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Koree (Chapter 20) - Thu 16 Apr 2020

Ahh the mystery unravels more , great chap 

Lauren (Chapter 20) - Tue 07 Apr 2020

Kagome gives into her anger at the wrong times, and holds it at bay when it deserves to be delved into. Yell at Kimi and tell her you're innocent. Demand that she tell everything, late or no. What the hell?!


How did they have half of a conversation with Miroku and Inuyasha, and just leave as if there aren't a million and one other issues to discuss, and plans to be made? 


Lauren (Chapter 19) - Tue 07 Apr 2020

This entire situation is getting worse as it goes in instead of better. They aren't learning. They aren't at peace with their limited relationship. And now Miroku and Sango are hurt.

Blommie8 (Chapter 20) - Tue 07 Apr 2020

Just want to say to all readers and authors. Stay safe and healthy.....

Purple Rain (Chapter 20) - Sun 05 Apr 2020

Haha, no, I think you did quite well, it's refreshing to see a unique perspective on the living dead because we totally didn't see it coming although you gave us clues. But ew, Sesshomaru had to marry, bed and mate a corpse gross. I think they all are victims but when this is all said and done I'm still hoping for Sesshomaru to move on to someone else and maybe Kagome can have Inuyasha who knows. At least in this story despite having sloppy seconds at least it's not having his brothers leftovers for once. Harsh, I know but it's reality. We almost always read Sesshomaru getting  with Kagome after she's already slept with Inuyasha, it's rare we see that he gets to have her first and then she goes to Inuyasha. It's definitely an interesting read and I can't wait to read more soon. Please keep up the good work.



Orotami (Chapter 20) - Tue 31 Mar 2020

Man oh man! This story has me on the edge of my seat! Please update soon!

Koree (Chapter 19) - Wed 04 Mar 2020

Hmmm I feel like I connected the dots but I'm not positive lol great chap 

Purple Rain (Chapter 19) - Tue 03 Mar 2020

Thank you for this update. I am glad that this fic is helping you to work through some things in RL. Just want to apologize up front for all the typos in this and previous reviews as I am doing this on my cell with the dreaded autocorrect. For fun it highlights words and change them when u hit send.

With that said. I agree that people makes mistakes and emotions run hot when in turmoil. It can be hard to think clearly in the heat of a situation. I'm not implying that nor would I ever. This must be a really slow burn because neither of them know why they are pulled towards eachother. I think it's amazing that Sesshomaru was able to open up enough to fall for her with knowing what he does but conversely setting himself up for heartbreak. It's clear that she is confused about their link but who is to say it's not the curse or some spell tying them together and they will be entering a mating absent of trust. Yes they will no longer be able to hide from eachother in any capacity but that could go either way.

First, its the ultimate leap of faith and could possibly bridge the gap or Second, it could build resentment that neither had the choice in what is happening to them. Let's say Sesshomaru is really in love with her, he can't be sure it's not because he needs her to live. Like Inuyasha with the rosary; will he listen because he wantss to of his own free will or because he is compelled to? Having a type of power over someone even if its a dependence is still not a healthy situation.

If Kagome ends up falling for Sesshomaru, what's to say she will know her feelings are real instead of a side effect of the puppet master Naraku to get what he wants from her and infiltrate his enemies. She seemed more pissed at Sesshomaru than she was about Naraku even after finding out about him. So I'm truly not sure how to feel. 

Please take my comments as what they are intended as, just my reaction to what I am reading. I by no means dislike this story as it's full of angst and making me have strong feelings. That IS sign of great writing. So please don't get discouraged as I really do want to see how this story turns out. Thank you again for sharing this story with us. 

As always keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more soon. 



WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 19) - Sat 29 Feb 2020

It feels like Sesshoumaru is as drawn to Kagome as she is to him... as though he wants to be repelled, but can't find it in himself to pull away. I kinda like that they're both conflicted that way. I'm looking forward to seeing how they both handle the fallout from the 'mating.' He'll know for sure that this was not her fault, and she will undoubtedly gain insight into where he's coming from. Still, one understands the restrictions that 'Real Life' puts upon us all, and will endeavor to be patient while waiting for the next installment!



Tai (Chapter 19) - Sat 29 Feb 2020

Just binged through this and I love it so much!! You are a great storyteller and I can't wait to read more.

