeps sending mixed signals. If she truly wanted to work it out with Inuyasha (the original cheater by the way) she would try to establish a friendship with boundaries. She could let Miroku hug her and touch her stomach without letting it go further. But she chose a to let things progress and then blame him as if it's just him making moves.

Sorry to say but I hope the pup bonds with him and seek him out more for guidance and support. It's not like Inuyasha and she can't adopt more kids. Having the pup there will just cause such strife. I see how it would be fitting penance for all involved but the kid shouldn't have to suffer because of their selfishness. None of them are innocent in this. As long as the pup has access to both or all 3 parents knowing that it's loved that should be enough. 

Everytime I try to feel empathy for Kagome's situation she does or says something that makes me wish she didn't have so much power over Sesshomaru. I have rarely seen him in this light and love, feelings and relationships are often hard, messy and compiled so I honestly don't know what would be best in a situation like this.

I'm so glad you are sharing this story with us. I can't believe I'm so worked up over a fiction but that only proves you're a talented writer. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more soon. 


klee (Chapter 8) - Mon 10 Feb 2020

I still don't like the way kagome seems to play with Sess's emotions. I mean she literally kisses him in front of a crowd of people tells him she loves him then turned around and tells him she did it to make a statement but since you read too much into it you need to stay away now! The nerve! Had him begging to permitted to stay near. At that point she's just like inuyasha who ran to kikyo but kept kagome on the back burner. She strings sess along just enough but then throws inuyasha back in his face. And had the audacity to get jealous when she thought he was finally moving on.

Ruth Gustafson (Chapter 8) - Mon 10 Feb 2020

I feel so bad for Sesshomaru. He just witnessed the birth of his son only to be told that he cant really call him that. It's a low blow. But I understand why. I'm happy for Inuyasha too, being civil with his brother is nice to see. Also, birthing sucks, I've been thru two and am good not reading about it. Keep up the good work.

sesshomarupatrick (Chapter 8) - Mon 10 Feb 2020

The baby is finally born!!!!!!!! YAY! I can't explain how much I waited he comes...At the same time, it was my greatest concern. I thought the safe birth of a baby would kill him worse than the fact that Inuyasha couldn't be the baby's biological father. Of course he cheated on her into making feeling bad, and punishment for her disloyalty needs to be done more clearly and harshly, as long as he is her husband, not her boyfriend.


So she did it. Punishment or revenge...whatever. I thought of a line from the Birds of Prey, seeing her feel bad for him after she did "it". Psychologically, revenge is not very pleasant. Part of its process may be fun, but the whole thing can't be. After all, what people want is not to pay back betrayal as a betrayal, but to live with reasonable assurance that they will not be betrayed by their loved ones.


They certainly failed, and they were in a complicated situation, and I'm a little bit sorry for them all, but without their conflict and the development of the relationship they've had, there would be no drama, and fiction wouldn't break or reconstruct my heart. That's why I'm always hanging on to this amazing fic T_T Thanks for updating new chappie, susie. I hope you know how much I like your fics(That night, Only human, etc..) and you <3<3

Koree (Chapter 7) - Wed 05 Feb 2020

Whaaaaaat a cliffy how could you !! 

Kitsune Diva (Chapter 7) - Wed 29 Jan 2020

I love your writing style. I am very invested in the story. I love how attraction and duty are pitted against eachother, it is making for some great conflicts.

samantha (Chapter 1) - Tue 28 Jan 2020

kagome is torn between loyalties let’s just look at it in context she has never has an interaction with seeshomaru

except that one night for women like Kagome she is much like myself it takes time to plant a seed and slowly after it’s waterwe the love will bloom

sesahomaru wont get her overnight she’s not a microwave person but is much like a crock pot Inuyasha invested more time where as sesshomaru

may have invested more passion let’s wait and see hopefully it doesn’t turn into a theeesome I’ve never been a fan of that with Inuyasha and sesshomaru fics. Well written I look forward to reading more hopefully Kagome goes to the fortress even if for a little while and see another side of seshomaru character in his leadership role thats very attractive in fics seeing him rule his lands 

Shanika (Chapter 7) - Mon 27 Jan 2020

Oh hell Kagome just pissed me the fuck off. You don't say something like that or do something like that and then try to say that not what it was. I hate her sooo much right now. She is stupid and dumb. Her reason is because Inu was there first is dumb as hell. Kagome and inu have no chemistry, attraction to one another, and he only with her cuz she looks like Kikyo. All that damn comparison between her and kikyo would've hurted her to thr core. She said what she said and ment it when she said she wanted to sleep with and love sessohomaru.  I will keep reading it but Kagome is on my shit list. I would've never married inu anyway especially how he treated me and don't forget he stepped out on her first. And why haven't inu mated her yet anyway? It very suspicious but I think I know why. Can't wait tho. Kagome is still on my shit list til I see some changes in her end. She is in denial and she knows it and sessohomaru knows it. 

Andrea (Chapter 7) - Mon 27 Jan 2020

Sesshoumaru is better for her. She has feelings for him but feels guilty because she is married to his brother. Throw the guy a bone and let him have some love and happiness he didn't get it from his father but his father have that love openly to Inuyasha and Inuyasha's mother. Inuyasha played games with Kagome when Kikyo was still around. Inuyasha could always meet another half breed on his job and have an attraction to her because he would know that he couldn't disappoint her because she has the same issues as him. Inuyasha never mated Kagome so she isn't bound to him so she should dissolve her marriage to him. 

Kagome's Love (Chapter 7) - Mon 27 Jan 2020

Wow, love the chapter.... But the part where she declares that Sesshomaru didn't take her by force that she was willin, a d the kiss oh the kiss.... Only to take it back and blame Sesshomaru for it, now that's a bit hypocritica, as she was the one to initiate the whole thing while in the marke, and it's a bit unfair to sess, a bit I meant a lot of unfair to Sess!!! She cannot keep playing games like this, she needs to stop being childish and accept that she love him and not Inuyasha... Sesshomaru has already backed off plenty as per her request, she cannnot just keep asking for more hust because she is unsure of herself and her feeling.... 

Anyways, sorry for the rant, it just made me angry that she places the majority of the blame on Sesshomaru when he gave her plenty of chances to not go through with the act.:... ????????????????

Again, sorry, can't wait to read the next chapter, hope and fingers crossed that it gets better for Sesshomaru...

Klee (Chapter 7) - Sun 26 Jan 2020

Really?! He was here first. Come on Kagome! It seems she's playing games now. How much does she really expect Sesshomaru to take.

Ldsan (Chapter 7) - Sun 26 Jan 2020

Thank you for the update!  I can't wait to read the next chapter.  I do hope the baby is a full blooded youkai. If hanyou, Kagome's child cannot sire offspring, right? I want her dream of a large family to come true.

Paperwing (Chapter 7) - Sun 26 Jan 2020

Chapter was packed full of little twists! Now it's getting quite complicated by admitting such a degree of affection.

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 7) - Sun 26 Jan 2020

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I love it but Kagome baby its ok to say you want them both you dont have to torture yourself or them

Osiris Mongua (Chapter 7) - Sun 26 Jan 2020

oh Oh OH!!! Tell me he's full blooded youkai!!! ThAT Will be one hella thing to make things equally easier AND complicated. Pleaseeee!!!! Oh the excitement!  Fuck u Inuyasha! (?)

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