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That Night by susie


It was barely dusk, but Inuyasha was already out like a light.   

He still had his regular gigs preforming odd jobs in the nearby villages, but with a new addition to his family fast on the way, they were in desperate need of extra money.  He had to venture several towns over to find villagers willing to pay for his services, and even with his super-human speed, the journey still took hours. 

All that traveling combined with the physical labor made for an exhausted hanyou.  So after he returned, and ate the dinner his wife dutifully ensured would be ready upon his return, he opted to turn in early to be ready to begin the process again tomorrow. 

Kagome missed him terribly while he was away.  She knew he was doing this all for her and the child that was just starting to show through her tiny form, but she wished there was a way to spend more time together lately.   

If only the world wasn’t so intolerant.  She knew there were many more job opportunities for a strong guy like her husband.  But not many humans were willing to hire a half-breed to do anything for them.  It was so stupid!  He was 10 times stronger than any of them.  If they just gave him a chance... 

The flash of a nearby lightning bolt startled Kagome from her musings.  It had just started to rain, and she was glad that Inuyasha was able to make it home before the storm rolled in.  He was working so hard, and the last thing he needed was to catch a cold on his way home from work. 

She took the dishes they had just eaten from outside of the hut to rinse off, when she noticed a solitary youkai off in the distance. 

She mumbled a curse as she recognized the familiar white silks, and set her dishes on the ground to make her way over to him. 

He sat in the grass, on a hill by the hut as the rain continued to pelt him from above.  The inside of his elbows rested on top of bent knees, and his hands played nervously with each other as he watched her approach him. 

A somber expression played at his features, and if the harshening weather at all bothered him, he made no move to show it.  His confidence wavered the closer she got, and when she was finally within speaking distance, he averted his gaze to his fingertips, which had gotten progressively more interesting with each step she took. 

“You need to leave,” she informed him when she stopped to stand in front of him.  She did her best to keep her face passive as he regarded her with a pained expression. 

“I miss you.” 

The wet from above was seeping into his hair, causing white bangs to wave and curl slightly from the damp treatment. 

He continued to look up at her, waiting for her to speak.   

In all the time she had known him, which admittedly wasn’t long at all, she had never seen him express anything through that stoic façade.  Now, every time she saw him, he made no attempts to hide the emotions he was constantly experiencing.  They were written all over his face, and caused her great discomfort. 

She huffed and took a seat at his side, resigning herself to the mud and grass stains she was sure to acquire from the action.  She knew from experience that he had no intention of moving until he said what he wanted to say; and the sooner they got on with it, the sooner he would leave.  She hoped. 

“Sesshoumaru, we’ve been over this.  How many times do I have to say it?”  ‘At least one more,’ she told herself with mild exasperation.  So be it...   

“Inuyasha is my husband.  I am not going to leave him.” 

“What happened between us that night-” 

“Was a mistake,” she insisted, determined to be as direct with him as possible.  Sugar coating it would do neither of them any good.   

“A stupid mistake that should never have happened.” 

When he looked softly into her eyes, she suddenly found her own hands very interesting. 

“Then why did it happen?”  For one who wouldn’t repeat himself, he was sure forcing her to reiterate herself on this particular subject an annoying number of times.  

“I’ve already told you.  Inuyasha and I had a fight, and I was mad at him.  You caught me in a weak moment.” 

He almost looked offended, but incredulously hurt was more like it. 

“You believe This One coerced you?  That I had planned it, perhaps?” 

Neither of them believed that.  It was more like a freak accident.  A chance occurrence with a million to one shot at happening.  He wasn’t trying to take advantage of her, and he didn’t.  She knew what she was doing while she was doing it.  Even before they did it, she was sure that they both had an idea of what was about to happen. 

She couldn’t tell if he had always been that charming, or if he was just extra on point that night.  And he wasn’t sure if she had always been so radiant, or if he simply hadn’t noticed it until then.  But what started out as friendly company on an otherwise unassuming night, turned into sparks flying dazzlingly between the allies turned in-laws.   

What happened next was incredible; passion, pleasure, and fulfillment, the likes of which neither had ever known.  The only thing that could ruin it was the sun shining on the new day, and the knowledge that they would have to return to their lives as they were.  Without one another.  Only, one of them was much more reluctant to go back.  Things could never be the same. 

“No.  Look, I don’t blame you, okay?  Neither of us planned for it to happen.  I am just as much at fault as you.” He hated how much she was trying to downplay the importance of their encounter.  It had been a life-changing event for him.  There was no way she didn’t feel it as well.   