Orotami (Chapter 19) - Fri 28 Feb 2020

Absolutely brilliant and spellbinding. I can't wait for the next chapter

Ardis (Chapter 19) - Fri 28 Feb 2020

Phenomenal. The intricacies developed in the plot are captivating and haunting in their essence. This is appealing on so many levels because you have weaved a story addressing common emotions and thoughts I think most people experience and fight with. To err is indeed human however, what differentiates and defines people is how you deal with adversity and muck ups.  

I had wished you would write a mating scene alas you dodged it quite clinically. XD 

Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the finale. Keep it up !

Koree (Chapter 18) - Sun 02 Feb 2020

Wow !! Everything is coming out slowly , amazing chap !!!!!!!! 

Blommie8 (Chapter 18) - Thu 30 Jan 2020

This chapter trully have a lot of meaning....its beautifull...but also tragic. What on purpose the ashe's mean? Does sesshomaru eat it? Or just take the energy from it? I hope they will sit down and talk all their feeling. How sesshomaru bloom to love her....and hope they will defeat naraku. I can't wait for the next. Hope they rejoin the marriage.

Inuaddict (Chapter 18) - Mon 27 Jan 2020

bro I am so confused but so invested at the same time. I love it. keep me guessing. 

This story is ADDICTING

Purple Rain (Chapter 18) - Fri 24 Jan 2020

Ok...i get them feeding off eachother and it looks like it's more taking a toll on him as the stronger of the 2. Yes, I'm aware that she doesn't know what is going on but how ca. She be mad he has her family's ashes? Didn't she give his ashes to Miroku for bargain and also his arm? Hypocrite. I stand by my former rant because since the beginning be has been the giver a d her the taker.He gave her time before insisting that she honor her family's contract, a great wedding, status as his wife, legal help, emotional support etc...true he needed her but based on what was said about him. She could have been his concubine and she seems like she would have been Ok with that. He could have gotten her to break the curse unknowingly too but he wanted to make it work. Being in the know as a priestess and family friend of the players should have made her more keen and dare I say smart. Until I see some redeeming qualities, I still have her and feel she is not worthy. 


But she freed Inuyasha and fed him... No she knew she would need help killing the Tisio. 

Please give me a reason to see past my argument because I really do like this paring.


Thank you for letting me rant. Really just needed to get that out. 



Purple Rain (Chapter 18) - Fri 24 Jan 2020

Wow, now I really hate Kagome, Sango and their family. I understand anger but she didn't try to find any proof. Any answers. Nothing. She just got a thought and ran with it. As a priestess she knew for a fact that youkai existed. Yet she sees a mural and assumes...oh yeah kill my husband, he killed my family. At this rate if the youkai start slaughtering humans, would she consider them justified. Make the punnish fit the creme. For someone who supposedly don't believe in killing or binding she sure is a hypocrite. I hope Sesshomaru doesn't take her back so easily. To hell with not being able to help who you love. He should force her to break the curse in exchange for her life then bind her powers or find a way to extract them so he could find a worthy mate and imbue his kids wth both powers.  

It looks like the Higurashi started it. Urgh. Man I just don't feel like she is worthy of him. Like Jinny to Forest Gump...haha. Sorry for the comparison Sesshomaru but u being Forest in this fic. Total push over for some broad who doesn't want you. Not really but just for convenience. 

From the start I was confused about how this all started. Don't get me wrong, I like this story and no matter how vexing, I'm committed to seeing how this ends. I just needed to get that out.


Thank you for sharing this story with us and I look forward to reading more soon. Please keep up the good work. 



Orotami (Chapter 18) - Thu 23 Jan 2020

Man. I truly can't wait for more. I'm enthralled and captivated!

Annie (Chapter 18) - Thu 23 Jan 2020

I actually feel sad for them both.  Kagome is in the dark and doesn't know what happened to her and her family. Sesshomaru needing her life energy.  Please update soon.

An (Chapter 18) - Thu 23 Jan 2020

This is an absolute work of art. 


This story is an excellent example of photo mosaicism. Each story adds another timeline, another picture of what‘s going on and helps to create the entire world but alone they’re so good too! 

I can’t wait to see what twisted plot you have for us next. I am so immersed into the world you have created. I want Kagome to understand what she’s done by severing Sesshomaru‘s arm and I want more dialogue!! Like hello Kagome you’re the chatty one - tell him everything you know! You know you love him and yes he’s been using you but you severed his arm — let’s make a clean state? 

Can’t Wait for the next chapter! 

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