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Koree (Chapter 31) - Sat 29 Aug 2020

I remember bits & pieces of this story but I think I remember enough to write this review . Im starting to dislike Kagome , I completely understand her feelings when it comes to the loss of Inuyasha , you can never tell someone how long to grieve because it's something you have to get through on your own time . But the way she's treating everyone else is pathetic, I don't recall if anything other than her on going issue with Sesshomaru is the reason she tore off Rin's gift but if it's because of what's going on that has NOTHING to do with Rin & her relationship with Sesshomaru it made me really dislike her in that moment . As far as Kohaku if I remember I think she led him on a bit then rejected him... is it a justified reason for him to do what he did no not at all but the way she's handling those around her is causing all this drama , She was baiting Kohaku already knowing his feelings & knowing despite him getting upset & her rejection his feelings are still there for her . Omg then to top it off to sit & LET Kanako deal with Sesshomaru man oh man . Yes she made her decision & it's her choice but she could have stopped it , especially KNOWING what Kanako dealt with growing up . Kagome shouldn't have to ethier but she accepted to play that role & she could have thrown him a bone to get him by instead of letting Kanako lay down for something KAGOME CHOSE to make her problem & responsibility !! Yes Sesshomaru would be running around doing what he was prior but it would have been no fault of Kagome's because she's not responsible but now she is when she put herself in the middle essentially bringing that onto Kanako geez I'm so fed up with her 


ps : if I'm off somewhere in there I do apologize lol I'm going off what I think I remember. Great chap well written keep up the good work 

smcandy (Chapter 20) - Wed 26 Aug 2020

Whoa, this chapter fro the top looked pretty erotic lol ^^ so far so good no complaints yet.

Authoress smcandy

smcandy (Chapter 19) - Wed 26 Aug 2020

So this story is looking interesting.

Although I did not read the first few chapters and I have lost track since I last checked into this story the plot so far is promising.

authoress smcandy

Pebbles (Chapter 31) - Wed 19 Aug 2020

Oh dear God....


This went from 0 to 60. Or more like 60 to 110!! I've missed so many updates on the blog and jumped right back in to literally reading and mouthing the words "oh my damn"


From going too far with Rin's gift to drunken Kohaku at the doorstep to drunken Kohaku assault to Sesshomaru at the damn door to waif & Sessh??!!!!  My brain wasn't ready, but my eyeballs read every bit and could not (WOULD NOT) stop. You have a way of turning the scene into the perfect storm. In a way, it really mirrors what's happening in the world today. This deadly pandemic on top of the civil unrest and lack of true leadership is truly the Perfect Storm. The perfect storm for change. For growth. There's no way you can hide or deny the harsh realities surrounding us. You somehow capture this even in this story. I think maybe this is an outlet that unconsciously carries the same theme.  .


These characters are facing some very harsh realities and there's no where else to hide. The change is seriously coming. 


Well damn i meant to comment more abput them but here i am going on another damn tangent....>_<  lol

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 31) - Tue 18 Aug 2020

Mmmm... after this chapter I can't decide if Kanako is actually a good person or not. 

REDWOLF (Chapter 31) - Wed 12 Aug 2020

That was wild. Not sure what to make of all the messed up people.  Kagome is bitter and a touch crazy. I wonder if her and Sesshomaru can ever manage a relationship that's healthy? Seems Rin is lucky that Sesshomaru hasn't hurt her as well. This chapter was a shocker. Well written but a shocker. 

Mel (Chapter 31) - Tue 11 Aug 2020

Looking forward to the next update! Can't wait, love how twisted this all is. You're a fantastic writer!


Young Kagome (Chapter 31) - Mon 10 Aug 2020

Kagome reminds me more and more of Kikyo all stern, hard headed, controllibc, and relentless in getting her way. I really liked this chapter until Sesshomaru came. I wonder what's kept him from going after Rin if he has little control. At least he didn't kill this girl. I forget if you even mentioned how old she is! I thought she was too young to go after. And the fact that Kagome didn't stop him!!!!! Ughh that pissed me off. This whole chapter has made me like her waayyy less. Kohakus jealousy was cute until it wasn't. Please update soon! 

Erica (Chapter 30) - Mon 20 Jul 2020

Can't wait for more chapters to come out 

ponpiri (Chapter 30) - Sun 19 Jul 2020

Interesting development. I think the tactician made a mistake relying on Kagome's anger and outrage for Sesshoumaru. He won't go very far trying to use that against her.

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 30) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

Pterodactyl screech! This chapter was so good! So... Hirokin isn't a good person? Oh Gosh, I've so many theories about him.  

REDWOLF (Chapter 30) - Sun 05 Jul 2020

Fantastic chapter. 

Koree (Chapter 30) - Sat 04 Jul 2020

I am shook !!! I didn't think it would take a turn this way at all , I'm literally at a loss for words

Inuaddict (Chapter 30) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

I AM VERY CONFUSED. But I dont know what about yet. I need to reread

Mecca (Chapter 30) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

I'm so curious to see what kind of partnership is to be had between Kagome and Hirokin, whom I still don't trust and I can see Kagome isn't budging quite yet on that regard either... and what will Sesshoumaru think of all this once he finds out...? If he does... thank you for the update! I love how formidable Kagome is in this story!

Young Kagome (Chapter 30) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

I'm so clueless as to how she came to these conclusions and the underlying threats that he spoke that she immediately can tell. I'm not good at reading between the lines I guess lol. So he definitely killed Inuyasha right? Let's hope she realizes that & goes after him. Anyways please update soon! 

Koree (Chapter 29) - Sat 27 Jun 2020

Whewwwwwwwww I thought he was going to propose to Kagome I saw it coming without any doubts lol but I'm glad it was just his service . Although poor Kohaku basically took it as a propsal on top of being called her " brother " he must really like Kagome anyhow amazing chap

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 29) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

Kagome is all a feudal Lady! I like that, now she has the power. But at the same time, I don't trust too much in those guys, I mean, they didn't look like very nice people. 

Silver Moon Inuyoukai (Chapter 18) - Mon 22 Jun 2020

Kagome the dominatrix. Far oit shit! 

Osiris Mongua (Chapter 29) - Mon 22 Jun 2020

Oh heck, this is getting way more complicated I don't know if I can take it. The anst. It's clogging every character in there damn!! 

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