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Koree (Chapter 12) - Mon 08 Jun 2020

Wow what a great terrible chapter !! Lol I loved the SesshxKag Interaction & the sligh progress they've made but terrible for Kagome I already knew it would be bad whenever she remembered the memory of what happened to Souta 

Mariamaria (Chapter 12) - Mon 08 Jun 2020

So can I say I love this l...I'd seen it a few times and thought ooh that looks good but I never read and babbbyyy let me tell you as a wife and mother of 3 ...I sat down and spent the better part of the say reading this...please update soon 

Mecca (Chapter 12) - Thu 04 Jun 2020

You always deliver with each and every chapter. The long wait was most definitely torture, but worth it. You weave such a magical world with your words, in this universe where Sess and Kagome are mated yet still trying to figure out how to manage and maneuver through political intrigue and societal expectations, even with the baggage that clings to them - or more specifically Kagome. No wonder Kagome is so traumatized. She was too young to protect her brother, and he met his end so tragically. No wonder her hate for Naraku is so deeply ingrained as though it were the very blood that ran through her veins. Hopefully she can share that with Sess, and hopefully Sess will share with her how he lost Inuyasha. Thank you for updating! 

susie (Chapter 12) - Tue 02 Jun 2020

aww.  she's getting endeared =)  and all the bull stuff was great.  i really enjoyed that and the way you described it.

Niomi (Chapter 12) - Tue 02 Jun 2020

YOU ARE SO FORGIVEN! not that we were upset! Thank you for finding time to update and boy, was it worth the wait!! One of my Fav stories so far! I loveee it! You are quite a talent. I am super interested to see how their relationship develops. Youre very good with keeping the tone slightly dark. It's very consistent so far. I don't ever want this to end and I'm certainly afraid this will be left unfinished. This world you created, am I crazy for thinking this could be a multi series story? Heck it can be a show! I imagine there is sooo much to be sad and done. Especially with this hiearchy and the ever so annoying Naraku. Hope all is well on your end. Looking forward to the next chapter!

CookieAsylum (Chapter 12) - Mon 01 Jun 2020

Oh noooooo! It's official; Kagome's time is up! It's baby time!

I really do love how Sess is trying to get her to like him more, despite their circumstances. I mean, he's totally doing all of this for selfish reasons, but there's still some... "kindness" to his strategy.

Screw Naraku! That monster! Gawd, poor Souta. A child just wouldn't understand, and I can totally see a younger sibling not realizing exactly what kind of danger they're in. Ugh. I really liked how you showed Inukimi's response to Kagome's story. Not something to be all smug about after all. But I do understand her trying to help protect Sess (and Kagome) in her own way.

I'm curious exactly how Kagome may have escaped the city. I get she may have been in a trance-like state. But was there some hint that Sess has run into her during this time? Idk, maybe I'm misremembering something. Either way! This is still one of my favorite fics! perfection!

I know this story is super dark, so I totally get having to be in the mental space for this. Thank you for this update! 


samantha (Chapter 12) - Mon 01 Jun 2020

Wow this chapter actually reminds me of my own fic I too also made miroku a doctor and also had Kagome use sango as a maid to escape hardship lol great minds think alike I love the slow burn to this fic alot of people allow Kagome to fall on love too fast with Sesshy especially after sex I mean sex isn't love we know hes hot the epitome of grace etc but it still takes time to fall for someone through intimacy and genuine action and intimacy isn't always sex 

Neelixonee (Chapter 12) - Mon 01 Jun 2020

A chapter full of feels.  InuKimi got more than she bargained for and I'm sure Sesshoumaru felt that pain.  Thank you.  I've missed this so much!

SmilingFool (Chapter 12) - Sun 31 May 2020

Awesome I loved the update. at least now Kagome can heal telling her story.  I think Inu kimi gave Kagome a shock when she found out she liked females as well.  Oh how funny that scene was with the bull.  I almost laughed myself of the chair.  This story is amazing I loved it from the start and its keeps getting better.  I think Inu Kimi told Sesshomaru about what happened allowiing Kagome to calm down.  If I'm correct I'm glad such a thing happened, means he's not so bad.   Anyways update when you can...  Two thumbs up and lots of virtual cookies for you.