“We got burned by the heat of the moment, and I know that we both regret-” 

“I regret nothing.”  It was said with such conviction that it caused her to falter.  That was easy for him to say.  He hadn’t cheated on anyone.   

“I admit, as things were going... the way they appeared to be going that night, there was a certain allure to the pain I knew it would cause my half-brother.”  She winced.  She was worried he had only done it to get under Inuyasha’s skin.  Not that any other motive would serve as a sufficient excuse.   

“But that was by no means the only reason I allowed it to occur.”  He reached for her hand in her lap, buy she pulled away from his touch.   

“I had never considered that I could ever be attracted to a human in any way, and I cannot deny how tempting I found you that evening.  I just never expected...” 

She forced her eyes to shut tight. 

“Don’t say it.” 

“I love you.” 

“No, you don’t.” 

“Yes.  I d-” 

“No.  Sesshoumaru.  You don’t.”  She made herself take in his raw expression, to relay the importance of her message.  

“Even if you do, you don’t.  Understand?”  There could never be anything more between them.  What had already happened was very inappropriate.  She had to make him understand that.  But if she hadn’t cheated on her husband, she had to admit that she would have found his confession flattering. 

“You wanted to hurt my brother.  Is that it?”  He creased his brow angrily as he looked at his feet.   

“Did you intend on simply using This One to exact your revenge?” 

“That’s not-” 

“Why me?” he demanded, turning to her once more.  She was startled by the question.   

“You could have used any number of males to settle your score with Inuyasha.  You chose me because you knew it would injure him the greatest.  Knowing that his wife fell into the arms of the brother he hates.”  The thought of being used put a bad taste in his mouth.  He was the Lord of the Western Lands.  Women fell at his feet for just a moment of his company.  He was not to be denied.  And he certainly was not a tool for revenge.  Who was this girl to have him so deftly besotted, and so unreasonably rejected?  Tossed aside, once his purpose was served. 

“Is that what you think of me?  That I am some conniving bitch who wanted to hurt the man she loves?”   

Whoops.  That’s definitely not what he believed, and he recoiled slightly at the accusation.  At his reaction, she deflated a bit herself.   

“I didn’t choose you.  I didn’t choose anyone.  I never meant to have sex as a form of payback.  I was vulnerable, and hurting, and miserable.  And you were chivalrous, and kind and... there.  Right time, right place, right face.  That’s it.  You are reading way too much into this.” 

He was displeased at her dismissive attitude toward him, but his ears perked up at a different part of her statement. 

“Right face?” 

She rolled her eyes.  There was simply no avoiding this demon’s ego. 

“Don’t play dumb.  You know you are gorgeous.  No woman can resist you.” 

“Except you, apparently.”  The knowledge soured what should have been considered somewhat of a compliment. 

“Save for one night, that is correct.”  Despite how difficult he was being, she felt the need to placate him a bit.  She placed a hand on his shoulder, and he warmed at the contact. 

“I like you, Sesshoumaru.  I never thought I would say that and mean it, but I do.  And if things were different, I would be happy to give us a try.”  He couldn’t take any solace in the news, because he knew there was a ‘but.’  “But the fact is, I am a married woman.  To your brother.  And that’s how it’s going to stay.”  She removed her hand, and he missed the contact immediately.   

“You need to get that through your head, and you need to stop coming here.  If Inuyasha sees you, it is going to be trouble.” 

All this talk of his brother was maddening.  Her thought process was very confusing to him. 

“Did you not enjoy yourself that night?  It certainly appeared at the time-” she wanted to get off that subject as quickly as possible. 

“That’s not the point.  It doesn’t matter now mind-blowing the sex was-” 

“It matters to me.  In all my years, I have never experienced-” 

“Stop.”  She was refusing to look at him again, and it took all he had not to turn her face back in his direction. 

“You are the best I have ever had.  Do not tell me that my brother-” 

“Sex isn’t the only thing important in a relationship.  If that is all you are basing your attraction on-” 

“It is not.  It is simply an excellent bonus.  Would you like me to repeat each of your traits which I find desirable?  I would be happy to.  There is your-” 

“No, please don’t.  We don’t need to go over this again.  I have made it perfectly clear to you how I feel.  You need to respect my decision.” 

He took a long pause to regard his hands in front of him once more, before softly inquiring, 

“What about the child?” 

“What about it?”  He fought the urge to huff. 

“There is a chance I am the father.” 

There it was.  She had been waiting for him to go there.  She had already made her decision on the matter. 

“Inuyasha will be my baby’s father.  Regardless of parentage.” 