Couldntbekeener3 (Chapter 12) - Sun 31 May 2020

God I love this story!!

Neelixonee (Chapter 11) - Sat 18 Apr 2020

I absolutely love this story.  I hope it will be coming back.  There's so much to go still <3

Shaneka (Chapter 1) - Sun 22 Mar 2020

I can't wait for the next update.

PoisonIvy (Chapter 11) - Fri 13 Dec 2019

Keep writing!!!! I Love it!!

Koree (Chapter 11) - Thu 05 Dec 2019

Oooo Naraku has something to do with Souta's death -.- i knew it 

CookieAsylum (Chapter 11) - Mon 25 Nov 2019


I have been looking forward to this update since you posted the previous chapter. Naraku! You bastard!!! That scheming SOB!! I love how vile and conniving he is in this story. And we learn that Sesshoumaru led the main assault on the humans. And poor Kagome! She's so conflicted! Trying to put on a brave face, but also being surrounded by the tulip women and seeing what they're going through!! Knowing that she hid while Naraku and his minions did away with Souta! Ugh! My heart! And we got to meet Sango! My gut kinda guessed that she'd be in the Purple Tulip, but reading her introduction and how she and Miroku are still trying to be together despite the odds is sooooooo great! Wonderful job! Ah! I loved it!

Not gonna lie - that emotionally conflicted smut was also *chef's kiss*!! Loved it!

We see a softer side of Sesshoumaru at the end. (I like how enamored he is with her. He's taking this mate thing very seriously; but when isn't he serious? lol)

ugh! I loved all of this! Keep up the amazing work! Honestly, this update just made my day and I needed time to process before I could write a review! But I loved it. 12/10, will DEFINITELY read again! <3

Fye (Chapter 11) - Mon 25 Nov 2019

Such an intense chapter, gosh. Poor Kagome having to endure the Purple Tulip women servicing her -and the demons- and realizing she's in a much better situation than the rest of them... that shock and painful realization must not be easy to recover from.

That Naraku ass, on the other hand... I'm still wondering what he intends once he reveals Kagome is a priestess. Does he want her dead? Does he want her for himself? Is he expecting, like Sesshomaru, that she'll be able to breed full youkai babies? (although he is a hanyou, so it wouldn't really work for him). I was also glad you introduced to the band of seven! Are they working for Naraku?

And Sesshomaru trying to confort Kagome at the end by transforming into his real form was so cute! And I'm guesing he was also kind of looking for comfort himself after the whole Inuyasha story. Can't wait to find out more about what happened.

Oh, and I'm really glad Miroku and Sango are a couple, though their circumstances... Poor Sango having to work at the purple tulip... and poor Miroku having to witness her working :(


Thanks for the update :D

Mecca (Chapter 11) - Sun 24 Nov 2019

Wonderful, another awesome chapter! Love how their relationship is slowly developing, as they learn more about each other. Her reaction to some hussy touching him from under the table was too good - although I am wondering had she not interfered, would Sess have let himself be touched? I guess she didn't give him any time to react lol :) I'm glad to see that Kagome is letting herself be seduced instead of fighting the mate mark. It's gonna be crazy once Kagome gets knocked up - if she does. Thank you for updating! I hope you're well and life is going smoothly for you! Looking forward to reading more of your beautiful writing. 

Koi (Chapter 11) - Sun 24 Nov 2019

Whoa such an emotionally intense chapter! I felt all of the emotions of Kagome! You have such a beautiful talent with you writing! I wanted to stab Naraku so badly!! i felt the hurt of Kagome "failure" to protect her sibling, all of it! I can't wait until your next update, I am dying to know of what will happen next! 

Gee (Chapter 11) - Sat 23 Nov 2019

Is it too much to ask if another chapter is on the way? Haha

I loved this chapter & can't wait for the next! 

LovemeUsui (Chapter 11) - Sat 23 Nov 2019

What a chapter! BRAVO!!!

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