It was not at all shocking to him.  And as upsetting as it was, it would be her decision.  He would not take a child from its mother. 

“I know my brother is dense, but if the pup comes out with a crescent on his brow, or perhaps a number of stripes, he will put everything together.  You think he will not know-” 

“He already knows.  I told him.” 

He wasn’t expecting that.  He was certain she had been keeping their tryst a secret from the hanyou.  Then why did it seem like she was always sneaking away when he came to talk? 

“And he is alright with it?”  It was hard to believe. 

“Of course he isn’t alright,” she all but spat.  “It killed him when I told him I slept with you.  That there is a chance his pup might not be his.”  She recalled the conversation sadly.  It was not her proudest moment.  After the initial shouting, he ended up taking it better than she had predicted.   

“But he is a good man.  He forgave me, and he will not deny my pup.” 

“Nor will I,” he informed her seriously, and the statement worried her.  How much was he going to impose himself in their lives now?   

“I shall support the pup whether he his mine or not.  He will be born of my father’s blood either way, and is therefore a true heir to the Western Lands.  When he is grown, he shall-” 

“No, Sesshoumaru!”  She had been afraid of that.  He had been groomed for war; bred for battle.  His life had been decided for him before he was even born.  And though his parents had been successful at raising him to be and effective and impressive leader, it was not what she wanted for her child.   Her pup would have its freedom.    

“Absolutely not.  The Western Lands... that’s you.  That’s your deal.  I just want him to have a simple, happy life... And we don’t even know it’s a ‘he’,” she reminded him.  “It could be a girl.” 

She hoped that maybe the news would lessen his interest in the child slightly.  Not such luck. 

“I would be thrilled for a girl.” 

The pleased and joyous look on his face was a nice break from his constant sorrow as of late.  It was almost endearing to see him so smitten with a child that wasn’t even born yet.  She wanted to smile back, and would have, if the circumstances weren’t what they were. 

“Inuyasha is my choice.  He will be the father.” 

“And so shall I.”  His determined tone left no room for argument.   

“I will protect you, and your pup, with my very life.  You shall want for nothing.  Say the word, and whatever you desire will be yours.” 

“I want you to leave.” 

The pain of the request was very clear in his face, and she had to steel herself not to flinch at his reaction.  She knew it sounded harsh, but she couldn’t let this continue.  She had done enough damage to her relationship with this demon already.  Allowing him into her life any further would only put more strain on an already very delicate situation.  She didn’t know if her marriage could handle much more, particularly where Sesshoumaru was concerned. 

“Very well,” she released a breath at his response, too quickly however.  “But I shall return.  I must be kept appraised of the pup’s progress.” 

It wasn’t exactly what she wanted to hear, but she would take it for now.  She would deal with his next visit when the time came.  She followed him up when he stood to leave, wiping the wet grass from her now dirtied skirt.   

“Is the child not fortunate, to have the unwavering protection of two fathers?” 

He had a point.  In times like these, a kid was lucky to have even one father around to raise him.  Hers would have two very strong and protective dog demons watching over them as it grew.  As unenviable as her predicament was, that was nothing to scoff at. 

“I guess it is.” 

He stepped closer as she smiled weakly, and she allowed him to grab her chin as his face drew nearer. 

“But prepare yourself for the birth,” he warned, speaking lowly as if just for her.   

“Inuyasha may claim to be unwavering, in theory.  But if the child comes, and resembles This One; do not be surprised if he grows to resent you both.” 

She had considered it herself, but kept the doubt repressed in the back of her mind.  There was no love to lose between the brothers.  And plenty of jealousy to spare.  And though he may claim to be okay with however the child may come, it was certainly possible that Inuyasha was simply holding his breath and hoping the kid would turn out to be his. 

And even if he wasn’t, it was also possible that if the future quarter-demon turned out to be a half-breed, the sight of him might serve as a constant reminder of what she had done.  And with who.   

And though she would love her child no matter what, she couldn’t be 100% certain that Inuyasha would feel the same.  It was a sickening thought. 

But there was no way to know until the pup was born.  In the meantime, she would have to have faith in her partner, and hope for the best. 

“And when that day comes, know that I will be here.  I will wait for you, Kagome.” 

The gentle kiss he placed on her lips was almost too soft to feel, and too quick to avoid.  Before she could muster the strength to scold him for his audacity, he was already gone. 



A/N:  Just another passing fancy.  I just kind of wanted Sesshoumaru to plead with Kagome for a bit. 

I don’t really have anything planned out for this one, so if there is anything you would like to see, let me know! 


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